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Feedback from our visitors and customers.  We welcome your comments. (please tell us your state, and thanks for visiting... Charlie H, Administrator)
 Ohio (7/31)
I just had the best Thimbleberry sundae in Copper Harbor this past week.  It was a the Berry Patch Ice Cream Store.  Brenda and George are quite the hosts while you eat your sundae.  They talked with me for hours about growing up in the keewenaw.  Can wait to get back next summer and visit Copper Harbor and get another thimbleberry or bilberry sundae!!!!!
See ya later hea, Sara Murphy 
 Unknown (7/30)
Madelline's pasties in ishpeming........circa 1957-60....what happen to that store?
Craig Forsburg 
 (Any of our visitors have any idea?)
Oregon (7/30) 
Gift of pasties from Bryn Worsch arrived here in Corvallis, Oregon on 29-Jul-98.  According to your e-mail, they were shipped on 27-Jul-98.  Package arrived in good condition and we had a delicious pasty dinner last night.  Thanks for the good service! 
 Missouri (7/29) 
My husband wanted to let you know that our pasties arrived on time, Wednesday, July 29.  We just love them.  Thanks for the expert service and product. 
Patty Mecklenburg 
 Ohio (7/28) 
I am out in the country here and I picked up my order at the post office at 8 AM on Wednesday before I went to work rather than leave them outside in 90 degree weather.  The aroma was  just  as I remember.  They were great.  I will reorder. 
Edie Adams 
 Pennsylvania (7/27) 
My order was shipped on Monday and I received them on Wednesday in the morning.  I had ordered them for a graduate class luncheon, and was happy to have them arrive on time.  COMMENT - packing the pasties using the Daily Mining Gazette is wonderful!  Even though the paper was a few days old, I still unwrinkled it and read every page.  I haven't been to the UP in almost 5 years, so any bit of news is great.  Keep up the nice work! The pasties were delicious!   :) 
Sincerely, Jamie Michaels 
 Michigan (7/26) 
Just a note to thank you for putting our 40 year reunion picture on your website!  Not bad for 40 years! 
For those of you from the class of '58, we hope you had a real good time and see you in 2003. 
Barbara Hill, Kearsarge 
 Arizona (7/25) 
Its great to read about the Copper Country.  I used to own Sweet Moments Catering and Bakery and made the meat and vegetarian pasties.  I see my nephew Pete Poggione is hungry for the vegetarian pasties also.  Glad to hear my nephew Tony Gemignani will be featuring his spaghetti sauce spices on the Net. 
Great Job Folks-  I will be visiting the UP from Arizona next week and can't wait for the visit. 
Loretta Poggione 
(Thanks for your wonderful note, Loretta.  Gemignani's is featured in this month's contest.) 
 Ohio (7/24) 
Love the PastyCam features on your website!!! (Also love your pastys!) How about a photo of the Lake Superior sunset from the decks of the Isle Royale Queen III out of Copper Harbor? The evening cruise around the tip of the Keweenaw was the height of our last trip to the Copper Country. Thanks for all of the great PastyCam shots and especially for your website! It is the BEST site on the 'net!!!! 
Sincerely;  Brad & Sue Schnaidt 
(Great suggestion... In the fall our residents at Still Waters take a tour on the Queen.  For sure we'll get some good shots by then.  You may have noticed the ship in the distance on July 7.  ...Thanks also for your kind words about site:-) 
 Connecticut (7/23) 
We love your site and have bought pastys from you before...they were great!  Any thoughts of also selling "squeaky cheese?"  My wife loved Juustoa(sp?) cheese while we were at Tech and, obviously, we can't find that in Connecticut any easier than pastys!  Take care... 
Tom and Sharon Leonard 
(Anybody know of a good source in the Copper Country?  Have them contact us, as we do not solicit sponsors.  Every vendor you see on Pasty Central has taken the initiative to contact us, and we are thankful for each one. :-) 
 Oregon (7/22) 
Hi--  Just a note to let you know that we received our pasties today the 22nd.  They were still cool even with the 90 degree temperatures we have been having here in Oregon.  The pasties were an anniversary gift from my folks there in Copper City.  (Al & Lil Harjala)  They were delicious!  Thanks... 
 Les & Lenny Harjala 
(We are happy to hear the dry ice really does keep the pasties fresh... here is a note typical of many we receive: 
Greetings!  Where do you folks buy your dry ice?  I will be in the area this summer and will be needing some for the trip home. 
Bob M. 
