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Michigan (11/29)

Hello folks;   I was raised on Cornish Pasties.  I am one of nine children, 8 boys 1 girl, and I remember touring the UP as a child.  We had relatives from Calumet to Negaunee, Ishpeming, Gwenn (don't know if the spelling is right here), and other places.  I was born in Ishpeming in 1931.  Moved to flint area for the work at GM.  Have lived in Clio the rest of the time.  Love the UP even though I don't get up there much any more.  Boy the color pictures for October up there are better than any color we had down here this year. Love your site, plan to visit many times.  Found it on a site called Mlive put up by the Flint Journal I think.  Maybe one of these days I will order some pasties also. Love the Pictures.  By the way, my mother is 91 and all 9 of her children are still going. 

Jim Nicholas

Wisconsin (11/28)

My wife(a Calumet native) and I very much enjoy your website. We check it and the Keweenaw Snow Thermometer daily. We live in Green Bay, but never forget our roots. I've told all of my "net" buddies who have ties to the U.P. about your site and am told they appreciate it, too. Thank you very much for letting us go Home every day.

Brett Hill

Alabama (11/27)

Received the pasties today, and they were still cool.  That is remarkable.  I put them in the refrigerator and we will enjoy them tonight.  We are having weather of about 75 degrees here!  I noted that they smelled good, as I remember from 30 years ago.  We left the Copper Country in 1962.   We also enjoyed looking at the the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette. 

Sue Scalf

California (11/25)

I kept ignoring this site because I assumed it was just a shot of a pasty.  Great shots!  As a former yooper sitting in a building in Los Angeles, I certainly appreciate being able to escape via your pictures for an afternoon especially when the seasons change.  I certainly plan to stop by your site regularly and tell every other yooper I know who lives away  from there about it!

Chris Chabot

(we have been known to slip in some shots of pasties now and then :o)

 Colorado (11/24)

...I haven't lived in the UP since August of 1983 when we moved to Colorado. Fortunately, your pastycam lets me experience my former home.  I think I recognize 90% of the pictures.  I wanted to request a picture of the Hancock / Houghton football game, but I am probably too late.  Our house was on Atlantic Street on the west side of Hancock near the beach.  It would be a kick if you could take of picture of Hancock beach.  I'd love to give you a list of people for you to say hi to for me, but I'll refrain.  I look forward to receiving my pasties.  It's been awhile, but my ketchup is ready.


Kip S.

Georgia (11/23) 

My family vacationed in the UP for 15 years.  My wife and I visited 1 year after we married 23 yrs ago.  Have not been back since.  Couple of pictures I would like to see:  View from Brockway Mtn. Drive, small motel on Eagle Harbor (our window looked out on the water), The Shrine of Bishop Baraga, MTU (my boss went there), Iron Mt (ate breakfast there every year on our way to my uncles in Houghton).

Mike Hebert

Wisconsin (11/21)

I really enjoy checking out your website.  I love the Upper Pennisula.  Visit the area as often as possible.  Of course, I can see everything I miss by looking at Pasty Cam.  Thanks for sharing. 

Denise K.

Pennsylvania (11/19)

My father is a native of the Copper Country.  As such, I cut my teeth on the Copper Country in the summers.  I love this area and wished that I could be closer. 

My father has a summer home in Eagle Harbor.  Would certainly enjoy seeing some pics occaisonally for its vantage point--both from the view, but also seeing it in various seasons.  It is the property right next to the Coast Guard lights pointing outward to the safe passage into the Harbor.  It is on the way to the Marina and has the beach beside it where the rocks are split so the Coast Light can point outward to the Lake.

I enjoy coming to the Cam sight often and recognize the many places and scenes that you post.  Keep up the great work!

