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Texas (10/27)

This is a great website and as a cinnamon roll connoisseur, I was delighted to see Hilltop's 1lb cinnamon rolls.  I plan on ordering a dozen and eating them on Friday night - YUMMM!

A friend of mine and I have a bet regarding the pronunciation of the word "pasty".  She claims that the word is pronounced "past - ee" and I say that the word is pronounced "pay -stee".  Can you please clear this up for me as I have a round of cinnamon rolls riding on this bet.  In the event that I am incorrect (I am willing to face defeat), can someone please explain the origin of the pronounciation as it seems like a butchering of the english language.

Dean Brezler

PS.  I was looking at the snow meter.  What does one do in 24' of snow?

Congratulations to your friend, we know she'll enjoy the Hilltop treat.  There are actually 3 ways to pronounce the word PASTY:

PASS'-tee (the common U.P./American pronunciation for the meat and veggie pies)
PAHS'-tee (the British way of refering to PASS'-tees)
PAY'-stee (the Las Vegas way of referring to something definitely NOT PASS'-tees)

We suppose it came from the idea of having a meal, i.e. a  REPAST (which the Brits would say REPAHST), thus PASS-tee here in the states (or PAH-stee per the queen's english).  Of course, if it were a RE-PASTE, you would be putting up fallen wallpaper, not eating our delicious U.P. delights.

By the way... it's 32 feet of snow, not 24.  And mostly we ski on it, build sculptures with it, snowmobile in it, plow it, throw it, scoop it, roll in it (after sauna - pronouced SOW-nuh rhymes with PLOW-nuh, whatever that is), and make snow cones out of it {whew!}

Scotland (10/25)

Hi , I would just like to tell you that your site is great .. I live in Scotland and am going to Houghton at Christmas time to see my girlfriend who is at college up there .... Your webcam lets me see what the place is like and how it is changing ... It's a VERY nice place and i can't wait to come up now .....

Yours Faithfully ,

Washington (10/24)

Your site is amazing!  I can't believe the wealth of information you provide.  The Pasty Cam is fantastic.  The pictures really bring back memories  to when I was stationed at the AF station a little over a decade ago.  Is anything still going on there?  I imaging it's long since been shut down.  If I remember correctly there was a lake connected to Calumet AFS.  I wonder if it gets used by anybody now.  I remember the base had a small motor boat that we'd use for fishing (if you didn't mind the black flies - it was bad that summer I was there) and did a lot of water skiing.  And what about snowmobiling?  I recall we had almost 300 inches of the good stuff by January 1st and everybody started talking about a new record - we didn't get much after that.  But the snowmobiling was out of this world. 

It's been so great being able to take a trip back through the pages of your site, especially now with all the vibrant colors outside.

Thanks again for a great job.

Ken Krug

(The old AF Station has been made into "Youth Services International Academy" or YSI for short.  It houses juveniles, mainly from downstate, and provides their education and a disciplined, structured lifestyle.  They have a web site at http://ysii.com/ka.htm.  Maybe one of these days we can get some Pasty Cam shots over there.  By the way, we did recently have a shot of the boat landing at Gratiot Lake (just down the road from the base).

France (10/23)

I'm travelling on the Web and heard something about PASTY. I realize for the first time that PASTY is some food. I'm sorry about my English, I'm only a french student at the University of Versailles. My name is Alex PASTY and I sware it is not a joke..... I'm gonna continue taking informations about PASTY, I would be interseted to know someone living in America  and who is called PASTY.

Is it possible to send me the complete list of the elements needed to prepare a real PASTY?  Some advices may be helpfull.

    Thank you.

P.S: My father Georges Pasty seems to be interested in making PASTIES.

(Earlier this year the Detroit Free Press did an article about Pasty Central and included this PASTY RECIPE.  If any of our regular web visitors would like to share your pasty recipes with Alex, his email address is apasty@ens.uvsq.fr  ...sorry we don't presently ship overseas)

Michigan (10/22)

Thanks for the great picture of the Harts in the cabin with the fire.  (Pasty Cam, 10/19).  Looks like Mom was having a great laugh.  Thanks for all the color pics ...  We took friends up to the UP and they agreed that fall colors in the UP are quite a contrast to the single trees here and there in the LP.

Thanks,  Ginger Loosenort

Texas (10/21)

Our pasty order arrived today.  They were in perfect shape and now we are all set to enjoy our Copper Country treat!

