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Feedback from our visitors and customers.  We welcome your comments. (please tell us your state, and thanks for visiting... Charlie H, Administrator)
California (9/27)

Thanks so much for your great web site!  We can visit the U.P.  anytime during the year and it makes our heart glad!  We're already looking forward to next summer and our house at Misery Bay!  We dropped in at Still Waters in August.  Had to see where the famous pasties are made.

Charlie and Florence Schretzmann and family

(We love to have visitors!  At the corner of Mine and Elm Street in Calumet.)

Texas (9/25)

Enjoying you guys!  It sure is nice to see some familiar places and some cooler days.  (We're still enduring 90+ degree days here in south Texas.)  I spent many summers at a family cottage on Bootjack when I was growing up.  We used to cross Portage Lake in the boat and swim at the stamp sands for a treat so I particularly liked the image you all shot of that spot! Nice memories from your neck of the woods...

Kirsti Lohela-Taylor

New Mexico (9/23)

Received my shipment of pasties today and am impressed with the quality of your customer service and responsiveness!  Give me time to cook after work and I'm sure I'll echo the same for the quality of the pasties.

RE:  Yoopers, from the gentleman who asked.  They are the stalwart residents of the Upper Peninsula, "da yoo-pee" if pronounced phonetically.  I'm sure they started out as "U.P.-ers" but have been Yoopers for many years.  Good salt of the earth folks.

Pat Kroken

 Iowa (9/20)

I really like the Pasty Cam you guys have.  As a former, or rather relocated Yooper, (I don't think anyone who was born in the UP ever stops being a Yooper) I am really glad to see some familiar scenery.  I live in Iowa now and they sure don't grow trees here like they do in the UP, the corn is everywhere.  Most people down here don't even know what a pasty is.  It has been fun educating them on the finer points of UP culture.

Gale in Oskaloosa

Mexico (9/19)

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(Whoa, Manuel!  We don't have any mines, we just talk about them because of the history of pasties, which we sell.  But we do really appreciate your note, and who know?  Maybe some of our regular visitors would need a good Autocad designer :o)

NSW, Australia (9/17)

Here in the Blue Mountains in Australia we have just found your site and have really enjoyed it.  What a wonderful idea for you all to be making these delicious pasties and we assume selling them to wherever?  We belong to the Cornish Assoc. of NSW and our Cornish born members are always making pasties for us at our social functions but they won't use carrots! What a NO, NO they say.

Anyway, good luck
Mavis and Maxine

(Greetings to all of our Australian friends.  Our logs show quite a few visitors from down under.  Sorry we are only shipping to North America at this time.  And folks can request our pasties without carrots.  see the note on 9/15 )

Kansas (9/17)

The 6 pasties arrived @ 2PM on Wednesday the 16th.  They were cool to the touch, but unfortunately, my refrigerator chose that day to stop working.  Rather that miss any part of their goodness, I avoided any  spoilage.  Give a thanks to everyone involved, payment will be sent tonight,  ...if I can get up. :^)

Slightly larger,
U Dale

(who needs a refrigerator?)

Michigan (9/17)

We received our pasties and enjoyed them very much.  The 'melt-in-your mouth crust was one of the best I have ever had!

The new order is for a retired co-worker who loves authentic pasties (he alleges he had two Finn neighbors when he was growing up who fed him pasties for doing odd jobs around the home).

Matt Black

(some mighty valuable wages...)

Michigan (9/15)

This is the best site I know generated here in the US.  Perhaps you should
expand your web referrals to include the wonderful sites Finland offers...
By the way, why do you put carrots in pasties?  I'm half Cornish and that is considered..., well..., why do you do it?

A. Goodman

(Good question, Ms. Goodman.  The miners in the Copper Country found that carrots add just a touch of sweetness, and thus became the U.P. tradition.  You are correct, true Cornish pasties omit the carrots.  If that is your desire when ordering, simply mention it in the "Special Instructions".  Thanks for the compliments and suggestions :-)

Wisconsin (9/14)

Thanks to the Milwaukee newspaper I found your web site...

M Mowbray

(Anyone who mails us a copy of any local newspaper article about Pasty Central, will receive a colorful Snow Thermometer post card in return, as our thank-you.  This is the only way we find out about such articles, and we're curious also about the comments of the press regarding this project)

Pasty Central
600 E Elm St
Calumet, MI  49913

New Mexico (9/14)

I used to be a good Northern Michigan wife who baked pasties fairly frequently. But it has to be cooler than this (Albuquerque) to really get into the pasty baking experience--and my schedule just isn't what it used to be.  We were very excited to see an article about Pasty Central in the local newspaper and I'm ordering a BIG batch for my husband (and others I've tried to explain pastys to)--look forward to getting the goodies from all of you and think it's wonderful that you've set up such a neat business for the folks at Still Waters!! 

