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 Wisconsin (4/30): this is a follow up to Kimberly's letter of 4/23 
I only have one thing to say.....YUM!!!  The pasties arrived on Tuesday and were still frozen.  I had one immediately and it was delicious!!!!!  I cannot praise you enough.  I will be ordering from you again.  Keep up the excellent work. 
Kimberly Thorley 
(many of our Wisconsin orders arrived in 1 day this week by Priority Mail)  
 Washington (4/30): 
Pasties arrived today, thursday. the outer box was hot, but the pasties were still cool.  They sure brought back some memories! 
Chris V. 
 Vermont (4/29): 
My ties in the Copper Country go back to my Grandparents, who lived in Lake Linden. We still have a place at Bete Gris and I've gotten there 34 of my 38 years.  Thank you for your roving updates, you make me feel lucky to spend even a little bit of time up in the Keewenaw. 
Greg Greene 
 Floriday (4/28): 
The Pasties arrived on Wednesday.  They were wonderful as usual.  Thanks so much for the good product from the UP.  Down here in Florida, if you say pasty to someone they have no idea what you are talking  about. 
I love 'em. 
Thanks and we'll keep ordering. 
Susan K. 
 East China,michigan (4/27): 
Hi Charlie and Staff....just have to let you know how much my sister Doris enjoyed the pasties I had sent her as a gift.  Thank you for including the note telling her it was a gift...that was so nice of you.  She is now living in Texas so she certainly enjoyed  the great taste of "home" directly from the U.P.  She said they are delicious...just as she had remembered them to be. You are all doing a great job to promote the wonderful U.P. Keep up the good work! 
Janice Golder 
 Wisconsin (4/25): 
I found your site the other day and have had lots of fun browsing around my homeland via the internet.  I was born and raised in L'Anse and still have many family members, including my parents, living in and around L'Anse.  I was thrilled to see the Hilltop site.  I've eaten many of their rolls over the years.

I'm sending a recipe for you to try with your next hot from the oven pasty.  Of course, being Yoopers, my family made lots of pasties.  Many times pasty making day was a large group affair with aunts and uncles and kids all getting in on the fun.  The recipe that follows is for a delicious sauce to be used over your pasty.  If anyone ruins a pasty by pouring ketchup over it, have them try this instead.  I think you'll like it.  Let me know.  

"Hurry Up"  
(Pasty Go With) 

        2 Med. onions (cut up) 
        1 Cup vinegar 
        1 Cup brown sugar 
        1 16oz. can tomatoes 
        3/4 tsp. cinnamon 
        1/4 tsp. cloves 
        1/2 tsp. allspice 
        1 tsp. salt 
        1 tsp. pepper 

        Cook onions in vinegar for 5 minutes.  Add brown 
sugar, tomatoes and rest of ingredients.  Mash tomatoes  
after adding them.  Simmer about 1/2 hour. 

Serve over pasty instead of (yuck!) ketchup. It's great. 