Clarke Finch

(Clarke, have you seen the new feature at George's Eagle Harbor Web?  The most recent Harbor Walkabout has some of the very scenes you mention)

Mr. Wagner's 4th grade class, Frederic Elementary, Grayling, MI (11/18)

Thanks for writing back to me.  We might order a pasty.  I LOVE pasties.  Mr. Wagner said HI! 
- Sincerely,  Ashley M
I have never tried a pasty but they look  good.  Our advanced studies class might order some pasties. We are making our own web page.
- Rachel G
Hi how are you. My name is Dougie. I'm in 4th grade. I wrote to you one 
other time. I go to scool at Frederic El.
- Dougie
I am in 4th grade.  I know Mr. Wagner.  I hope I will try your pastys some time.  Please do not send me any though.  I go to Fredric Elementary school in Grayling. 
- see ya, Andrew W

(Let us know when your web page is done, and we'll give you a link.  Thanks for the nice letters, and hello to Mr. Wagner, too.)

 Michigan (11/18)

I received my pasties today and they were wonderful!  They arrived at approximately 11:30 a.m.  I was just wondering if you have ever heard of "Mr. Bigs" in Madison Hgts, MI they are selling pasties downstate and are from Calumet.  Somewhat the same pastie.  I was in Calumet last May stayed in some old hotel by the theater on the main drag. Nice small town. Very historical.  Thanks for the great pasties... I'm so full. 

Denise M

New York (11/17) 

I was so surprised to find your site!  I have been eating pasties ever since I can remember.  Being a VERY picky eater growing up, pasties were one of the few things I would eat.  Being a military wife I have introduced pasties to several people and have only met 2 people that even knew what they were.   I enjoyed your (pages),  & now I know where I can get them when I don't feel like all the work.  Thank You.

Wilson, NY

Nebraska (11/16)

What a wonderful site!  I was raised in the U.P. and when my hubby told me about this site I couldn't believe it!  I have a question - can the pasties be made without rutabagas?  My dad felt that was a great vegetable for us as kids growing up and I just shudder when I think about it!!!  Thanks.....

Bobbie C.

(Just mention "no rutabaga" in the special instructions, and that's the way it will be)

 Illinois (11/16)

Found your site quite by accident.  However, I just love it.  Living in Illinois, I don't get much chance to have pasties.  I will probably be ordering some soon.

My father and his family are from the Laurium/Calumet area.  My uncle Ralph Sadler and my Aunt Margaret Augustine still live up there.  But I don't get much chance to get up there any more.  If any of you know them, please tell them I said "Hi!".

I really enjoy the Pastycam pictures.  They bring back a lot of memories.  We spent many vacations up there.  I really enjoyed the picture (Monday 10/5) of the old house.  However, I believe it is in Laurium, not Calumet.  It is about a half block from my aunt's house; and she is in Laurium.  I've been drooling over that house since I was about 10 or 12 years old. 

Anyway, keep up the good work (on the site and with the pasties).   I can taste them already!

Peggy Sedlar

Ohio (11/15)

(For the Pasty Cam:)  Have you done Bond Falls, near Bruce Crossing?  How about anything in Ontonogan?  Is there anything left in Ontanogan?  Which way is it spelled anyway? Lots of us Tech alumni spent time out at Red Ridge Dam. . . . . There is a small, small island in Portage Canal,    I think called Johnston Island, about halfway between Hancock and McLains.  Also, either Crystal Falls or Iron Mountain is on the side of a hill, and can provide some startling photogs.

Did you hear?  The winds we got in Ohio blew a freight train right off a rail bridge into Lake Erie!!  Stopping up rail traffic all around, as it is one of Amtraks main lines. 


MaryJane Butkus

(we'll have to dispatch the Pasty Cam over to Ontonagon... and maybe send you some snow when it's on sale)

Colorado (11/15)

How delighted we were to learn of your operation.  I grew up in Ishpeming, MI, my father was a native of Cornwall, England.  Over the years I have enjoyed sharing this unique recipe with friends as our occupation took us to various parts of the country.

My husband and I live in Durango, CO.  We will journey to Lafayette, CO to share our Thanksgiving dinner--the pasties--with our son.  We noticed you do not have a flag representing a sale in Southwest CO.  Could this order prompt a placement?