(We make our own dry ice, and it is available to the public for a suggested donation to the home.  Call for more details when you're in town:  337-5979) 
 California (7/21) 
What a fantastic web site!  Our mother was born and grew up in Lake Linden, and we spent summers on Bete Grise Bay as children.  Out here, it's rare to find anyone who has heard of the Keeweenaw, let alone the U.P.!  It's wonderful to be able to browse the pasty cam's pictures!  How about the Mendota Lighthouse at the entrance to Lac Labelle, and the formerly public beach North of the channel? 
Glen and Laurie 
(Thanks for the Pasty Mail!  Your requests are highlighted, and have appeared recently.  By the way, the beach you mention was donated last month by the Land Company... 1900' which will always be available for public use)  
 Michigan (7/20) 
Hi...I grew up as a yooper in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan before moving to Chicago for three years and now live in the Detroit area. While living in Sault Ste. Marie, I attended summer camp at Gitche Gumee in the Copper Country...  When I saw your site, it made me want to be up there again, surrounded by God's country, millions of misquitos and people who can talk about pasties in thick yooper accents. 
(Here's a neat picture of another camper from the Soo) 
 New York (7/18): 
On the Pasty Cam this week... I remember fishing on this lake back in the fifties.  If I remember right, we called it Mosquito Lake for obvious reasons.  What about Finns Lake over there off the Mohawk-Gay road, eh?  How about a pic of it?  We use to swim there every summer.  It was a great hang out for the Fifties kids.  I think its called Thayer lake now? 
Gerald Cronenworth
(At the very end of the Keweenaw is Schlatter Lake, seen recently by the Pasty Cam.  We'll try to get a glimpse of Thayer Lake sometime soon) 
 California (7/16): 
Who would have ever thought my favorite meal as a kid would one day have it's own web page!!  Grew up in the Marquette area, we would go get pastys and eat them out on the "island"   while freezing to death from the breeze off lake Superior!!  It's been many years since I've been home, let alone eat a pasty.  Thanks for a bit of HOME!!  I'll be placing an order soon. 
Lori - Twentynine Palms, CA 
(today's Pasty Cam picture was taken in Marquette harbor) 
 Georgia (7/14): 
My name if Phil Moen, of Jasper, Georgia. I was born in Laurium in 1931 and graduated Calumet High in 1949.  My brother-in-law is Bill Penprase, and he told me about your site, and I contacted it for the first time tonight.  I also contacted Thurner's Bakery... By the way, I worker during summer vacation while in high school for Wally Bessonen, the chief baker.  This was in 1948, I believe.  I also knew Nancy Thurner back then.   After graduating, I drifted away and didn't get back to the UP for awhile. 
I really like your web site!   Tonight I spent a lot of time looking at the Pasty Cam photos.  My brother in law was right when he told me that you have fantastic pictures.  Your cameramen also have keen eyes about interesting photo concepts to include.  Those lightning shots are really fine.   I hope to visit the UP again, probably next year for my 50th reunion. I would like to meet you and see your operation, if possible. 
Thanks alot.  Be talking with you...  Phil 
 Michigan (7/12): 
This is a pretty cool website!   I was born in Hancock, MI but have since moved to the lower penninsula.  It's great to see a website dedicated to pasties!   My parents visit the UP every July and I always con them into bringing me back some pasties.  People down here just don't understand what they are, much less how to make them. 
Kate Meyer 
 California (7/12): 
Just wanted to let you know that the pasties arrived here (CA) on Thurs.  In the past, pasties sent out on Mondays had arrived on Wednesdays...   Still very good but they require a little more attention during baking.  Thank you very much for your service, it's nice to get a little touch of the Keeweenaw.  I haven't had an opportunity to go back since I graduated from Tech in '90.... 
Thanks,   Noby Takahashi 
(Thanks for the feedback, Noby.  Sometimes when the humidity is so high, it helps to turn the pasties several times while they are re-heating... ah, that pasty aroma... makes me hungry just thinking about it... time for an order?)
 Nevada (7/11): 
Pasties arrived Wednesday in good order.  These things are delicous!   I had a bunch of guys over Wednesday night and they put a serious dent in the supply.  Looks like you have a fan club coming together out west.  Thanks and best wishes to the ladies. 
Herman G. Herbig 
 Kentucky (7/10): 
I know you've recently done a picture of the Mendota Light which was recently re-comissioned at Bete Gris, however, one of the most spectacular views in that area is back toward Mount Houghton from the shoreline along Bete Gris Bay.  My father-in-law, Bernard Verville, grew up on Montezuma Street in Hancock, and the Bete Gris Bay was his favorite swimming hole... 