Pat Sands,  
De Pere, WI

 Connecticut (4/23): 
Helloooooo Calumet, 
The pasties arrived in the mail yesterday (April 22, 1998). They were still good and cold.  I popped them in the refrigerator and we had them for supper. They were great.  My husband grew up near Bessemer and found them absolutely scrumptious.  We also enjoyed reading the Houghton newspaper which had been used for packing. 
Thanks,  Susan Chicos 
(Plenty of Daily Mining Gazette included with each order!)  
 Wisconsin (4/23): 
I am a Finnish Gal in Milwaukee.  My great-grandparents hailed from Alavuss, Finland and came to live in Marquette, Michigan.  I treasure every time I make it back to the U.P. to visit my family.  My grandfather actually lives in Eben Junction and trips to Marquette were a real treat when I was growing up. 
My grandmother would make pasties and since she died 3 years ago I haven't had another one.  Honestly, I am scared to try a pasty that my grandmother didn't make.  I saw your pictures on your website and it reminded me so much of my grandmother that I am going to buy 3 pasties.  However, I know you cannot promise me that they will taste like hers but I am willing to give yours a try.  It was refreshing to find your address in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it brought me back to my roots.  Thank you. 
Finnish Gal in Milwaukee, Kimberly A. (Ikkala) Thorley 
(Thanks for your order, Kimberly, and all of our elderly residents send a warm hyvää päivää) 
 Tennesee (4/23): 
I was born and raised in Kearsarge and now live in North East Tennesee.  My father still lives in Kearsarge. I can't tell you how many hours my girlfriends and I sat on that stone boat.  How about some photos from the scenic route between Eagle River, Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor (include Sand Dunes, Copper Falls area).   That route was a traditional Sunday afternoon ride for our family with a stop in Eagle Harbor to enjoy an ice cream cone from the "High Steps Store".  Also, how about some pics of Bete Gris where I spent most of my summers camping in the 50's and 60's?  You can continue on around Lac La Belle and get some great pics of  Lake Superior from Betsy.   I am new to your website and thoroughly enjoy the pics. 
(Some of our favorite places, too.  Stay tuned!  We'll eventually see them all.)  
 Illinois (4/22): 
Really like the way you put your site together -  I like those Videos you offer - esp the Isle Royal one.  We went there last year- of course seeing it on video is a whole lot easier than walking it & cheaper too!! 
P. Fox 
 California (4/19): 
I have ordered from Pasty Central often and would like to just set up a repeating order to be sent automatically every month.  Do you offer a "regular customer" option? 
Ray R. 
Yes, Ray, we are happy to arrange recurring deliveries each month (or bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.).  Simply enter the first order on the secure form, then tell us in the special instructions how often you want to receive this quantity of pasties.  After you confirm the order, we will complete the arrangement by reply email. Then every month, or as often as you choose, you can enjoy a taste of the U.P. right on schedule.   Email us for further details. - Charlie.
 Florida (4/16): 
Received the pasties Tuesday as promised.  They were wonderful!  My brother was visiting me and he loved them as well.  It was such a nice treat.  You can be sure that we will order them again.  Please add Riverview, FL to your list of happy customers.  We drove to Cocoa Beach today and saw many "Michiganders" on the road! 
Take care, Peggy 
 Michigan (4/15): 
Just wanted to let you know that we received our pasties today.....  they left Calumet on Monday @ 2 and we rec'd them today (Wed) at 9:30 this morning.  We had them for lunch & everybody thought they were wonderful.  You can count on us to be ordering from you again, real soon. 
Thanks,  Michelle Beeman 
 Wisconsin (4/12): 
Thank you Pasty Central...I received my pasties the next day after you sent them and had them for supper.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about mail order pasties but my craving for them got the best of me and I ordered anyway.  What  a wonderful surprise to find that they really were almost as good as Mom makes (of course hers are the best).  I was raised in Dollar Bay but moved away in 1966.  My folks moved back to Dollar Bay when they retired and I visit quite often but I just can't seem to keep enough pasties in the freezer between trips.  (Cooking is not my Bag).  We also can't get enough of your Baroni's Spaghetti Sauce.  We buy that by the case too.  We can't find anything that compares to it in Sheboygan.  Keep up the good work.  I'd like to visit next time I'm in the neighborhood.  By the way the checks in the mail...... 
Thanks,  Susie (Anderson) Hinz 
 Singapore (4/10): 
My mom is really getting into this internet stuff.  I am not sure if you are aware of this, but she is placing her orders from Singapore.  That might just be the farthest away customer and order you have ever had to date (just a side note).  I really enjoyed the pasties last time and look forward to seeing many more boxes at my door step. Oh, the pasties arrived Wednesday in fine shape
(shipped Tuesday). Keep up the good work. 
Chris Swanson 
(Chris, we've added your delivery Michigan zip code to our customer map, but can't seem to find Singapore :-))  
Got pasties 1300 hrs... ate same 1900 hr... very good! Expect to order again. 
Tell all work was aprecated... The Hoffers
 Illinois (4/10): 
Received order on Thursday and we enjoyed them today. They arrived in excellent condition and were very tasty.  Great pasties!  Keep up the good work. 
Ray Lescelius 
 Wisconsin (4/9): 
You have such beautiful pictures in your site, and I find many memories in a lot of them.  I have found a way (at least for AOL) to save them, and I put them into a "Word" file so that they can be printed out as single photos. 
Sue Westergaard 
(Clever idea, Sue.  We have also been asked to use some of them in a 1999 calendar)   
 California (4/8): 
I love looking at your pasty-cam images each day.  I spent many childhood summer vacations in Eagle River, so I'm partial to that area (but I love the entire peninsula).  I particulary enjoyed the image from Five Mile Point.  How  'bout a shot of the dear little cemetery at Eagle River?  Thanks! 
Paula K. 
(The Evergreen Cemetery has recently expanded in size.  see 4/11/98 )   
 California (4/7): 
Pasties arrived last Thursday in fine condition.  They taste just like I remember a good pasty should.  First pasty I had was from the Crown Bakery in Houghton in 1955 when our family moved to the Copper Country when I was 11.  My mother bought fresh pasties for lunch every Saturday for many years.  Check is in the mail.   Plan to order more soon. 
John Fritz 
Oregon (4/6): 
Just placed our second order for some pasties. The first order was so good we had to get some more.  I really enjoy the pasty cam photos.  Brings back a lot of memories of the Copper Country.  I was born and raised there.  Lived in Copper City.  My folks Al & Lil Harjala still live there and I've heard they have come to Still Waters to entertain with guitar music and songs.  Keep up the great web page.  It will always be my favorite. 
 Thanks,  Les & Lenny Harjala - Forest Grove. OR 
 Michigan (4/6): 
I just wanted to let you know I received my shippment of pasties on Friday, April 3.  Had them for dinner on Saturday.  The note that comes with them saying 1 pasty = 1 good meal is very true!!  Thank you and hope Spring comes to the U.P. soon. 
Mary Costello 
Thanks, Mary.  In the 40's here today.  
South Carolina (4/5): 
My mother was born in Ishpeming, too (
see 4/2).  Her name was Gladys Sandstrom.  I would love Ishpeming pictures, too.  We visited her cousin up there a couple of years ago.  I spend many months there each year.  My grandfather had apple trees in his yard and I would spend hours out there with him.  When the weather was cool he taught me to play cribbage.  I could beat him occasionally, but we kept a running score and I never did win in the end! 
Gretchen Guck Fifer 
 Georgia (4/4): 
I thoroughly enjoyed the pasties from Pasty Central that my husband Doug ordered for me as a surprise!  He knows I get a hankering for that good old pasty taste once in awhile!  It's fun to look at the pictures of the Copper Country that you have available on Pasty Cam, too! 
Thanks for a good job! 
Beth (Coltman) King
Michigan (4/3): 
We are the biggest fans of PastyCam... It was pretty eerie to have been in Eagle River last weekend and to have seen with our very eyes the exact same scenes as you posted while we were there.  I actually am writing to offer support for the save-the-Houghton-monument fund.   We're willing to contribute to the cause.  Is the monument not publicly maintained?   Let us know how to proceed. 
We will be very disappointed if PastyCam ever goes out of business. 
Regards, Rodger Kershner

