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 Pasty Central email from the recent past
Feedback from our visitors and customers.  We welcome your comments. (please tell us your state, and thanks for visiting... Charlie H, Administrator)
 North Carolina (5/30): 
We love your new web page look.  Keep up the good work!  An interesting point of note: what do you do with the profits from the Internet pasty sales? 
Tom Thomas 
(That's one of those frequently asked questions) 
 California (5/29) 
Had heard from a colleague of mine that your site was out there.  It will be great to be able to order our own pasties any time instead of relying on relatives or our fairly infrequent visits back to the UP.  It's also wonderful to see the pictures - makes me homesick at times.  Maybe we'll stop in while we're back for a visit in July. 
The Kessler Family from Southern California (Mary Lou Lombardi - MTU - class of 1978 and Calumet native) 
 New York (5/28) 
On the Pasty Cam, please put up a picture of my Grandma in front of her house. Virginia Swenson of Laurium.  I can't get to see her as often as I would like.  I look forward to recieving the pastys I ordered, thank you. 
(we are receiving quite a few requests for people to show on the Pasty Cam, will try to call Virginia sometime soon.  Here's another:) 
I love your Pasty-Cam. It really makes me home sick for the Copper Country!!! How about a picture of my Aunt that works there at Still Waters, Verna Kangas. She's a lovely person.  Tell her I said "Hi". 
Kathy Taylor 
(coming soon to a Pasty Cam near you... we caught up with Verna on May 30) 
 Hawaii (5/27): 
FYI -- On your customer map you show flags on the islands of Maui and Oahu, but only list addresses from Kailua and Honolulu; both cities are on Oahu... Thought you'd like to know. 
Love your pasties...Aloha, Karen Wilkinson 
(Thanks for the note, Karen.  Next time we update the map, we'll try to locate the flags with a little more accuracy :-) 
 New Mexico (5/26): 
The pasties you shipped to Albuquerque were simply wonderful!  In the group of pasty eaters were two MTU grads, the granchildren of two (now-deceased) Houghton natives, and one of their great granchildren who just received his MD degree from UNM.  Quite an auspicious group, eh?  And no one put any gravy on their pasty, either. 
Again, Thanks!    David Hogberg,  Albion (MI) 
 California (5/26): 
Received the pasties in good condition - everything was OK.  We heated up two of the six pasties on Saturday, May 23 and ate them while watching our local soccer team (San Jose Clash) defeat the Kansas City Wizards (wonder how many pasties have been consumed watching soccer matches).  They were excellent!  We plan on having the remainder of the pasties this evening while watching the Red Wings outplay the Dallas Stars again. 
Only two complaints (1) my son actually received the pasties on Thursday but didn't tell us until Friday (fortunately he did as instructed by the label on the package and put the box in the refrigerator) and (2) some of the Mining Gazette pages used for packing were defective and so I could not read all of the local news.  An unexpected bonus however was the reflective space blanket material which my wife will be able to use for demonstrations in her third grade class. 
 We'll be ordering again soon. 
Thanks,  Al Morrison  --  Ishpeming Native --  MTU '71 
Florida (5/24): 
As former residents of Negaunee and frequent visitors Calumet, we were pleasantly surprised to see a neat article in the Sunday Bradenton (Florida) Herald discussing Still Water's Pasty Cental.  It got our enthusiasm up for some UP pasties.  We have also thoroughly enjoyed the photos and text on the web site.  It brought back some fond UP feelings and a little homesick feeling for GOD's Country. 
Dr. William J. Thompson 
South Carolina (5/23): 
I'd like to tell Pat Sands that his sauce (see Wisconsin 4/25) is good on my sandwiches, too.  Pat, did you simmer it with the lid off to "cook down?"  I've used it on all the things that I usually use my mother's chili sauce on--its wonderful. 
Gretchen Guck Fifer 
Minnesota (5/22): 
I received my shipment yesterday afternoon.  The pasties were in good shape, still nice and cold.  I started eating the the first one last night and am just now finishing it.  It was, and is,  wonderful!!!   I have found myself actually eating the crumbs off my plate!  I can't tell you how delighted I am to have discovered you guys.  Now, I can get my pasties, all year round.  I, unfortunately, do not get up to the UP nearly as often as I'd like- (hey - anybody got a good deal on a trailer or a site to put one on, up there?); the UP is one of my most favorite of all places.  Thank you again. 
OH Sweet Mytstery of Life, at last I found YOU!       ...Linda  
California (5/21): 
Hello from San Jose, Ca.  Our order was sent May 18th and received right on time...May 21st.  With pasties still cool to the touch. Great to mail order from the Internet!  Wonderful Job!  Keep up the good work.  mmmmmm good! 
Patti W.  
