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 Iowa (6/27): 
Hi  -  Wanted to let you know I got my pastys Wednesday at 2 pm, ...they were great.  I'm so glad I found this page on the Internet.  My grandma is from Laurium and I haven't had a pasty in years. 
Thanks  -  Jessica Maki 
Michigan (6/26): 
Got 'em on Wednesday (my latest pasty order) after a real hectic day at work.  Was too tired to make dinner and thought,  "Not another pizza!".  I was more than pleasantly suprised when they were on my porch when I got home. 
Thanks again,  Rick 
P.S. A friend of mine went to St. Ignace for vacation.  He brought home some pasties from there.  They were infinitely inferior to your true pasties. The biggest comment was "What, no rutabegas?". 
(A growing number of folks have a standing monthly order for a package from Pasty Central.  Rick was one of the first to request the idea) 
Michigan (6/25): 
Love this site.  Will visit it often.  Grew up watching my Granny make pasties,  the pasty cam is pretty accurate.  Thanks for the fun.  I'm from Michigan's UP - God is up and so is the UP ! 
Kristi Guimond  
 Washington (6/23): 
Thanks (for order confirmation).   I was born in Laurium in 1951, attended High School in Houghton (graduated 1969) and MTU (1973).  I am now a Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Geology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA.  I have not had a decent pasty since my last trip to the Copper Country, summer of 1994.  I found your web page through the MTU web site, and ordered immediately.  I am very anxiously awaiting your delivery. 
Cheers,  Peter Larson 
(Welcome aboard, Peter.  The largest group among our customers are Michigan Tech Alumni.  Hope you find the pasties enjoyable) 
 California (6/21): 
Hi!  My name is Amanda and I am writing from Redondo Beach California to thank you for your beautiful pictures!  Every day I have to come to your sight to see the latest.  It has been stored in my computer's favorite places and titled, "Small Town Charm Cam."  It is so nice to get away for a moment and view your beautiful area.  Keep up the good work! 
Fondly,  Amanda Hoesman 
(Thanks for the bookmark!  You are not alone in your daily visit to the Keweenaw Pasty Cam.  Our logs now show an average over 6,000 hits per day... almost 1 million hits so far this year)
 Illinois (6/19): 
Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed your pastys.  20 minutes into the reheating brought back the aroma of my Grandmothers kitchen from 40 years ago.   The pastys were as good or better than I remembered.  By the way, my Grandmother was from your area, Hurley, WI.  I'm sure I will be ordering again soon. 
Jim Ditkowsky 
 Texas (6/19): 
I just got out of the field and the pasties were in the fridge, they  had arrived today.  What a way to come HOME.  Thank you so very much.  Happy  4th and think of our troops in Bosnia, Korea, Gemany, and Kuwait. 
SSG Salchert
 Wisconsin (6/18): 
Our mail arrives between 3:00 and 4:00 pm down here in extreme southwestern Wisconsin.  I was waiting yesterday (Wednesday) when our pasties arrived... By the way, we live in the middle of Wisconsin's Pasty Region in the part of the state known as the "Point of Beginnings".  Most of the early settlers came into this part of Wisconsin in the early 1800s to mine lead and zinc.  The many early Cornish miners (not the fuzzy animals) who lived in crude huts dug into sides of hills were responsible for Wisconsin being called the "Badger" State. 
Another interesting connection with the UP has to do with a fellow named James K. Paul, who was the first person able to move the famous "Ontonagon Boulder" from where it had been discovered down to the mouth of the Ontonagon River.  He quickly lost title to the boulder but stayed where he was, founded and platted the village of Ontonagon, married, and ran the first big hotel in the town.  James K. Paul went to Ontonagon with a companion from right down here in Platteville, WI. 
There are a lot of places to get pasties around here and one of the restaurants in Mineral Point (one of the first and biggest Cornish settlements of the 1830s) makes some pretty good ones;  But no one around here makes them as good as you good folks up at Still Waters! The ones we ate last evening were no exception.  Everyone thought they were absolutely delicious; there were especially many enthusiastic compliments about the crust.  Nobody around here seems to be able to get it quite right. Pasty Connoisseurs of Grant County, Wisconsin all agree:  PASTY CENTRAL IS THE BEST!!  Keep up the good work! 
