April 1999
Have a pasty!
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Michigan (Jacobs Falls) (4/27)

I just read your article on the "Keweenaw Moon"  and I had to chuckle a little and write a little note.  The moon did not go unnoticed down here either.  It was magnificent!   I've never seen the moon like that before.  I tried to take its picture with our digital camera, but it was a complete failure.  So, on Sunday Morning, at about 4:40 a.m., I went down to the beach armed with a normal camera and tried to capture the moon.  It did not look as spectacular as a Saturday morning, but still not bad.  I'll let you know if the pictures turn out!

Fr. Ambrose

Maybe we can share them on the Pasty Cam.

Connecticut (4/25)




Michigan (4/23) 

Your Web site is listed in our Web Cams feature article this week on the Mining Co. Detroit Suburbs site... The Mining Co. (www.miningco.com) has hundreds of sites, each dealing with a particular area of interest.  Each of the over 600 sites is led by a single "Guide" -- a knowledgable and passionate advocate on the subject.  Guides "mine" the Internet for the best and most relevant information in their subject areas and present it in a clear, concise manner...

Since the purpose of every Mining Co. site is to cover the subject matter asthoroughly as possible, I'd appreciate your honest feedback, particularly with regard to any links that you feel could be added to the listings.

Brad Lang, Mining Co. Guide

Thanks, Brad!  Just last month we awarded the Golden Pasty to Duluth Miningco.com for its excellent coverage.  Glad to be included with your Michigan Web Cams :o) ...even though we are probably a little too far north to qualify as a suburb.

Hawaii (4/22) 

Just wanted to let you know the pasties showed up around 9:30 AM HST today  (that'd be around 3:30 PM where you are.) They seemed to be in good condition but just to make sure I popped one in the oven for breakfast.  Course I had to wait around 25 minutes (and one pan of gravy later) but breakfast was delicious & very filling...

It's around 7:00 PM here on Thursday and we've just finished up the dinner dishes.  Both my husband and son give rave reviews for the Pasties, too.

Thanks Again,

Kathy Welch
Mililani, Hawaii
Tom and Kathy, pasty lovers
Thanks for the good report, and the attached photo :o)

Michigan (4/21)

I want you to know that the pastys were EXCELLENT!!  My compliments to the staff and residents of Still Waters Community Elders Home!!  They arrived perfectly packaged today, Wednesday, 4/21.  I never thought anyone could come close to the pastys my mom used to make, (she used suet in the crust-a no, no nowadays, but oh, what flavor!)  These pastys were extremely close to my mom's  and are a wonderful comfort food.  In these times, we can use all the comfort we can get.

We will be ordering again VERY SOON!  Thank you again.

Lynne B

Oregon (4/18)

Pasty Central is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Internet!  There is a ton of garbage out there, lots to be avoided, and even many decent sites which just are not very well done.  In a sea of mediocrity your web pages stand out with worthy content and technical quality.  Keep up the good work!

Roger E.

Thanks for the thumbs up!

Vermont (4/15)

I eagerly awaited my package and it was great fun to receive it promptly Wed morning - still cool to the touch.  I opened it according to your wonderful instructions and enjoyed a heavenly pasty for two (they are a BIG meal for one!).  Everything was as advertised, and this is so unique these days.

I loved the demonstration on how to open the package, and the copies of the Mining Gazette. 

We know of pasties from a UPer living in Underhill, VT, who make their own.  We also had some great ones at a shop in Saline MI while visiting friends in Ypsilanti.  Fortunately I kept a card with their address, and I telephoned them about possibly shipping their pasties to us in VT.  They referred us to your web site as THE place to go for shipping wonderful treats - and that's how I found you.

You can be sure there will be other pasty lovers contacting you after I spread the word.

Edith and Dan

California (4/14)

My name is Megan and I am 6 years old.  My Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jerry live in the U.P.  I hope you put my picture on the Pasty Cam when I visit them this summer.  I live in California.  My mommy showed me this website.  I love my Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jerry.  My baby brother, Ben, is 1 years old.  I have a big family.  I have a big house.  I have a little yard.  My dog is black.  My father is 39 years old.  My mother is 34 years old.  I love to play with my dog and my brothers.  I have an older brother that is 16 years old.  I love pasties too.  And the shirts that say "I love pasties" are cool.  I want to come and see you guys!


I Love Pasties!
Germany (4/13)

I am living in Germany with my U.S. Air Force husband who is from Michigan.  I am wondering if you deliver to Germany and what are the prices.  Thank you in advance for your help.

