February 1999
Have a pasty!
 Pasty Central email from the recent past
Feedback from our visitors and customers.  We welcome your comments. (please tell us your state, and thanks for visiting... Charlie H, Administrator)
Michigan ( 2/27)

I faithfully look at your website everyday and spend at least an hour going through the various sites, including Georges Eagle Harbor.  I find this very relaxing after a stressful drive to and from work, and of course, work itself.

As I have a computer not only at home but work, I was wondering if you have given any thought to creating screen savers that we can purchase for our own personal use.  I know we can use the pictures as wallpaper, but I would like to have a screen saver that includes pictures of the entire month that you have.  Most of these places have special meaning to me, and by reading the "email" other people that live elsewhere feel the same.

Carole Krueger

(Great idea, Carole! We're approaching the first anniversary of the Pasty Cam, and our Pasty elves are hard at work preparing a screen saver of favorites for downloading - and a CD which will feature even more UP scenes.  Watch for the announcement coming soon on the Pasty Cam.)

Illinois (2/26)

Hi Everybody,

I was forwarded your web site by my cousin in California,  He told me that you have a picture of a home at 707 Elm Street in Calumet, on your web page.  Well, after much looking, searching, reading, drooling, (the pasties sure look good) I finally found it.   This is my mothers home.  She was Helen Eister,  Homer Eister was her brother.  I have photos of the house when it was beautiful.  It had a grand porch on it with lots of gingerbread trimming on it, and what looks like a big side yard.  A real victorian.  It is nice to see that the house is still there.    All of my family was from Calumet.  My father was a Penokie (Pignocco) They lived on Rockland St. (then he moved to L'Anse).  My Uncle was Jack Torreano, He had a grocery store in Laurium.  The Daume's were from Laurium, and were from my mothers side of the family.

 I miss the area...I miss the people....Everyone is so warm and friendly..

Thank you so much for putting the house on your web site.  God bless you and your business.

Joan S 

Georgia (2/25)

I won your snow thermometer in January.   I live in the South, so needless to say, we only get snow every few years.  (Five inches of snow closed the city down in December 1989.) 

A good friend and co-worker is from Michigan.  She really misses the snow, so I'm giving her the thermometer. 

Thanks again for the wonderful prize and for the great website!

Cathy Bailey

(Thanks, Cathy.  That was a thoughtful gift to give a Michigander.  We should mention that it's available in the GiftNook)

Snow Thermometer
Michigan (2/25)

I've been looking for a recipes for making Pasties at home.  Anyone willing to forward their secrets would be appreciated.  Address tmbauer@ftch.com

Thomas Bauer

(hey Tom, here's a tip... try some of the best on the planet... you may get some good ideas :-)

Alaska (2/24) 

Our pasties arrived Tuesday, February 23.  That's no small feat considering were here in bush Alaska, off the road system, meaning everything has to get flown into here making mail service pretty slow.  Nevertheless, the pasties arrived as promised (within three days) and they were still cold.  Lucky us, we picked them up right before our  lunch break.  We cracked one out and split it for lunch.  YUM!  As  transplanted UPer's from the Manistique area, we consider ourselves  connoisseurs of the mighty pasty.  Yours are excellent.  Great crust,  essential to a good pasty.  Thanks for the great service.  We'll be back. 

Laura Reid

Arizona (2/23)

Pasties arrived in town about 1:00 P.M. Monday February 22.  Two are in the oven aromating nicely -- four in the frig waiting their turn.  As usual, super service, just as advertised.

Clint Butler

Tennessee (2/22)

Your Big Picture is just great.  I have used more than a couple for my desktop as I change it quite often.  Thanks again for doing such a great job of not letting us forget how beautiful home is.

Donna K.

(We have received lots of comments about "The Big Picture".  Each shot on the Pasty Cam can be clicked to see a fuller view - 660 x 440.  To use as Wallpaper on your desktop, right click the large photo and choose "Set As Wallpaper".  Watch for the Pasty Cam Screen Saver coming soon!)