Thank you for establishing this service.  We look forward to eating a pasty.

Yours truly, 
Kathleen Cooley

(We temporarily ran out of flags, but when the new ones come in we'll hoist one over Lafayette!)

Michigan (11/15)

Dear Pasty People,

I need some advice please...

I am a native Yooper living in good 'ol Traprock Valley, and I have a question or two for you.  I am getting married this December to a man from Ghana, West Africa, and because the distance between the UP and Africa is so great, his parents are not able to come to the wedding.  (Not to mention the fact that plane tickets are roughly $2500.00 or so).  I have had a request from my fiancee's mother to have the top tier of our wedding cake sent to Ghana so that they can have a wedding celebration of their own while watching the wedding video.  I have absolutely no idea how to ship a wedding cake to these far reaches and wondered if you could offer any advice.  I was wondering if using the same type of shipping as you use for the pasties would work for us.   Do you have any suggestions?  I would really like to get things off to a good start between my mother-in-law to be and myself. 

Hope you can help.  My e-mail address is  Jodiewenberg@hotmail.com
Thanks,   Jodie

(Not shipping pasties overseas, afraid we can't help much... any visitors have suggestions?)

"I would start by making a backup of the cake"
California (11/14)

Being a Tech alumn, I know all about Pasties and now I'd like to bring them to my friends here at berkeley.  But being in Berkeley, some people are strange and don't eat meat.  So I was wondering if you make vegetarian pasties?

Thanks alot,
Jeremy Burt 

(You've come to the right place!  One of our sponsors is Marie's Deli in Houghton, from whom you can order the best vegetarian pasties we've have ever tasted.)

California (11/13)

We are currently selling our family Pasty Shop Mrs. Dubblebee's which is located in the Sierra Foothills of California. If you or anyone you may know is interested in aquiring an award winning pasty shop, please view our page and contact us.  We have been in business for 27 years.

Mrs. Dubblebee's Pasties
251 South Auburn Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 272-7700

California (11/12) (Editor's Note: Appears Yoopers have taken over California!)

Do any of your pasties omit onions?  My husband isn't able to eat onions so thought I would check before I ordered.  Please let me know.   Enjoyed your site especially the Pasty Cam.

Carol R.

(Yes, we have pasties without onions.  In fact, we will soon be adding options to our order form which will allow you to choose no onion, or no carrot, or no rutabaga.  For the time being, simply mention it in the "special instructions" of the order form.)

Oregon (11/11)

Found your web site and love it.  I was born and raised in the UP and hope to retire there.  I live in Oregon where it rains more than it snows back there!

Ray Chase

Michigan (11/10)

Just a quick note to tell you how much we liked the pasties.  We visit your area every summer and make sure we have our share of pasties.  We can now order them and have them at home and feel a little like we are in the best part of the state.  Also, I could not locate my town of St. Johns, Mich. on you list of purchasers. 

Gary Markman


Mississippi (11/9)

The pasties were delicious and made me cry because I am homesick for the U.P.  I greatly appreciate the great service the Community Elder program provides.

The pasties arrived on the Thursday, following the day they were shipped (9/28/98).  Roughly 3 days.

Thank you.
MTU '87

(Most often the Priority Mail packages arrive in 2 days, but severe weather has slowed them down in some cases.  We appreciate all who gives us a follow-up report to our Shipping Notes.)

Virginia (11/9)

You need to add Zip 20191,Reston VA to your list since I got some pastys a few weeks ago - what a treat.  Also, thanks for the fun web page and the Pasty cam. As a long displaced, but still die-hard Yooper, I really enjoy it. It is a good break from the insanity of the Washington DC area.