Enjoy your beautiful fall up there and we Texans will manage to get through all this rain.

Take care.

Betty Burg

Washington (10/20)

Hi!  I am currently at my friends house surfing and just ran across the pasty-cam--yea!  My husband is in the Navy, currently stationed in Everett, WA, but I am originally from the Liminga area.  I have been so homesick lately and it was a lifesaver to run across your web site.  I have been looking at the pictures and it is so nice to see some familiar sights!  We are getting out of the Navy in June of 99 and moving back to the UP but the pasty-cam will be my life-line until then!  Thanks for the pick-me-up!

Jessica (Haapapuro) Jamison

 no state mentioned (10/19)

Love the web site, been way to long since I've been home(Baraga, Marquette, Ironwood, wakefield, Iron Mountain, Ontonogan, and mostly White Pine).  Would Love to see more pictures of some of the beautiful waterfalls of the area to keep me company until I can come back.  Keep up the great work on the site, and I hope to order some pasties soon.

Mike Piper

Florida (10/18)

Wow, great pictures!  It is great to see the fall colors again.   I haven't been back to the U.P. during the color season for 16 years and seeing the pictures makes me think it is time for a visit next year.   There is nothing quite like that in Orlando.  :((

Robert Randell 

Pennsylvania (10/17)

Thanks for your personal responses.  You guys are great and customer focused.  Believe me, I will be ordering more since I can not get enough pasty.  Wished I lived up there, but I probably would weigh 200+ since pasty would be a common staple of mine...  Tell everyone to keep up the good work.  You can tell their love for this UP food in the flavor and texture of each pasty.  I can smell the aroma now!

Clarke Finch

 Massachusetts (10/16)

Yesterday when I got home from work, I found my box of pasties waiting for me. The one I had was wonderful, truly a taste of home. I also liked the packing of old Daily Mining Gazettes (mine included a write-up of the Strawberry Festival in Chassell).  Your check is on its way.   Thanks so much!

Andrea Dodge

Oregon (10/15)

The picture of the "Delaware Mine House" brings back a lot of memories for me. My schoolgirl friend's parents used to own it and the mine. During the summer we would spend the day together at the mine exploring the rock piles, the ghost town, and even the mine itself. Keep the color pictrues coming.  They make me homesick, but they also feed my color starved eyes. Here in NE Oregon, we have mostly conifers and not much color.

Dawn Marmor

 California (10/13)

Ruth and I really enjoyed our vacation in the Keweenaw last month.  One of memorable experiences was visiting the Still Waters Elders Home.  Can you imagine a 73 year-old man discovering that one of the occupants was his 6th grade teacher!!!  Yes, Miss Catherine Sullivan, age 99, was my teacher in the Ahmeek school.  She remembered my family and even said I was a good boy (she got that wrong).  I understand that Miss Sullivan will celebrate her 100th birthday in November.

Thanks for everything.

Bill Penprase

Wisconsin (10/12)

Susan spoke of hoping the postal employee didn't think she was getting strippers' supplies sent to her office (see 10/10 below).  Actually, isn't there a correlation? Didn't the old Yoopers eat their pasties in the sauna?  :)

John L. Hoh, Jr.

(sometimes language boggles the mind)

Michigan (10/11)

I did receive the shipment of pasties (this week).  They arrived mid- afternoon on Tuesday, October 6, but apparently my Postal Carrier did not want to leave the package on my porch and so returned to the Post Office, called my house and left a message, and then they put them into their refrigerator for delivery on the 7th!  (You gotta love this small town service!)

Wayne S.

California (10/10)

Well, the pasties arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, just before noon!!  Thanks for a great Internet shopping experience (and a good lunch!)

By the way, you might be amused to hear that when I was notified the package had arrived at the office, the receptionist pronounced "pasty" with a long A -- I hope she doesn't think I'm getting strippers' supplies at the office!

Susan Waldron

Florida (10/9)

Our 18 pasties arrived at 3:00PM on Thursday afternoon, October 8th.  They were all cold and firm:  most of them were still frozen.

They were here in plenty of time for our UP family outing this evening, (Friday).  We look forward to enjoying the pasties from Pasty Central--- again---this time with the whole group of us from Negaunee that has transplanted to Florida!

Please give the "choppers, pastry rollers and cooks" our heatfelt thanks from Negauneeites in Bradenton.