Pat K.

(P.S. My husband Bruce and I went to school in Marquette, MI and lived in the lower peninsula.  His family lived in the Marquette/Negaunee
area and all were great pasty chefs.)

Maryland (9/10)

I like the new look. I was up in Copper Country last week, thus away from my computer (which is here in Maryland).  This is the first time for me to see the new look.  What is PastyNET?  And how soon is it coming?

Peter Chiomenti
Assistant Director, AST

PS Glad to see you kept the frog!

(Thanks for the compliments, Peter!  You'll find all the answers at PastyNET

 California (9/9)

Unfortunately, I'll probably never get to visit Michigan, but I really enjoy your Website--especially the "Pasty-Cam."  What beautiful country!

The sentiments on the "Yooper Shirt" are hilarious!  I lived thru such Winters in Illinois for a couple of years, after my ex-husband (immediately
inevitably "ex") dragged me kicking and screaming from a sunny resort town I'd moved to 25 years before to escape Winter!  (Midwestern Fall
and Winter are for hardier souls than I--but the Spring and Summer seasons are incomparably beautiful.  It was like living in a Postcard!)

Pray tell, what does "Yooper" mean, and how did the term originate?  Maybe you could add that info to your home page, for the uninitiated?

Anyhow, your site is really a joy to visit!

--Susie Lee, Pasadena, CA   (Never did make it back home to San Diego)

(Good question, Susie.  One of our regular visitors had this idea...)

Dear Pasty Central, 

I am no expert on where the term "Yooper" came from -- especially as an outsider from the East.  However, I suspect that residents of the Upper Peninsula are called Yoopers because the "U" in UP is pronounced like "you."  Otherwise, you could be known as Uppers, and no one wants to be confused with dentures.  And if that is not how the term got started, it makes a good story.

Peter Chiomenti  (Maryland)

California (9/8)

We've enjoyed PASTY CAM for many months and want to thank you for the many happy times it gives us.  Since we are both from the KEWEENAW we look forward to your picture each day.  Pictures of Lake Medora remind me that as a young boy I always sought out old men to listen to their stories. An old man from Mohawk, Mr Bammert, who had little formal education but could speak seven languages fluently, told me stories of how as lumberjacks they would dam up the outlet to Lake Medora in the winter and move the logs over the ice to the outlet ,then,in the spring, blow the dam and ride the logs to Lake Superior. 

There were stories about the mild winter during the strike of 1913-----very similiar to the pasty cam strikers----- Seems like the Keweenaw people can't tolerate warm winters.  Anyway, we miss Keweenaw but we will be visiting there in a few weeks.  See you then.

Bill and Ruth Penprase

(for any who may have missed it, the Pasty Cam strike peacefully ended on June 9.  Now if we could just do something about Northwest Airlines :o)

Michigan (9/8)

Hello Pasty Central!  I love your new home page design.  The colors are wonderful and it's very easy to navigate.  I've turned everyone on at work to Pasty Cam and we all look foward to the beautiful daily shots of the UP.  Keep up the great pictures!

Colleen Thiessen

 California (9/8)

I LOVE the frog...

Used to live in Michigan but never got to your area...now living without snow and ice in Santa Barbara.

Sorry I can't drive up and visit!

Shirley Jensen

 Michigan (9/7)

Your new home page looks very nice.  Glad to see one of the winners this month is from Michigan again!  The thimbleberry jam from the Jampot is delicious.  Are your leaves turning yet?

Mike and Pam Powers

(Just the last couple of days the leaves have started turning.  The Pasty Cam should be very interesting over the next couple of weeks)