Michigan (2/21)

I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you take such beautiful pictures of "Home"  I live in lower Michigan now but, my family and my heart are still in the U.P.  It's been 2 years now that I've lived away and on days like today when it's noisy, crowded, and just plan unbearable too be away, I look back at the pictures of summer when I last visited and it makes me so happy and gives me hope of my next visit with my family and just being home in the U.P. again.  Thank you so much.

Kelly K.

California (2/19)

The pasties were WONDERFUL!!  They arrived on Wed. of last week and we had them for lunch on Friday - nuked in the microwave on 'Auto Reheat' and they turned out perfectly.  Without a doubt, these were the BEST pasties I've ever had - and my two office mates - both with ties to the U.P. were waxing nostalgic with every bite.

We'll be sure to order again!

Best regards,
Francesca Smith 
(with ties to Iron Mountain, Norway, Vulcan and Quinnesec)

Florida (2/18) one of our contest winners...

Thank You for sending me the snow thermometer.  I have a lot of fun showing it to people in Fl.  We are looking forward to coming back to the U.P. in the spring.  I just Love your web site - it helps bring Michigan back to me.  Whenever we get company we have to show pasty cam.  Enjoy the picture so much. The ones of the snow carnival were the best I have ever seen of them.  We lived in Bruce Crossing for 40 years.  So do miss the  snow...

Joy Popke

Michigan (2/18)

I was just told about this website!  It's GREAT! However, I was hoping to get the recipe for pasties....To much to ask?

I had two great-aunts who lived at Still Waters and my parents live in Mohawk currently.  I love pasties and will order from you as I still don't know how to make them and my mom's recipe isn't written down.  She "ballparks" the amount of each ingredient.

I LOVE THE U.P.!!!!!

Karen S.

(A good recipe for pasties was published in an article about Pasty Central one year ago today in the Detroit Free Press.)

Michigan (2/17)

Rockford  MI   February 17, 1999

Saw comment from sister, Loretta, of Pahrump  NV, - but gotta make a correction.  We may live in Troll-land, but Once A Yooper, Always A Yooper!  Moved to Rockford, in the Lower Peninsula, in '63, but this half of the Wills' enjoys "Jooper" (Finnish spelling) pictures and news.  Hubby would just as soon not get into swatting or shoveling modes again....but, with help from the Pasty Cam and WLUCTV web site, I sorta cope with living in the LP.  Enjoyed the Marquette Monthly newspaper for a year - subscribed.  Where else could one see an ad for Drumming Lessons, as in Pow-Wow events.  Wonder if there is such a WONDERFUL, FREE (EVEN) SERVICE like the Pasty Cam - in Marquette and/or Alger counties!!!????  What a great pleasure to see your Pasty Cam pictures.   By the way - have you begun preparing for St. Urho's Day?  It's only a month away, hey?!

Thanks, Thanks, Kiitos!!  Carolyn (Posio) Wills

(We would welcome reporters in Marquette, Escanaba, the Soo, Ironwood, etc. who would be willing to devote some time capturing images in those areas, as we do here in the Keweenaw.  The Pasty Cam could ultimately be expanded to cover the whole U.P.  Please contact us if interested in becoming a Pasty Cam reporter.)

Wisconsin (2/16)

Noticed a visitor from Pahrump, NM, wrote Past-E-Mail.  Well, well, that's where the inimitable Art Bell lives and does his late night UFO radio show for insomniacs.  Imagine getting sponsorship from Art--the only snag is in how you would ship pasties to the aliens tuning in to Art's show!  I would imagine a pasty is an alien thing in New Mexico.  But can you imagine listeners hearing about pasty.com and ordering pasties by the space-ship load?  Might put White Castle out of business!

J. Hoh, Jr

Florida (2/15)

I lived a good part of my life in the U.P. and love my pasties.   Being of Cornish decent and raised on them, I have a problem with carrots in them.   Do you make "originals" also?  If so I would love to order some.

Mona T.