Best regards,
Dr. Bill Thompson

(All  102 of our current residents and staff would have loved to join the party, thanks for the encouraging words :o)

California (10/8)

Thanks for giving us such great fall color pictures!  I've been going to the U.P. since I was a baby (now I'm 50!) but only in the summer.  Some year soon we hope to see the fall color ourselves. 

Your friends in Northern California ( where our Liquid Amber trees are just now beginning to hint of color!)

Florence and Charlie Schretzmann

Nebraska (10/7)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Pasty Cam.  I've been searching for a U.P. based web-cam for a long time now, and finally found one.  The closest I could find before was Petosky.  I'm a college student attending Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I am a Yooper through and through.  I get home to Carney as often as I can, but it's not often enough.  Now, via your webcam, I can see the U.P. every day.  Thanks so much!!!

Tim Soper

California (10/6)

What a thrill to find your site on the web! As a former yooper, it gave me great pride to see the pasty so elegantly presented!

The more I look at your site, the more delighted I am. Surely this must be a candidate for the web's best!  I loved seeing everyone gathered together making the pasties, an endeavor that seems to unite the community in a very positive way. Here in California, such pastimes seem to be a lost art. 

Keep up the good work.  Loved the humor in your site also, found myself
laughing out loud alot!  Are the residents interested in the web?  I intend to visit the pasty cam site often to view a very beautiful part of the world.

Nancy Pritchard

(Our residents are especially interested to get letters like yours.  They are fascinated by the concept of e-mail, thinking of it as a high-tech telegram :o)

Michigan (10/5)

Great pictures. (Now on Recycled Internet .)
You folks are pretty darn funny. Thanks for giving me a chuckle in
the middle of my workday. (here comes the boss, gotta run!)

Andrew McFarlane
 Leland, Michigan

North Carolina (10/4)

Kiitos to the Still Waters Folks!

Just want to say thanks for all that peeling, chopping, and extra effort to make such delicious pasties.  They arrived in great shape and our family enjoyed them today at my Dad's (Arvo's) birthday party.  We look forward to ordering again real soon. 

The Lohela Family

Edmonton, Alberta (10/4)


I found a free Finnish language course on the net at:


Looks like fun.  Have a good day!

Linda Cook

(Lot's of Finns in these parts, as well as many of our visitors.  Thanks for the tip!)

Texas (10/3)

The pasty-cam takes consistently great pictures.  Exactly what kind of digital camera do you use?  Thanks for the daily shots of the Copper Country.    Once a yooper, always one.

Thanks,  Angela

Self portrait

(A Sony Mavica takes most of the shots.  Thanks for the compliments)
Delaware (10/3)

One of my michigan friends sent me the site to explore, and explore it I did.!!..I loved seeing all of the pictures and have saved the location to hopefully order some of the goodies at a later date.

Mary Lee

California (10/2)

Great site!!

I vacation in Copper Harbor every year.  This site's photos makes me feel
like I am there year round.  Looking forward to deer season!!

I would love to see a picture of Red & Ken Twardzik & Ziks' Bar up in Copper Harbor!!!  The people are what make the UP great.


Layne Baroldi

(We'll have to sneak up on Red & Ken next time we're up north :o)

New York (10/1)

My pasties arrived at approximately 11:00 a.m. today.  I was thrilled they arrived so promptly, and I must admit, I'm sitting here groaning as I write this, as I have just finished one of your WONDERFUL pasties!  I have never had a pasty before, and this was some introduction!  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the quality, freshness, and packaging of my pasties.  You can be assured I will be ordering these incredible edibles often....and they'll become gifts for the special people in my life.  I also intend to let EVERYONE I know about your wonderful products!  Thank you so much!  Your invoice stated that one pasty equalled one good meal.  I beg to differ....one pasty equals one incredible meal! 

Mary Kate Schmahl

Georgia (10/1)

I always wondered where pastys originated.  The Guibords and Holleys lived in Calumet and worked in copper country.  I guess I  have been trying to get Canadians to mail me pastys.  I was just kidding... didnt know it could be done!  Grandma was the best pasty chef.  Think I may order some.

George Potter

 Hawaii (10/1): 


We are a Macadamia Nut supplier for the baking industry if you are interested in buying the best quality at low pricing then you want to buy direct see our website  at  www.aloha.net/~macnuts

I. K. Goulding

(not much demand for Macadamia Nuts in pasties, but we'll pass along your note)

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