Extra (5/21) 
We often receive questions about re-freezing the pasties.  We welcome any feedback you can provide about your experience.  This letter suggests an interesting method of reheating: 
 We did re-freeze our pasties when they arrived and just ate them on Tuesday, May 19th (5 days laters).  We cooked them on a pizza stone in the oven.  They don't have to be turned on a stone and they didn't get soggy.  They were great!! 
Thomas M. (Michigan) 
 Alaska (5/20): 
Your site made me a little bit homesick for my parents, who live in Rice Lake.  Been trying to get my dad on the internet, but no luck.  Mom makes the best pasties.  I sure do miss them (...and my parents, too). 
Mary Sheila 
 Michigan (5/19): 
Jake received his pasties on May l3.  When I talked with them last weekend they had eaten 2 of them.  Said they were very good but one was especially good. Wondered if they were different batches? 
Thank you, Anne H. 
(Far as we know, they were all made together.  Maybe Jake was especially hungry when he ate that one :o) 
 Minnesota (5/17): 
Just finished the last pasty.  Very enjoyable!  They arrived on Friday in good condition.  My wife, who is usually not a pasty fan, says that she hopes I reorder soon (although we leave shortly for England and won't be home until the end of June).  Flavour and taste were good, nice seasoning.  Better than many I have had in the UK, but too big to pick up and eat Cornish-style.  Keep up the good work! 
John M. 
 Michigan (5/15): 
Thanks for the neat page which included our church!  Also the Still Waters gardens look really nice.  They should be a frequent inclusion this summer (on the Pasty Cam). 
Rod Johnson 
 Ohio (5/12): 
I just wanted to thank you for the PASTY CAM.  My Grandmother/mother are from Iron Mountain/ Amasa/Sidnaw and now my family regularly vacations in the Sidnaw area each year.  We love the Keweenaw area and really enjoy seeing a new picture each day.  Wish I had my gazette handy, because I think we saw that mine shaft house and I could name the (ghost) town that it is near.  Maybe someone else has already identified it.  Thanks so much for your efforts. 
(yearning to live in Houghton...) Jim Rosenberry 
 Michigan (5/10): 
I found your site in the Detroit Free Press last week and have truly enjoyed viewing it!  We visit the UP at least once a year, Houghton area, so many of your links are very much a part of our trips.  Keep up the good work on your web site!  The photos and comments are great!!  I hope to be placing an order for pasties soon!!! 
Sincerely,  Joyce Paananen-Murphy  
 Ohio (5/9): 
Do you sell to any resturants in your area? We want to be sure to visit them when we are in the UP. 
Richard Larson 
(You are welcome to stop by Still Waters, at the corner of Mine and Elm, next time you're in the Copper Country
 Minnesota (5/8): 
I heard you on Minnesota Public Radio this morning!  I've only had a pasty one time, but it was good.  I'm looking forward to trying yours out!  Bet you experience a boom in sales after being featured on MPR!! 
Nona W. 
(An incredible number of orders came from Minnesota that day!  Our thanks to Bob Potter, the morning host of KNOW in the Twin Cities) 
 New Jersey (5/8): 
Our oldest son in St. Paul, MN sent me an e-mail message saying "Mom missed her calling....go to pasty.com".  I did and what a nice surprise.  A very interesting and nicely done web site!  It's interesting because pasties have always been part of our menu.  My wife and I come from Ely, MN., not too far from the UP.  We grew up on pasties and my wife learned how to make them from her mother and grandmother. 
I probably won't be ordering pasties so long as my wife keeps making them as well as she does.  We just finished off the last two yesterday....she makes a dozen at a time, then freezes them.   They are heavenly!!!  Particularly with ketchup. 
We wish you the best with your business and keep up the good work on the web site.  I've added a bookmark so I can come back in the future to look at the pictures, etc. 
 Best regards,  J.B. 
Thanks for the encouragement, J.B.!  For all those not fortunate enough to have a pasty-making Mom at home, we'll keep on supplying by the Internet) 
 Michigan (5/8): 
Even being fortunate enough to live in the U.P. I still was excited by your site.  I have sent the URL to all my unfortunate relatives and friends so they can enjoy a bit of home. 
Janet Hauswirth, Janus Home Health Care 
 Florida (5/7): 
I received my order on Wednesday, May 6 as scheduled.  Everything was in perfect condition (pasties cool but not frozen) etc.  Had them for dinner Wed. evening (with applesauce, and buttermilk to drink!!)  My daughter and I enjoyed them immensely!  Froze three for another time, but won't wait too long...maybe 2 weeks?  I will definitely order again...and maybe send a "gift" package to my son in Atlanta!  Thanks, and keep up the good work! 