Dr Robert W. Lind 
 Maryland (6/18): 
I know you probably hear it a lot (but maybe never enough), THANKS for Pasty Cam.  Whenever I feel like I need to get away and wish I was in the Keweenaw, I know I can take a 30 or 40 second vacation via Pasty Cam. 
Peter Chiomenti
Assistant Director, AST 
(Thanks, Peter.  We have a lot of fun presenting the feature, and it has become the most popular page on the web site) 
 Michigan (6/17): 
Hello!  Our pasties arrived safe and sound today, Wed.  June 17 on the afternoon mail.   We ate like kings and Queens tonight, they were outstanding.  Thanks, for providing such a great product and all the memories they bring back!!! 
Roy & Sue Hawthorne 
 North Carolina (6/15): 
Visited your website for the first time today.  It is VERY good.  I smiled the whole time I was surfing.  I'm an MTU alum from '78-'82 and almost forgot what a pasty was. 
How do I get some info about the Press On Regardless road rally??  Thanks. 
Brian A. Prich 
(Maybe some of our regular visitors could answer Brian's question.  E-mail us) 
 Texas (6/14): 
Just found your website and loved all those photos.  Brought back memories of our years up in Houghton.  Thank you. 
Linda Tubbs 
 Georgia (6/13): 
Just wanted to let you know we had the pasties last night.  They were good!  Kinda reminded me of the ones we used to have at my grandmother's house in Ironwood. :)  Thanks and keep up the great work! 
Kathryn Yost 
Florida (6/12): 
How about some pictures of your cooks (on the Pasty Cam)? I've lost 50 lbs. since January, and can't cook much myself any more (found out I have Diabetes and Mr. Thyroid quit!) so I'd like to see some happy, smiling people enjoying what I enjoyed for over 40 yrs!!! 
Thanks, and have a great day!  Your pictures are lovely! 
Pearl B. Urrea 
(Thanks for the note, Pearl.  Some of our cooks are shown making the Pasties, but maybe we can squeeze them into the Pasty Cam one of these days.)  
 Florida (6/11): 
Pasties arrived today - They were waiting for me when I came home from work... I didnt have to eat my own cooking or the usual fast-food!  The smell sure did bring back a flood of good UP memories to a Florida resident.   Had one for dinner - YUM!  (Yea Upper Michigan!!)  The only ones that ever tasted better were my mom's or my aunt's... plus mom always had a little leftover crust that she baked on the side...and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on - for my dessert.  They were good.... UBETCHA ! 
Barb M. 
(there were quite a few packages delivered to Florida this week)  
 Virginia (6/11): 
Received pasties today (Thursday) and they were in perfect condition, just as you described--not frozen, but cool to the touch.  They were really well-packed.  And man, are they good!  They smelled so good I almost ate one without heating it up, but I managed to hold off.  I'm glad I did since the hot one was incredible.  Thanks for a wonderful product! 
Best,  Scott Berger 
 Florida (6/10): 
Hello...just to let you know PASTIES arrived today...YEA !!!!! Thank you so much !!  We are excited about finally getting to have MICHIGAN pasties for dinner !!  Will drop a note when ready for more...probably tomorrow  :-) 
Luanne Quinlan 
 Michigan (6/10): 
What a great picture of the "strikers"! Where did you get those guys?? I know they must be Eino and Toivo. Thanks - had a good laugh!! 
J. McGrath 
Lets see.. its Woody Allen on the right and Doug MacKenzie on the left? 
Rodger Kershner 
(Those really are the PastyCameramen, no kidding!  Bet you'll never guess who took the picture, eh?...) 
 California (6/10): 
The oven is warming up and I can hardly stand to wait to try my first pasty in one very long time.  They smell wonderful and arrived in record time via US Postal Service.  All the way from Calumet to Sacramento in 24 hours...  Thank you again so very much for this enjoyable venture. 
Marlene Corey 
(We often hear that Priority Mail arrives the next day in some cases.  Our thanks to the fine staff at the Calumet Post Office) 
 Ohio (6/9) - 
Re: the lake photo posted 6/8 -  It looks like one of the lakes by M28 in the THREE LAKES area, but I'm sure it's not.  It's probably in the Keweenaw instead.  How about Lake Fanny Hoe?  (Not sure of spelling; by Fort Wilkins) You have probably gotten that incorrect answer several times, but it was worth a try. 