Susan Hooker Tull (grew up in Houghton)

(sometimes we get a little behind on updating the Customer Map)

New York (11/8) ...response to the Pasty Cam picture 11/8

Ya, Seneca Lake is located on the Old Road going from Ahmeek to Phoenix. Several miles East on the Old Road from the fork where US41 and the Old Road split right out side of Ahmeek.  Also, It is a mile or so North of Seneca Location on the Seneca Lake Shortcut Road between Seneca Location and The Old Road. This road, if its still there, is basicly a bush road (had lots of sugar plumb trees, and once in a while a black bear or two).  Also it can be reached from the center of Mohawk (near the south end of Ahmeek Street) by way of the Mohawk to Seneca Lake Trail.  If you took the Seneca Lake Shortcut Road and crossed the old Road at Seneca Lake and kept going north on a partial bush road and trail, you would end up at a simming hole called Boys Pool on the Gratiot River. If you went right onto another trail just before Boys Pool you would end up at a simming hole called Christain Pool.

This is all based on memory from the mid fiftys so maybe most of these trails/bush roads are long gone or maybe there housing developments now???

Gerald Cronenworth

(no housing projects around here :o)

 (11/7) Editor's note:  (we had such a volume of email regarding Elmo's fallen tower, it would fill our regular Past-E-Mail page.  So we simply passed along your notes to Elmo.  By the way, Elmo is one of our new PastyNET members, whom you can reach at the very original email address of elmo@pasty.net ... Maybe someday we can do a Pasty Cam tour of Elmo's wind-powered home)
Quebec (11/7)

How secure is your order pages for giving credit card numbers over the net?  I have used the net since it was still a research tool from ADA, but I have never sent monies. I have heard horror stories about someone being ripped off, even though I have never met someone who has been. But using your net would give you even better control of shipments and payments.

Frank and Carol Greene

(We are often asked about the security of credit cards.  Our experience on the Internet also goes back to the days of Arpanet, so these observations come from many years of first hand experience.

We, too, have never met anyone who has had any loss because of their credit card being observed on the net.  For one thing, the card companies limit your liability in cases of reported theft.  Secondly, a "secure" site on the net (such as ours) has fulfilled another layer of scrutiny by a third party, in our case Thawte consulting.  They do the necessary legal and background checks to assure the certificate holder is a legitimate, properly managed business.  Have you ever used your credit card at a gas station?  That represents a greater risk than entering it into our secure page, because we are held to a higher standard.  And the process of safe encryption is just one more level that assures security. 

Our order volume is constantly shifting away from honor system and toward credit card entry.  This saves us time and gives us greater control.  There is a slight cost to us for the card processing, but the benefits far outweigh that cost, and also makes it convenient for our customers.

Next time you see the little key light up, or the lock close (depending on your browser), you can be assured that some pretty impresive resources are at work to secure the privacy of your order.)

Arkansas (11/6)

My pasties arrived on Wednesday.  They were cool to touch & EXCELLENT to eat.  Tell the folks that make 'em  I appreciate what they are doing, for without them, I wouldn't have pasties.  Making Pasties is like preserving the past for the future.  I hope the art of pasty making is never lost.  I do appreciate the fine quality of ingredients that go into these, most especially the meat.  It is good quality meat with out any apparent fat or gristle.  This is quite important to me.

Keep up the good work.  Will order more in the near future.

Dave Thomas

Texas (11/5)

Hi, my grandma ordered some of your pasties the other day and they arrived in Texas in good shape and were delicious!  My great-grandmother and great- grandfather came from Cornwall and so Cornish pasties were a great treat for my grandmother when she was a little girl.  We will start to keep a pasty tradition in our house. 

Eric Gray, 12 years old

Arizona (11/5)

Six pasties shipped on November 2, 1998 arrived in excellent condition in  Arizona about 1500 hours November 5, 1998.  The two we had for the evening meal were delicious and we are anxiously looking forward to our next pasty treat.  Love your web site -- specially Pasty Cam.


Clinton C. Butler
Former (50 years ago) from Gladstone

Wisconsin (11/5) 

I don't know if you intend to REALLY advertise local pasty shops, since you DO mail the pasties all around the country.  But, just in case someone has "fallen" in the Fox Cities and "can't get up" to the colorful UP, eh, Appleton has two pasty shops.  The one I've been to is called the "Pasty Koop," run by Mike Koopicka, originally from Keersarge.  In fact, he went to school with one of my wife's uncles!  The Pasty Koop is on Wisconsin Avenue, across the street from St. Therese Church.

