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 Maryland (3/31): 
Dear Pasty Cam, 
I plan to be up in the UP during the first part of May so I have been tracking the weather via your photos.  You folks are just barely behind us here in Maryland.  In the 60's before April!  This weekend we hit the 80's, but we are going back to the 60's where WE are supposed to be by the end of the week.  As spring approaches it would be fun to see the signpost at the end of Route 41 pointing out that it is only 1400 miles to Miami (I wonder which direction traffic will be flowing now that spring is here?).  Thanks for Pasty Cam, keep those pictures coming. 
Peter Chiomenti  
 Michigan (3/30): 
We ordered our first pasties late last year and were in love "at first bite!" Since our son is a freshman at Michigan Tech this year, we drove up for the winter carnival.  On Saturday, we drove around Calumet looking for the Still Waters Home to say thanks for your great work in person!  Alas, we had a scenic drive but didn't find the Home.  Of course we were hoping there might be a few left over pasties for purchase too!  Keep up the good work! 
Your friends in Troy 
By the way, Still Waters is located at the corner of Mine Street and Elm Street, a couple of blocks from Fraki's. 
Hawaii (3/30): 
I live here in Hawaii, on Oahu.  Been stationed here with the Navy.  Mom and stepdad are visiting from Flint.  My stepdad, Pete, showed me your website, and I LOVE IT!  I can't wait to revisit my childhood...the smell of grandma's pasties wafting thru the air as they baked in the oven, and then digging into a hot, steamy, perfectly-sized pie, warming my insides while I watched the snow fall outside.  Just as soon as my friend (who is currently floating around in the Persian Gulf) comes to visit, I'll place an order. I think this is a great way to support the Home for the old folks. 
 East China, Michigan (3/30): 
Just have to drop you a note to let you know how exciting it is to have found your web site.  I am originally from Rockland, MI.  Even though I left there as a youngster I am still a Yooper at heart.  My aunt Elsie Fredrickson and her daughter June Wilber used to make the best pasties so of course one of the best memories of returning to the U.P. is the taste of those delicious pasties.  I have to admit I have not yet ordered any from you as I do make my own but I have ordered the thimbleberry jam which I was just thrilled to find (another wonderful thing about that great U.P....the thimbleberrys!).  We hope to get up your way this summer and visit all of the relatives.  I tell everyone about your web site so hope you do really well with your sales.  I will have to order some of those pasties one of these days....they sound so good! ...and those cinnamon rolls and that saffron bread and....well, probably some more of that great thimbleberry jam!  What a great find!!! 
Yours truly.   Janice (Bunnie) Golder (my maiden name was Oman) 
Ohio (3/29): 
Sometimes I REALLY REALLY miss the UP.  I wish I could remember directions for you for one really great view (for the Pasty Cam).  There was a great high spot up in back of Trimountain.  On a clear day you could see from the radar towers at the Calumet AirForce Base all the way to the Huron Mountains in one REALLY WIDE view. 
MaryJane Butkus (a Finn related to probably 1/4 of Ontonagon County)  
California (3/29): 
The pasties sent in early February received rave reviews from all the excited birthday participants....Since we all return when the snow melts we will be sure to order more pasties for our family dinners at our Eagle Harbor residence.  How do we go about placing orders once we arrive?  Thanks again..... 
Karen Goodell Brennan
Good question... our local number is (906)337-4411
 Alaska (3/28): 
Thanks from Juneau, Alaska.  The pasties were great!!!  Special treat, given that we haven't had a pastie since our last trip to the UP in July.  We took delight in every bite.  Will definitely be ordering again. 
R. Lundborg 
 Michigan (3/28): 
Wow!... I am very new to the Internet and last night while laying in bed and thinking of my beloved U.P. it dawned on me:  I hadn't yet gone to the pasty site.  I'm gonna tell everyone I know about this... 
 Oregon (3/28): 
What an inspiring & wonderful site!  I think it's just fabulous that these "Third Agers" are active & involved. I really enjoyed visiting the site, & learning about the pasties. Your people set a wonderful example for others.  It goes to show a touch of grey doesn't mean you have to give up living. 
Diane Medley 
Ohio (3/27): 
Thank you for your email.  The pasties arrived on Wednesday, March 25th at 2:30 just as promised.  The folks had theirs for lunch on the 26th and I had mine for supper.  They are excellent!  The flavor is just like homemade and the crust is outstanding.  We will be ordering again and thank you and your whole team for making pasties available to the entire wired United States.  My dad, as a UP native, is particularly thrilled.  We can't believe that he is the first in the family to buy something off the Internet. 
With thanks and very best wishes,  Margaret Thoren 
 Virginia (3/27): 
What a great web site!  As a displaced Yooper living in Virginia, it helps me keep in touch with home.  Living in the Shenandoah Valley is beautiful, but there is really no place like the U.P.  I had fun introducing folks to the legend of St. Urho and have also encouraged my colleagues to visit the Yooper home page.  Thanks for all the great pictures! 