Arizona (9/7)
Thoroughly enjoy looking at your web site.  My husband was born in Larium and we have been back visiting.  Last time we were there was 97.  Having relatives in the area makes coming back just great.  Keep up the good work.  Looking at your pictures of the area makes us wish we were there.  (But not in the winter).  God Bless you all. 
Thanks,  Grace Bunnell 
 Maine (9/7)
Congrats on your new site pages. They are terrific on Netscape 4.5b1. I should like to have the time, inclination, etc., to sit here on the coast of Maine and work up the same sort of background to a home page.  How do you do it?  Enjoy entering you sweeps and maybe someday will have the urge to order long distance!
Al Pease
(Thanks for the report, Al.  We especially appreciate feedback on specific browsers, so that our pages can be technically correct.  As for the subtle gradient background: on some pages - like this one - we mix the blue of the Keweenaw sky with the green of the Copper Country woods, or sometimes the sand of the Lake Superior shore.  We pour it all into the computer, and the result is Pasty Central :-)
 Michigan (9/6)
Many, many, many chilhood (and adult) summers were spent between Menominee and Calument.  My uncles, Grandfather, and GreatGrandfather all worked in the mines.  They all lived in Ahmeek and Mohawk.  My uncle Cam was one of the last men out.  Mom was born in Mohawk in the middle of a snowstorm. 
I love the fact that you have an entire site dedicated to Pasties!!!!!  My family has been making them for generations and now it is my turn to teach my 14 yr. old daughter.  The was my kids crave Pasties, it won't die with them!  Thanks again and I will be a constant visitor!!!!!!!!
Tim Colborn 
 Louisiana (9/4): 
Hey from Louisiana! 
Thank you for the cam shots!  I'm Barry Thornbury and was stationed at Calumet AFS from '83 - '85, and founded the Keweenaw Air Force Association Chapter, and served as the NCOIC of the Calumet AFS Honor Guard's Rifle Team.  My wife, Sonnie and I have many wonderful memories of the UP.  I have greatly enjoyed the photo's on your site!  They sure bring back a lot of great memories!  I do have one request, could you post a few photo's of Calumet AFS, and the public landing at Gratiott Lake, and of the black bears of Copper Harbor! 
Thank you once again for your wonderful web site! 
Best Regards,  Barry L. Thornbury, Ph.D. 
 California (9/4): 
Just wanted to let you know that my Grandma received her pasties Wednesday in plenty of time for her 86th birthday.  She was just thrilled and said it was the best present anyone could have given her.  Thank you so much for helping to make her day special. 
Laurie Golder 
(Your Grandma is just about the average age of the folks who help make the pasties here at Still Waters Elders Home in Calumet.  We are delighted to hear she enjoyed them.)
 Indiana (9/3): 
What a treat it was to have a spontaneous pasty picnic in Fort Wayne, Indiana with Genuine Calumet pasties!  The Hoosier pasty initiates are sold on them.  We could smugly boast:  We told ya!  Thank you for this special service. 
Shirley Jordan 
 Michigan (9/2): 
I usually visit this site to register for the monthly prize, and I see today it has a new look.  I like it.  And I sure do enjoy the pictures that are put on daily of area events under PASTY CAM.  I tell all my out-of-the-area friends about your website so they too can feel like they're back in the Copper Country.  Keep up the good work. 
Shirley Hall 
 Connecticut (9/2): 
Yes! Yes! Yes! 
(That's one "Yes!" for each of the first three pasties we ate. And we have enough left for a second meal!) ... The recipe is wonderful, the crust is marvelous.  We will certainly be ordering again.
- Arnie Gross 
P.S.  Our town is not yet on your map, but a few neighboring towns are.  I wonder if any of our friends in this area have tried your pasties..... 
(please excuse our delay in updating the zip code map.  We continue to be overwhelmed with orders from everywhere)
Indiana (9/2): 
Great news -- pasties arrived in fine shape today, and thrilled and suprised my mom-in-law, who grew up in Laurium and Bootjack.  Thanks so much for hustling the order! 
H. Jordan 
Michigan (9/2): 
WOW --- Just saw your new page!!  VERY NICE !!!!!!!!  Keep up the good work. Talk at ya later. 
"Tootels" ... Janet G.
 Wisconsin (9/1): 
LOVE the new layout! Easy to navigate; crisp, clean format; and the pasty and da UP are at the heart of it--how appropriate! 
Keep up the good work!  We appreciate the the Yooper sights, Yooper talk, and Yooper delights down below the WIS-MICH border! 
John Hoh 
 Michigan (9/1): 
I am from Lake Linden originally.  In the summers of 55, 56, and 57 while I was attending Northern, I worked for Quincy Mining Company, the owners of the dredge which you picture.  Out in the lake you can see just the tip of the roof of the second dredge which Quincy owned, it sunk during this time but I am not sure which year or month.  The one shown was purchased from C&H to be in service while the other (sunk) one was being repaired.  I worked on the one shown beginning on the day it was put in service.  It had a crew of three on the dredge, one in the pump house, which boosted the flow, and one in the screen shack.  The copper bearing sands  which were dumped from previous, less efficient processing, were pumped to a pond area near the reclamation plant in Mason, then re-pumped by the shore plant to the reclamation plant where the copper was extracted. There is more to it, and more about it but I don't think you asked for a book. 
Jim Haralson 
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