The other is called, I believe, Stella's Pasties. I have never been there so I cannot recommend or anything. That shop is also on Wisconsin Avenue, just off Highway 41, across the street from the Fleet Farm.

Just thought I'd let you know!

Have you taken any pictures of the "stone boats?" I may have just missed them.

John L. Hoh, Jr.

(Back in April we had shots of two of the three stone boats in our area... click to see):

 Michigan (11/4)

Pasties arrived at home when I got off work at 2:30 pm.  They were fine.  In fact we had three of them for supper.  Only one day delivery, that's better than writing a letter and sending it across the street.  They were great as usual.  Great cooks!!!!!:):):):):)

Dave Kuitunen

Oregon (11/4)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that e-mail (see 11/1) that mentioned Pasty Depot in Coeur d'Alene :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (etc.)!  That is only about four hours from us and, yes, we do get up there occaisionally.  In fact, Matthew & I will be going to Spokane in December.  I am so excited about maybe getting some pasties on that trip that my mouth is starting to water.  Many thanks to Darcy, too, for mentioning the shop.  HOORAY!!!

Dawn (Brumm) Marmor

(Give our regards to the folks from Marquette... And for people who don't have a local pasty shop:  remember - Pasty Central is always open, ready for your order)

Michigan (11/3)

Hi Charlie!

I am so excited to have won the contest and especially to have won the great cabinet pull, which was my favorite prize from last month!  Every time I enter your contest I feel like at least a little part of me gets to travel to the UP, so I try to enter a lot!  Thank you so much!  The next time we are up for a (too short) visit, probably this winter to snowshoe, we will stop in to visit Copper Works in Calumet and thank them in person!

Thanks again!

Peggy Hoort

(It is a neat little piece of art work, available in the GiftNook.  Congratulations on winning one :o)
Virginia ( 11/2)

The pasties were very good. I froze a couple of them and when I re- warmed them they didn't seem to taste any different that the first one. That's good, yes?  Question - I found you on a web page that was linked to you and I can't remember what that was. It had lots of links to businesses in the UP.  Can you tell me what that is?

Susan Tull

(According to Alta Vista, our site appears as a link on several hundred other sites... sometimes through the Golden Pasty Award, some contest sites, travel sites, food and elderly sites and business directories, etc.  You might check your browser's "history" feature and look for the first occurance of pasty.com... the link before it is what you want.)

Michigan (11/2)


What a GREAT site!!!!!  I enjoyed myself. I found your site from surfing another Michigan web page. I would like to invite you to join my NEW State of Michigan Web Ring. The URL is: http://www.fascinatingferrets.com/mich.htm

Thank You,

(fascinating, eh?...)

Indiana (11/1)

Pasties arrived in great condition, thank you. They are delicous.  We are looking forward to doing more business with you.  I have found out some of my relatives have ordered from you also.


Vern Harju

Washington (11/1)

I love you page!  I moved out West a year ago and I search for any pictures that remind me of home.  Luckily I can get a freshly made pasty from Pasty Depot that opened about a year ago (coincidence?) in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The owners are from Marquette.  Anyway on to my suggestions.  I would really like to see a picture of the timber bridge at Eagle River.  Also you can never have too many shots of Brockway Mt. 

Keep up the good work and thanks for your time and dedication in keeping the page current.

Darcy Morden

(The nearest we came to a shot of the bridge was back in June when the Pasty Cameramen went on strike, shown here on the old foot bridge):

 Michigan (11/1)

Dear Dear Pasty cam folks,
        I can't tell you how much I enjoy your site!  I view it several times a week.  Thank you for doing this.  Do you ever get up towards the Winona/Twin Lakes area?  It would be great to see some of those areas featured.  Winona is filled with history and a neat old schoolhouse.
        Thank you again,

     Sue Leppanen Clark

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