Ruth Short 
Minnesota (3/27): 
I live in Minnesota and am of Finnish decent and grew up eating pasties... I've enjoyed your website and have a couple questions.  When your pasties arrive at their destination, are they to be eaten immediately or can they be refrozen for later use?  The cost of shipment seems a little low for a food item.  Are these pasties guaranteed or insured?  Do the proceeds go for the operation of the elderly home and is the work all volunteer?  Anyway, it all is very interesting and seems like a lot of work.  I would hope there is at least some profit.  They appear to be delicious. 
Sincerely, Susan

(Susan, your letter prompted us to post a long-overdue "Frequently Asked Questions".)
 Ohio (3/26): 
A friend gave me an article about your pasty business.  The article was in the Elyria, Ohio, Chronicle-Telegram for March 10, 1998.  I lived in Negaunee from 1947 until 1953, my elementary school years, and learned to love pasties.  I intend to order some just as soon as I will be home long enough to receive them.  I make pasties from my mother's recipe - steak, potatoes, rutabaga, onions, salt, pepper - wrapped in a dough made like pie dough only with a little less shortening.  It will be interesting to compare yours to mine. 
Lots of memories of the UP. 
James Hamilton, Cleveland, Ohio 
California (3/26): 
Today at noon I went to the post office and picked up our pasties from Calumet Mich.  Since you said it was sent on Tues Mar 24 I was surprised that it got here so quick. The pasties are in apparently excellent condition and were indeed still cold as you predicted.  My wife and I (both in our 70's) are looking forward to having two of them for our evening meal. Pasties are special to us since I was born in Houghton Mich and my wife and I went to college at Mich Tech (1946 - 1949) on the GI bill.  I have had a long and satisfying carreer as an electrical Engineer with Honeywell (30 years) ending up here in southern CA. just 20 miles north of Palm Springs where we have 5 acres of desert property between Yucca Valley and Morongo Valley.  Every summer since my retirement in 1983 we have driven our motor home to Wisconsin where we both still have relatives.  Quite often on these summer-long trips we find time to visit the Copper Country and renew old memories. 
Maybe next summer we will drop in and say hello to you-all.  I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for your putting "Pasty Central" on the air and I can well imagine how important it is to your pasty-makers. 
Regards - - - - -Pat and John Freeborn 
PS -My wife just ironed the Mining Gazette so we can read it better. 
California (3/25): 
Confirming my order for 6 pasties.  Yes, someone will be at home to take delivery.  Just discovered your Web site this evening. 
John Fritz (Houghton resident 1955-1966, Houghton H.S. Class of 1962)  
Wisconsin (3/24): 
Having married into a Yooper family, and being an avid history buff, I am always looking for historical items and tidbits.  Especially personal anecdotes which paint historical overtones with the hues of humanity. Would appreciate any historical information sent to me. 
John L. Hoh, Jr.     e-mail: johnhoh@ns.moneng.mei.com  
New Jersey (3/23): 
I'm looking forward to having a Pasty again. Question:  I'm curious if any of your residents knew or remember my grandfather Christopher Tucker?  He and his wife Cecilia lived on Cemetary St. in Larium.  He worked in the Red Jacket mine.  I'll bet some of your residents probably played with my aunts & uncles back in the early 1900's.  The 11 children were born between 1888 and 1908.  Their names are: Zaida, Joseph, Ila, Christopher, Merle, June, Effie, Ruth, Eunice, Winston and Alvin, not in order, by the way.  Zaida used to tell me how the company would supply the libraries, stores, and houses for the employees of Calumet and Hecla.  Effie taught in Mandan many years ago.  Uncle Merle owned Harbor Lane Cottages in Copper Harbor before the current owner.  They all did very well for poor kids from the mining country. 
The great people from Copper days are just about gone & personal memories are invaluable. 
Thanks,   Win Tucker 
Oklahoma (3/23): 
I always enjoy your website, and I'm glad to see that your pasty business is booming. 
Best wishes-- 
Eric Gray 
North Carolina (3/22): 
The Pasty Cam is a great addition.  I really enjoy the daily shots.  It's been a long time since I've been back to the UP.  Your pasties have brought me a taste of home, now the Pasty Cam lets me see home as well. 
Keep up the good work! 
Mark Turkal 
Tennessee (3/20): 
It had been a while since I had ordered any pasties and was pleasantly surprised at how they arrived.  (The packaging) was quite an improvement from the earlier ones I have gotten. They arrived on Wednesday, March 18th and were still cool and tasted wonderful for dinner. 