Gladys Kane 
 Deep in the heart of Texas (5/7): 
Just to let you know that the pasties arrived AOK.  They were in excellent condition.  They arrived at NOON (CDT) Wednesday.  The inner two pasties were still slightly frozen.  We put those in the freezer.  My wife and I will each have one tonight for supper.  As you indicated, they left Calumet on the 2:00 PM Priority Mail Truck on Monday (May 4th).  That's great service!  Please greet those that did the preparation and packaging of the Pasties. 
Best,  Charlotte & Wes 
 Ohio (5/6): 
Pasties arrived, cold, safe and sound, on Wednesday afternoon, to my back door, as I was working in the garden.  (I knew they were coming so I hung around outside for the afternoon - thanks for the shipping note!)  The SMELL is so wonderful, I nearly had a tear in my eye. But, being a Finn I did not actually cry though.    ;) 
My USPS route carrier wondered what the......I had gotten, as the package had both stickers:  REFRIGERATE ON ARRIVAL and CARRIER LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE. 
 I tried to explain what I had gotten, but dey jus' don' get it, eh? 
 Texas (5/4): 
Love your pictures!  This spring we ...bought a house in Centennial Heights - we hope to arrive by about July 9th.  This is a summer home for us.  You would die in Houston in July-August.  Never gets below 90.   We are a family - dad works in aerospace, mom is a computer science instructor and two kids - boy is 11 and girl is 5.  We are very familiar with Calumet - mom is a local girl whose parents came from Calumet-Laurium area.  Would LOVE to see some pictures of Centennial Heights right about now - it's the only instant gratification we can get on buying this house... We are so glad to have discovered you!!   Don't need pasties though, mom has old family recipe that family is always demanding her to make. 
Regards,  Judy, Barry, Kevin and Karina Endsley 
(we'll dispatch the Pasty Cam to Centenial Heights again sometime soon) 
 Michigan (5/3): 
Hi Charlie...We are trying out different things on the Internet, and decided to browse Copper World.  What a shopping trip!  Of course, it was just like being there.  However, when I tried to get out of Copper World, I had a little problem.  Judy said it was just like the real store--you have to buy something to get out!  Please tell Tony hello from the St. Ignace Wyseguys and gals.  Greetings to everyone else that we know in your area.  Only a few short months until we get to visit Gitche Gumee again.  Praise the Lord. 
Merv Wyse 
 Washington (5/2): 
This is to confirm my order... For your information I was born in Laurium on July 8, 1918.  Went to Sacred Heart school, graduating from high school in 1935.  Moved from Laurium to Anaheim Calif with my father , mother, brother and sister in 1936.  (The pasty order is for my sister.)  My Dad , Wilmar Harvey, and his brother George owned the Harvey Bottling Works in Laurium and for years Harvey's Soda Pop was well known in the Laurium , Calumet area.  My Dad died in 1944 and after a few more years my mother moved back to Lake Linden to be near her father, who died in the 50's.  She married a Lake Linden man and they continued to live in Lake Linden until they died .  After WW II I went back to college , graduating from UCLA in 1948.  Went to work for a San Francisco company, retiring in 1977.  After retiring ,I moved to Port Ludlow Wa and I now live in Pouslbo Wa. 
Pasties were an important part of our lives during our time in Michigan.  My Mother and her Mother  baked hundreds each year to be sold at the Miner's Picnic, in July.  I have no contacts in Laurium , anymore.   So, if you wanted to  give this letter some publicity I would not object.  It might be that someone who knows me will see it and contact me.  My snail-mail address is 1754 NE Mesford Rd.  # 14, Poulsbo, Wa 98370.  I can  also be contacted by voice or fax at:  360-697-5051. 
Thanks,  Ramp Harvey.
 Wisconsin (5/1): 
Just read my brother Pat's comments on your site (April '98) and agree with everything he had to say except the Ketchup part.  Most self respecting Yoopers will eat their pasty with ketchup.  Our Mother made the "Hurry-up" (as opposed to Catch-up) as an alternative sauce for the Pasty.  If you like ketchup you will like the hurryup even more.  Incidentally, I once visited the town of Mineral Point in Wisconsin and was surprised to find Pasty Shops there.  It turns out Mineral Point was a mining community much like most of the U.P. and the Pasty was introduced there much the same way as in our homeland.  I was even more surprised when I ordered a Pasty in the restaurant and they asked if I wanted it served with "chili sauce".  Of course I had to find out about the chili sauce and wouldn't you know it tasted exactly like my Mothers hurry-up.  They even sell it there in jars.  Their Pasty was very good also.  I can't wait to try yours.  You will see an order from my brother and me soon. 
Bill Sands 
 South Carolina (5/1): 
Today was the first time I really looked at the "folding pasties" picture and was delighted to see the movement.  I don't remember my grandmother or her sister folding them like that, but it sure makes a lot of sense.  My mother made her pasties in a pie shell and then cut them like a pie.  Just as good and far easier to make. 
Gretchen Guck Fifer 
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