(Simply note "no carrots" in the special instructions when you order and you will receive Cornish style.  Most of us in the U.P. find that the carrots add a touch of sweetness, but we often receive and honor requests for the genuine original Cornish style)

Michigan (2/15)

As a fellow Yooper from the Houghton-Hancock area and now living in Gaylord I thoroughly enjoy Pasty Central.  It helps me stay in touch with home.  I really enjoy the Pasty cam and the snow statues were excellent.  I recommend Pasty.com to all my family and friends.  Your site was the first one I viewed when I hooked up to the Internet and I still check it out daily.  Keep up the great work.

Sue Kiiskila

Scotland (2/14) From one Pasty Lover to another...

Happy Valentines day Sarah from your much loved boyfriend , thanks for everything in the past and everything that's to come . Have a great Valentines day.

Love Fae Yer Craigy

Nevada (2/13)

Greetings from Pahrump, NV!  I have just discovered your site, thanks to a hot tip from my sister, Carolyn Wills (one of those "trolls").  We grew up in Negaunee, but our parents lived in Houghton/Hancock for a  time.  I am thoroughly enjoying the Pasty Cam photos and revisiting places I haven't seen in years.  The Tech snow sculptures look more impressive than ever.  I've passed along your web address to my children, who lived in the UP as youngsters, and to old friends who also live away from "home."  Thanks for a delightful, informative site!  Now, for that pastie order....

Loretta (Posio) Lindell

Cornwall (2/12)

Hi  I am John Saunders of Cornish Connections in Cornwall UK.  We are a small family business doing chauffeured and guided tours of Cornwall for American visitors.  Would you consider a link to our web page and we would of course reciprocate.  We thought it might be fun for you to have a link to a Cornwall site being that Cornwall is the original home of the pasty (although we would never put carrots in a pasty!).   We are planning a visit to the Keweenaw in July and look forward to trying your pasty.  By the  way, does anybody there know a Mr Goninan who lives in Calumet (I think).  I believe we are related as my grandmother was a  Goninan. 

Our web page is at:

Kind regards, John Saunders

Wisconsin (2/11)

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful service you gave my parents.  We had gotten them some of the pasty money for 6 patsies and when my dad put in the order this week he was told that they would be sent on Saturday, since the mail orders had already gone out for the week.  He told the people that we were planning on having them Saturday for my birthday.  He was told not to worry about it and the got their pasties yesterday!!!!!!  They were soooooo impressed with the service and all of us can't wait to eat them up!

We are from the Central Wisconsin area but have been going up to "da UP" (Ontanogan - can never remember how to spell that!!) for the past 20 years.  I have made all trips except the year of my wedding.  I feel like I'm part "yooper"! 

Keep up the great work!!!

Sarah Paye

Wisconsin (2/10)

Hi, I just spent the last hour viewing your pasty cam.  As Lawrence Welk would say, WONDERFUL,WONDERFUL,WONDERFUL.  I enjoyed it so much that I have booked marked it and can watch every time I get a little homesick.  I was born in Swedetown, and moved to Milwaukee with my parents during the war, the needed employment.  I went back every summer and stayed with my grandparents until school started.  My husband and I go back to Calumet every summer sometimes twice, for a week.  I have an aunt and uncle who live in Mohawk, and a number of friends around the area.  I still consider Calumet and especially Swedetown home.  I still have a supply of pastys that we took back with us in Sept.,  but now I know how to order from you and it serves a wonderful cause. Thank you for satisifying my nostalgia quest.

Jan Medved

Ohio (2/9)

After a couple of weeks of real winter here in Ohio, which has simply inexplicably melted away by the end of January. . . . . perhaps some of us would appreciate REAL snow removal work.

I remember driving thru streets LATE at night in Hancock, Houghton, Calumet dodging endloaders and the 6 foot snowblowers and the dump trucks........ The amazing work that the snow crews do at 3 or 4am to get the snow up and off the streets is worth some photos!!!!!

MaryJane Butkus, eternal fan, and occasionally homesick Yooper

Ohio (2/8)

Received pasties.  Ate pasties.  They were delicious!  There is no such thing as a pasty in Cincinnati and you would not believe the the comments when we talk fondly of the same.  Our family always has at least one pasty dinner when we go "Up North" each summer. We even have tried substituting troll pasties on our not infrequent sojourns to Detroit.  Yours are as good as any we've sampled.  By family vote the best, except for my son who claims that he had a pasty of equal quality in Iron Mountain.  We will order again in the future.  Now if would only snow.