I also wanted to mention how much I enjoy the Pasty Cam.  We check it out almost every day and being my grandparents were from Lake Linden seeing Lindell's was a treat.  Maybe someday you could go inside.  Being it has been a number of years since I have been to Lake Linden, I am not sure if the old city hall is there but if it is it would be nice to have you include it someday in your travels. 
Thank you and the residents of Stillwaters for making so many people happy. 
Donna Kuck  
South Carolina (3/19): 
A couple of years ago we re-visited the Copper Country (my Dad was from Lake Linden) and my husband and I stayed at the Laurium Manor Inn.  He had his saxophone with him and the lovely lady who "keeps" the Inn at night took us on a tour.  When we saw the ballroom my husband asked if he could play his horn as he loves an echo chamber.  Several of the guests gathered to hear him and  put in requests for some of the old songs like "Stardust" and the like. 
Gretchen Guck Fifer 
The Inn was featured this week on the Pasty-Cam
Colorado (3/18): 
Pasties arrived in perfect condition and semi-frozen Wednesday.  They were delicious!  Thank you for all of your work and that of the pasty-elves. Attached is a photo for verification. 
See the Pasty-Cam for March 18.  Our folks who make the pasties are delighted to receive your pictures!  
California (3/15): 
Your suggested pasty delivery dates are ok.  Incidentally I was born in Houghton Mich in 1921.  Graduated from Mich Tech in 1949.  Fond memories of the copper country remain.  I'll always remember the board walks in Calumet leading from the houses to the street and raised 2 feet off the ground to get a head start on the snow.- - 
Regards- - John C. Freeborn
Michigan (3/14): 
A while back I purchased 6 pasties. They were so good!  My problem is that since then I have been put on a diet and have to watch what I eat.  I was wondering if you have a breakdown of the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat in one of your pasties.  Any help you can give would be appreciated. 
Thank You in advance, Edward Haggerty 
We are making arrangements to have complete labeling of our pasty ingredients. 
Idaho (3/13): 
Thank you for creating Pasty Cam.  It is a wonderful tour! When I found the picture of Kathryn Sullivan, I was, to say the least, amazed. Miss Katie Sullivan was a very good friend of my great Aunt Isabel MacDonald who died at the age of 96.  Miss Sullivan was also my 4th/5th grade teacher at Washing Elementary School.  And, Aunt Isabel visited the Sullivans every Sunday evening after supper. It was tradition and that was that.  I went to the Sullivan home many times with Aunt Isabel.  I even remember talking with Katie's mom before she died.  We went to her bedroom because she was bedridden at the time.  Boy, I sure got carried away with old memories, huh! 
I will check in each week to look at the Pasty Cam and any other neat 
stuff you dream up! 
Sincerely, Lizbeth Benson 
In case you missed Kathryn's picture...
Arizona (3/13): 
We received our pasties on Wednesday (3/11), about 11am.  They looked to be in good shape, but better yet, they tasted great!!!  We waited until Friday night to cook them, and they were still moist (despite my oven) and tasty.   My dad says you're not supposed to put carrots in them, but at least there weren't any peas! 
Thanks again, Cheryl Jennings
 Michigan (3/13): 
I'm an amature historian and professional computer science instructor.  I spend as much time as I can in the summer in the Keweenaw doing research on copper mining companies, and just enjoying the area.  The rest of the year I teach computer classes, including some Internet classes, for Oakland Community College.  I also guest lecture the Michigan History class about Copper Country History.  I guess I haven't been to your site in quite a while.  A secured site, links to local business, nice ordering system, and very attrative layout.  Your site is well done and provides a great view of life in the Keweenaw.  I really enjoyed my visit.  Last summer I shot a slide of ' Pasty Central' to include in my history talks.  I guess I'll have to start mentioning pasty.com in my computer talks as a good example of how technology can let what was 'local' history and products become international.  On top of that, it gave me a nice Keweenaw fix in the middle of a dark and gloomy ( and no snow here either) winter.  Keep up the nice work. 
Larry Molloy 
Maryland (3/10): 
Just a note to let you know that I think the Pasty Cam is a wonderful addition to the Pasty Central web site. Before I get to work, I check out the new pictures every day.  Really got excited when I saw the picture of Lindell's  restuarant since my name is Lyndelle!  According to friends on the Keweenaw,  both are pronounced the same too!  When we return this spring, we plan on stopping there and getting a bite to eat! 
Lyndelle Chiomenti
 North Carolina (3/9): 
Our pasties arrived Wednesday.  Since I was out of town we didn't get to eat them until Thursday but when we did we had a real treat.  We is my wife and I and two neighbors who have visited us in Eagle Harbor and are converted pasty lovers.  By the way we saw a reprint of the Free Press article in the Durham Herald.  (Durham, NC)  I had also heard of you through George Hite's Eagle Harbor Web page. 
Thanks again for the pasties.  By the way we only ate 4 of the 6 so I will be having fried pasty tonite.  Try it - you'll like it. 
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