V. Jentzen

Sorry, at the present time we are not shipping overseas... but let us know if you are ever in the Keweenaw and we'll treat you to a couple of pasties on the house :o)

California (4/12)

Greetings from Citrus Heights, CA.,

Wow! A pasty page!  I grew up across the street from Tony's Country Kitchen and still love the smell of pasties baking in the oven!  Thanks for your website - it was a great laugh to read the messages and get a taste of "home" but a heck of a lot cheaper!  If anyone sees Dorothy Bonen tell her you heard from her kids on the internet!  She should too!

Lori Moreland

California (4/11)

Born and raised in the Detroit area [Livonia Mi.] Had a girlfriend that had family in the U. P. we would drive  up from Livonia, and stop on the way to get the best food [pasties] on the way to Marquette. I live in N. Calif now [about 18 years], and nobody knows what pasties are, unless they're a Finn. Can not find them out here, then I found your website, have to order some now for Monday night football.  WOW!!!  A nice bottle of Merlot, Pasties, and Monday night football.  I love it!!!!!

Great site, keep up the good work. 

Alan Moore, from the Napa Valley

Michigan (4/10)

Hi! I just came across your site!! I love it!!!!!!!I loved the Pasty Cam pictures!!!!!!!!!! I am from the Detroit area but have family from Calumet.  My grandfather is Jack Foster,I noticed the pasty cam had a picture of him!!!  Can't wait to tell him that he is on the web!!!!!  He will get a kick out of that!!!  Seeing all the wonderful pictures of different places has really got me excited to get back up there!!!!!!!! And the pasties!!!! Can't wait to order some!!!!!!! What a terrific site!! I already bookmarked it to come back often!!!!!  Thank you for including a picture of my grandfather in the pasty cam pics!  Thanks for a great site!!!

Thanks for your time,
Janice Gielecki

Thank you, too!  Your Grandfather also appears on our "Pasty Dough" gift notes which we issue around the holidays.  Jack Foster is truly an historical icon of the Copper Country.

Michigan-L.P. (4/9)

Think about this... summer tours of many of the sights captured by the PastyCam for trolls. You could use some of the residents as tour guides, ending the tour back at Still Waters for what else, a Pasty Lunch!  This idea came to me after the picture of visitors with their book of shots off of the PastyCam. The Keweenaw has so much offer and trolls love tours. 

Jean M.

Virginia (4/8)

Just wanted to say thanks for having the pictures for all of us to see.  My relatives live over in Pelkie and I have been coming up to the Copper Country since I was born.    I moved to Houghton in the fall of 94 to study at MTU.   I graduated last year and left in September.   I am now a Lieutenant in the Marines, and currently stationed in Virginia.  It is amazing how much I miss the Upper Penninsula, and more so the Copper Country.   I love viewing the pictures of the area and remembering all the great times I had at many of the locations you have photographed.   I always look forward to seeing what new places have popped up.  Keep up the good work!

Michigan (4/7)

Dear PastyCammers,

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your pictures!  I am a native of Oskar (loved your picture of the land by Oskardome) and have been stuck downstate posing as a troll for several years now.  The pictures of home are food for my soul.  I am trying to convince my troll husband to return with me to God's country.

Until then, there are a few pictures I would love to see.  Growing up, my best friend lived in Redridge.  We went to the E.B. Holman school
off of Liminga Road.  It would be a sight for sore eyes.  The old school was located in Redridge - also a good picture.  It is a big green building -
you can't miss it, unless they've torn it down.  Also, seeing the breakers at the end of the Houghton Canal would make me happy.

I get up there once or twice a year, but it's never enough.  When I found your site, I cried real tears.  Thank you.

Anne Lewis Wizauer

California (4/6)

This is your Yooper friend from "overseas" on Santa Catalina Island (off the coast of California)  where balmy breezes blow through the palm trees 365 days of the year.  Just wanted you to know that a new pasty.com fan was born this past week, when a Yooper (from Marquette) showed up at our hotel on the island who had actually never heard of everyone's favorite web site.  I escorted her to our office and pulled it up to show her.  There were hoops and hollars of delight when she saw the huge menu of nostalgia which she can explore when she returns to her home elsewhere in So. Cal.  Thanks again for the daily "letter from home". 

Lois H.

Liverpool, UK (4/6)

Past-E-mail. Genius, sheer genius.


now your makin' us blush

Tennessee (4/5)

We ordered 6 pasties, received on 3-23-99.  I told Elvis about how good they were when I ran into him at the donut shop the other day, but we could not find Memphis on your map of places ordered from...and he was skeptical, refrained from ordering..correct this and if I run into him again, maybe I can talk him into an order.

Pat Keiran

We hope to have the customer map updated soon.  Give our regards to Elvis. 

Minnesota (4/4)

I served two years on the coast guard ice-breaker Mackinaw.   Why was THAT ice breaker there???