So many beautiful lakes to see, so little time... Keep up the great work, it is a delight to see a new picture each day (on the Pasty Cam). 
Jim R. Columbus, Ohio 
(You weren't alone in thinking Fanny Hooe, Jim.  Viewers also guessed Portage Lake, Manganese, and Lake Bailey.  The following letter is one of a half dozen who identified it correctly as Lake Medora):    
 Arizona (6/9): 
So, isn't it Lake Medora? (Taken from the highway near the north central end of the lake frontage?). 
By the way, on the 5/28 Pasty Cam, it wasn't the Homestead shaft, it was the Kingston shaft.  Homestake Mining was in evaluating the potential of this property as well as the Centennial and the Quincy during the high copper prices of 1972-3.  Unfortunately, the bottom fell back out of the market in 1974. 
Keep up the good work, I enjoy the photos of home and check in almost every day. 
John Uhrie (now of southern AZ, formerly of Calumet) 
 Florida (6/7): 
We received the pasty delivery on Friday, but were away and did not open them until Friday about 4:00 PM.  Priority Mail left them in the shade on our porch.  They were in good shape for being anywhere in Florida for a day at this time of the year. 
My wife and I ate two on Friday and we feasted on the remaining four with my sister and brother in law on Saturday.  You now have FOUR  additional customers.  Each pasty was delicious and I was able to share with my wife that, from now on,  I don't have to be reminded how big a job it is to make pasties.  We can order them from Pasty Central and they are just as tasty as the old fashioned ones we learned to make in Negaunee. 
My sincere compliments to your organization for its efficiency, organization, and friendly responsibility.  By the way, the local newpaper included in the box with the pasties was a unique idea and enjoyed by all.  We are looking forward to enjoying the Web site and the pasties again and again and hope to make a visit to Still Waters when we get back to the UP.  Once a Yooper, always one, they say! 
Best regards,  Dr. William J. Thompson 
 California (6/7): 
Found your site today on Sweepstakes Online.  Hope you don't get inundated with entries, because I want to WIN and try your pasties!  My Dad was born in Iron Mountain, MI and we vacationed in upper Michigan most every summer.  I was brought up eating pasties and really miss them.   I'm just getting too old to make them more than once a year now!  The Still Waters operation sounds great.  Hope it continues to be very successful.  I'm forwarding this URL to my sister in Chicago, who still DOES manage to make pasties every so often! 
Richard H James 
(Welcome to Pasty Central, Richard!  For the past year we have hosted a new contest each month and have received over 25,000 entries.  Thanks for telling others about our site!)   
 California (6/6): 
Since hearing of your web site in the Northland Edition for postal workers I have visited every day.  I love so very much the shots of dear Calumet, the birthplace of my parents.  Of particular interest was the 4/27 cam shot of John Foster by the old Italian Hall.  Thank you for so many wonderful memories through your beautiful cam shots. I miss the tales my parents use to tell of the olden days in Calumet when the men, my grandfather and uncles as well, had to work in those dangerous mines.  Will be looking forward to enjoying many more. 
 Texas (6/4): 
My pasties arrived in Houston today just as I was coming home for lunch.  Perfect timing!  And they are perfect!  They are as
good as Mom used to make.  And that is a pretty big compliment.  Everything was packed perfectly.  You do excellent work.  I have passed e-mail notes around to relatives all over the country to tell them they can have pasties again by contacting you.  Gave them your website.  (That website is delightful!)  Thank you for such excellent service! I will be coming back for more! 
Betty Burg 
(Thanks for the glowing report!  Quite a few orders to Texas this week :-)  
 Texas (6/4): 
The pasties mailed to Port Isabel arrived in great shape and I picked them up this afternoon (Thurs., 4 June.)  We've consumed the first three and, as always, they were JUST GREAT! 