The monument is not publicly maintained, and Still Waters will work together with the Keweenaw Historical Society to do some much needed repair. (see Pasty Cam for 3/21/98 .)  Estimates are being sought, and gifts toward the project are tax-deductible.  Write "monument" in the memo of the check and mail payable to: 
Still Waters 
600 E Elm St 
Calumet, MI  49913 


 Ohio (4/3): 
Just found your April 3 photo of the freighter (ore boat) off Eagle River.  I am homesick but I love it.  Ohio just went thru a premature warm spell, and when the weather got cool again, and the sky got really, really clear, a cold spring day, I was thinking about Lake Superior and the ore boats.  Grew up in Hancock, and watched the boats come thru the canal ALOT. 
  Thank you for the bit of CC life, MaryJane Butkus 
(---) (4/2): 
Thanks for your home page...terrific!  I'm lonesome already for the U.P.  My mother was born in Ishpeming and my favorite place is Jasper Knob.  At the top one can see all over Ishpeming and Suicide (ski jumping) Hill in the distance. A breath of fresh air!

M Vusich 

We'll be sure to take a glimpse with the Pasty Cam next time when in Ishpeming.
 Michigan (4/1): 
'Raha' is money and the Pasty-Cam shot is of the Da -+Yooper Tourist Trap, sorry about the typos kitty is trying her paws on the net. 
J. McGrath 
 Maryland (4/1): 
Just so you know that some of us do get up and down the road.  Pasty Cam was visiting Da Yooper Store -- Tourist Trap in Ishpeming, MI. just north of Marquette.  I am assuming that raha is money; being Italian, Finnish isn't one of my strong points (but then neither is Italian).  Have a fun day! 
Peter Chiomenti 
 Kansas (4/1): 
You asked for corrections/additions to your map of customers.  You have left Manhattan KS off your map -- it's in the northeast part of the state, 120 miles west of Kansas City and about 130 north-northeast of Wichita. 
Great site! 
Not too many here know that "raha" is the green paper (or the hard cash)! 
Paul D. Isaac,  Kansas State University 
 Colorado (4/1): 
Our delicious pasties arrived on Wednesday.  My family thoroughly enjoyed the pasty dinner together.  We can highly recommend ordering your pasties to everyone!   They were as good as Mom's!  Thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to my order. 
Carol Smith 
 California (4/1): 
Thanks so much!  The pasties arrived safely last Friday.  The birthday recipient was very pleased with them; they are reportedly just like his mom used to make.  Except for the carrots--but those are okay; we won't take sides on that issue! 
We love the Pasty Cam and check it nearly every day.  We especially like to see the lake, the woods, the wildlife, all that pretty scenery you folks have up there.  And shots that show the progression of the seasons, like when you pointed out how much the snow had gone down by the Quincy Hoist in just a few days' time. Those of us who don't live in that part of the world anymore miss that kind of thing, just a little. 
We were lucky enough to visit Still Waters several years ago when Paul's cousin Robert Aho worked there, and we were VERY impressed.  And now we are delighted with your pasty service! 
Thanks again--Paul & Dotty Kinnun, Ojai CA 
 Montana (4/1): 
My parents and I thoroughly enjoyed our pasties last week.  I have a summer cabin near Watersmeet and our delicious meal brought back memories of sitting on the porch listening to the breeze through the hemlocks and the loons calling back and forth across the lake. Thanks for the memories!! 
 Michigan (4/1): 
Well I just had to write and say that my family and I loved your pasties.  I have yet to find a pasty as good as my Grandma's (she lived in Hancock), but your pasties are a close 2nd.  Just smelling them cooking in the oven takes me back to the days that I spent going to MTU and having pasty dinners at Grandma's house.  Thanks for letting all of us trolls get a little piece of God's country in the mail! 
Al Frank,  Niles, MI 
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