T. Barrows 

Wisconsin (2/7)

Pasties arrived in good shape...  I read the Daily Mining Gazette--from when the Clinton bombed Iraq and the House delayed the impeachment proceedings.  Interesting to get a backwards view of the history one has lived through.  Also noticed that the comics and sports were in the "Education" section--how appropriate!

John H.

New Mexico (2/6)

Our order of pasties arrived with the regular mail delivery at about 11:00AM mountain time (2 days after shipment).  I didn't realize you packed them with dry ice.  (nice!)  It probably is no surprise then that they arrived, for the most part, still sort of frozen.  Guess you guys have done this a time or two.  It shows.  Anyway, they are truly delicious!  My compliments to you and your VERY deserving staff!  I just shared one for lunch with my 9-month old son.   (On a previous trip to Mich. last Oct., we had some at "Cousin Jenny's" in Traverse City...not the real thing.  Yours on the other hand, ARE the real thing!  (the way they're supposed to be, and more affordable too.)

I have always liked non-profit organizations and try to do business with them whenever possible. (e.g. credit unions, etc.)  When my wife and I were searching for anything on the web re: Mich. pasties, as soon as I saw that you were non-profit, we made an order.  After that first forkfull, I knew that we made the right decision!  Good luck to you and everyone at Still Waters. We will definitely be buying more in the future.

Thanks again,
David MacKenzie

Michigan (2/5)

Winter Carnival Coverage...

(did I forget to say thank you?)

The photos were excellent! It was the next best thing to being there, which I wish I was.

Coming to you from Houghton Lake, Michigan
Bob G.

 Texas (2/4)

I love Pasty Cam!  Especially the beautiful Winter Carnival pictures.  It was pretty nice to see the Space Shuttle and astronaut in "ice."  I work for NASA in Houston so this was nice treat.

Thanks for such wonderful pictures, Pasty Cam!

Betty Burg

Michigan (2/3)

Where exactly is Sunrise Rock, which was featured in today's Pasty Cam picture? Thanks! 

Craig Poddig  Traverse City 

Down the hill from the Snow thermometer on US 41, as the Cliffs come into view, the highest point is known as Sunrise Rock.  This towers above the spot where the old Cliff Mine was still in full production about 100 years ago.

Minnesota (2/2)

Thank you for the pictures.  You make living in the big bad city a little more tolerable. 

I was born and raised in the U.P.  - Rockland in Ontonagon County to be exact.  What are the chances of you getting a picture from the top of the Porkies looking out on Lake Superior.  Someone up there must ski, eh?? 

Keep up the good work. 

Jane S. 

Some of us used to ski... then there was this avalanche of pasty orders...

Indiana (2/1)

My wife and I are Hoosiers.  That's the folks from Indiana.  We have vacationed in the western UP twice a year for the last several years.  We are hoping to retire soon, and move to the UP.  I have spent my entire life in a town of 60,000 people, and although Hoosiers are friendly people, they do not compare with you folks in the UP.  We have never felt more at home in our lives; therefore, it only seems resonable that we would want to retire to a place that makes us feel more at home than we do here in Indiana.  The PastyCam is a regular part of our daily activity, as we enjoy seeing pictures of our "home."  Thanks for providing it for us. 

Mike and Diana Saxon 

There's no place like home :o)

Texas (2/1)

Good Afternoon... 

The pasties arrived at noon today.  We had two for our main meal today.  Found by spraying Pam on cookie sheet and raising the oven temperature to 350', baking 35 minutes the pasties were hot all the way through and crisp.  AND very tasty!! 

While in the upper UP, we used to purchase pasties from a bakery called Toni's in Laurium.  They offered the pasties cooked or frozen raw.  Have you considered shipping the pasties uncooked, but frozen? 

R. Mairet

For safety reasons the pasties are fully cooked before they are shipped.  We'll pass along your reheating tip. Thanks!

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