Thanks,  Clint 
 California (6/4): 
You might like to know I heard of your web site through the Postal News Letter...  After putting up with the harsh winters of the midwest I decided to transfer with the post office to Sacramento about a year ago.  As I left town I gave away my shovels and expect to never have to shovel myself out of that snow again.  Or bundle up to survive the 40 below temps.  Plan to visit your site regularily to see who is featured in your photos.  Congratulations on your terrific idea and for giving folks a taste and glimpse of the past and present day Calumet. 
Marlene Corey 
 Ohio (6/3): 
There is a space for ordering "cinnamon toast" from the Hilltop Bakery.  Is that the superhard, dried-out,  cinnamon toast, like from Trenary Bakery? 
Ok, ok, my secret is out.  My mom sends 2-3 bags of Trenary toast a few times a year.  Dunking that stuff in milk is my closet addiction.  (yum!)  My hubby and I usually go thru a whole bag in a single evening.  I do not understand it myself.  The stuff is SO HARD that my gums are sore the next day, but I still gobble down the stuff.  May be they are like 'milkbones' for humans - you know, for removing tartar from teeth . . . . 
Is there Cinnamon Toast Anonymous?  Is Hilltop Bakery selling the stuff?  Is it their version, but comparable? 
Now, if you could only ship out the old Library pizzas.... 
(The Hilltop response:) 
Dear Mary Jane, 
Yes, our Cinnamon toast is the hard...tarter removing...milk bone type. It is much like Trenary Toast...except we make and slice our own bread so it is not as uniform.  And I know how you feel about the Library's pizza...went to dinner there Friday night. 
Warm Regards,   Penney (for The Hilltop in L'Anse) 
 California (6/3): 
Just wanted to let you know that the Pasties I had you send to the Lewnos at Quartz Hill California arrived ... in great shape and still cool.  So all is well and she was thrilled.  Please Keep up the good work.  We love them!  I will be up in a few weeks and will have them fresh.  Thank You! 
Mary C Stites 
 Arizona (6/3): 
They just arrived (11:05 am on Wednsday) and, suprisingly, they are still cool (we aren't going to hit 100 degrees today in Tucson...only 98!)  I am looking forward to reading the Mining Gazette, (after I unwad it, that is) to see what is happening in the OTHER copper mining area (if you are unaware, Tucson also is a major copper mining area...) I used to live in. 
They smell wonderful...and I think I'll have a pasty for lunch. (and I will probably order more, soon) 
Bill Daniels 
 Wisconsin (6/3): 
Just found this site as a by-product of SweetRoll.com - love it!  I grew up in Hubbell, but live in WI at this time.  All this talk about pasties would be making me really hungry if I hadn't just served my family pasties from Toni's Country Kitchen for dinner tonight... 
Lisa Pugh 
(There are many great pasty shops here in the Copper Country.  Toni's was recently spotted on the Pasty Cam) 
 California (6/2): 
A couple of quick comments... 
1 - SSG Salchert, good luck in Bosnia, keep your eyes open and your head down!  (a little friendly advice from a '72 CHS grad and a 20-year Army veteran) 
(NOTE:  see next letter) 
2 - In the Pasty Cam section, under the photo of the Houghton County Airport there's a comment about remembering the days of Republic Airlines...  let's go back a little further.  How about the "blue goose", North Central Airlines... sometimes affectionately referred to as "Tree-Top Airlines"????? 
3 - Mary Kessler (Lombardi) - Remember the summer of '71 and the "minor" accident involving YOUR toes and MY motorcycle in front of your house on Elm St?  I really did feel bad!  (jscadwell@prodigy.net) 
Keep this web-site going strong!  It's bringing back many fond memories... 
-Jon Cadwell- 
 Texas (6/2): 
(This is to confirm my pasty order.)  Will be my last taste of home before going to Bosnia. 
Him: CHS GRAD 89 Her: CHS 92 
(our best wishes on your tour of duty, and greetings from all the other Calumet High School Alumni) 
 Colorado (6/1): 
Thanks for putting a picture of my Aunt Verna on your Pasty Cam.  She's looking pretty good.  All your Yooper pictures make me lonesome for home. 
Kathy Taylor 
 Wisconsin (6/1): 
Calumet was featured in the Travel section of the May 31 "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel."  Hope you can use it.  (good article
John Hoh 
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