Thomas Koskie

The Canadians just happened to be in the neighborhood

North Carolina (4/3)

Thank you soooooo much for the pictures of the UP.  I was born in Garden City but my dad was born in Hancock.  As a child I grew up going "up north"  every summer.  I am now very grown and have two children of my own.  I talk of  going "way" up north next summer.  (I now live in North Carolina)  I used to attend MTU's summer youth program did mountaineering and TV production.  I cannot describe the feelings I have for the Hancock and surrounding areas.  Looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes as I think I was born to live up there. 

My reason for this e-mail is to find out if you can take a picture from the hill overlooking Hancock and going to Houghton.  I can't think of that little turn off area that I used to walk to to look.  I'm sure you know where I'm talking about.

My family in the Hancock area are the Toutants.  Ever hear of them?

Keep up the great work and thanks again

Kelly Pink

hey, we have a TV station in Calumet now...

University of Eagle Harbor (4/2)


This is The Dean (husband of Mary King of Laurium...by the way my identity outside of the Copper Country is Bill Boutwell).

The University web site has moved and has an address change.  Everything is the same, I just moved to a different host.  The new address/domain name is: www.eagleharbor.net

I would have gotten this address earlier, but I thought I could only request a .com domain name.  Eagleharbor.com was already gone.  A very nice lady and her husband own and manage the Eagle Harbor Inn in Door County, Wisconsin.

Mary and I are looking forward to the summer and the Harbor (I only look forward to it if there are NO BUGS!!).


April 1, 1999
Hacker Returns Control to Pasty Central
(Calumet) - Late on April Fool's Day, the notorious "Hans the Hacker" surrendered to authorities when Pasty Central officials agreed to his demands.  In a move which surprised North American viewers, the Hacker commandeered the Pasty.Com website and translated it into German, demanding more coverage of Oktoberfest, etc. on the Pasty Cam.  Numerous emails and phone calls from concerned viewers prompted Pasty Central management to end the standoff by agreeing to treat Hans to lunch at the Country Haus.  Operations have returned to normal.
Here are just a few of the notes we received about Hans:

Yah, not dat many Chermans up dere.  I no, I was born dere.

Paulette Tambellini

When I first went into your website I thought that my computer was struck with the Melissa virus, but realized it was just an April Fools joke.  The only problem that I had was I could not go into Georges Eagle Harbor website, which I do every day. Otherwise, enjoyed Hans the Hacker prank.  Now that spring is in the air, how about some pictures of water falls (Jacob Falls, Eagle River Falls) and creeks -  Little Silver north of Eagle Harbor,
Gratiot Creek  and of course, the wildflowers in bloom.

Carole Krueger

While I don't condone terrorism, I do applaud the PastyCam folks for not taking Hans the Hacker to court, and instead settling this like civilized
folks over spaetzel and weinerschnitzel.

And they say the Germans have no sense of humour.

Jane Nordberg

What great fun it was, April fools days!   Enjoyed the humor,  even copied and pasted my previous email to you from your archives in German and sent to some friends...
{Next year...?  long live the IRISH)..

Thanks~~~~   <*((((>< ....Jim Jones

I LOVED the hoax!  I chuckled all day about that and, of course, alerted a few friends to check out the site!  I'm new to this medium and when I saw that first screen my stomach 'flipped' and I thought:  What did I do wrong now!  Everything was in German - past e-mail included.  Clever!  Did just one person do this or did a whole German Class??  I continue to marvel at what you are doing to promote the Upper Penninsula!  And the pictures are just great.  A lot of work on the part of many people, I'm sure, but it is appreciated by many, many people with roots in the UP. 

Thanks,  Bonnie Foss

One person did the translation, and that's the truth... but he had to stay up all night :o)

You should tell Hans the Hacker to tutor German on the side, he'd make a good living teaching home-schoolers! <g>  That was too cute!

Pearl Urrea

The Hans takeover was really good...  Still can't access to see who won the March contest though.   Keep up the good work, your site is the BEST.

Eric (no relation to Hans)

We received dozens of notes about the March winner link not working that day... but Eric was the first to point it out.  The March contest had over 5,000 entries. 

I love today's (pages)!  It is just hysterical!!  Can't read a word of it but it is still funny!  You guys are great!

Betty Burg

Pastete, Pastete überall
OH- ein was Bissen zum Essen! 
Pasteten gebildet mit äußerster Obacht, 
Ihr Geschmack kann nicht Schlag sein.
This was cute. Now tell me, is this translation sung to the tune "Deutschland Ueber Alles?"

John Hoh

Translation available at 3/15/99 Past-E-Mail


Peter Chiomenti  (Next year Italian)

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