When I discovered the UP and Hancock-Houghton, and Bete Gris and Ahmeek and Thimbleberry picking and the Jampot,  I was convinced there was no better place to visit on vacation.  Thanks, Pasty Cam, for letting me see those places on the internet. 
John Walker 
North Carolina (7/9): 
Just wanted to let you know that our pasties (shipped 7/6/98) arrived yesterday (7/8/98).  We had them last night for dinner and they were wonderful- we enjoyed the Mining Gazette, too!!    Thanks to you and your residents for providing such a wonderful service. 
Sincerely,  Kelly Nikcevich  
{Lower} Michigan (7/9): 
My sister and I have a bet going on the type of meat that you use in your pasties.  Please provide information as the winner will be entitled to 6 of your wonderful pasties as payment.  Also, you put all of your ingredients into the pasty dough uncooked (meat, potatoes, onions, etc., etc.) correct?  I can almost taste my winnings now. 
Colleen Thiessen 
(Our reply:  The meat is 75% beef and 25% pork.  The ingredients are all uncooked at the point of folding the crust, then the whole thing is fully cooked, then deep frozen for shipment.  Who won the bet? :-)

Colleen's reply: 

Thanks for settling the bet!  It looks like my sister and I were both wrong so we have decided to compromise and buy each other some of your fabulous pasties!  
 Michigan (7/8): 
I was just on the phone with my father who lives in Hancock and he mentioned your site.  I can't tell you how homesick it made me!  So tell me.. can you special order vegetarian pasties?  I know my mother would appreciate not having to make them for me anymore! 
Pete Poggione 
Thanks for the note, Pete.  We feature vegetarian pasties from Marie's Deli in Houghton.  They are terrific!)  
 Pennsylvania (7/7) 
Just got you e-mail and got so excited--I am leaving Pa. for a visit with my Mom & Dad.  They are  Eileen (O'Rourke) Asselin & Leonard Asselin who now reside out at Bootjack.  We are having a family re-union and my Mom, Eileen will be celebrating her 86th birthday on July 19th.  My Dad celebrated his on May 12th.  They come from strong U.P. stock.  Could you some how wish my mom a Happy Birthday. 
Thanks,  Diane (Asselin) Jones 
(Who knows?  Maybe the Pasty Cam will be out in Bootjack next week :-) 
 Nevada (7/7): 
Dear Pasty Central,   I sent some pasties to my dad for his birthday, and they arrived in California in just a few days.  He was so thrilled.  His grandparents were from Mohawk, Mich. and he missed his grandmother's Finnish cooking.  I was able to pay on the honor system, and my invoice came to me a few days later.  It was so easy and convenient.  I'll be sure to place an order of my own soon.   Thanks so much! 
Danielle Ison 
 Michigan (7/5): 
We've enjoyed your pasties, and have enjoyed visiting your website the past few months.  It would be nice to see 1 Michigan winner each month instead of all out of staters!  We plan to visit your place on our camping trip to Copper Harbor later this summer. 
Michael Powers 
(Thanks for the note, Mike.  Our contest is truly a random selection, and last month we received over 6,000 entries from all 50 states and and many other coutries.  We have had Michigan winners on occasion, so keep trying :-) 
 Virginia (7/3): 
I was just up in your area at a newphew's wedding.  I grew up there, but have now lived in Virginia for 32 years.  Heard about your web-site, and as soon as I got back, I ordered up a half dozen pasties to enlighten my southern friends.  I clicked on the "favorite scene" button on your June 8 picture.  I think the picture is lake Fannyhoe (correct or not?),  but my favorite scene is Eagle Harbor lighthouse.  Got any pictures of that in your archives?  Enjoyed the visit! 
Ron Rost 
(The lake you metioned was Medora, though many thought it was Fanny Hooe.  We'll try to get up to the Eagle Harbor lighthouse soon) 
 Michigan (L.P.)  (7/2): 
I just happened to find your website today and was just thrilled.  I grew up in the Keweenaw and the pictures I found here were wonderful.  It helped with the homesickness!  Thank you so much! 
Janine Turnquist Pelkey 
 Michigan (7/1): 
Hi my name is Bill Dowd and I live in Ishpeming MI.  I once had a pasty from your place and I loved it.  Yesterday I ate 8 pasties. Everybody calls me pasty boy. 
(Woa!  What a recommendation... approval from a yooper who eats 8 pasties in one sitting... maybe we should offer an 8 pasty package :-) 
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