The Pasty Cam
Week of November 8 - 14, 1998
 Saturday, November 14

Wet and "sloppy" today in the Keweenaw as we lose the light snow cover from this week.  Good day to be inside (eating pasties of course).

(the Northgate Motel is at the junction of US41 and the snowmobile trails)

Episcopal Church, Calumet
Friday, November 13
Stained glassMabel's home church In memory:This afternoon Mabel Unsworth was laid to rest in Calumet.  Mabel was a long time resident of Still Waters.  At age 97 she was an avid supporter of this Internet project.
(the church also appeared below on Nov11, far right in the row of steeples)
 Thursday, November 12
Dear Pasty Cam:  Here's an address I would like you to check out...Swanson's at 544  Second St. , Calumet.  That is where my father grew up.  My Mother recently brought me a letter that my Grandfather had writtten my Dad when he was 21, it was post-marked 1938 and the stamp was 3 cents...Isn't that wild... Anyways my Mom said that my Dad was actually born in a house around the corner ...a log house....wonder if it's still there?  Well please let me know if you have seen it or taken a picture of it I will be so grateful...Thank - you!  Jennifer

(the one in the middle, behind the sign, is #544.  It is 2 blocks from Pasty Central)

Old houses in Calumet
Blizzard in Calumet
Winds-day, November 11
Happy Veteran's Day
Yesterday's horizontal rain in Munising became today's snow in Calumet.  A few minutes after this shot, the Pasty Cam found a dusting of white up US 41 at the Snow Thermometer.

(those steeples appeared quite different back in the summer)

 Tuesday, November 10

The Pasty Cam woke up this morning at the Super-8 in Munising... not far from where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down 23 years ago today.

(big storm moving through the upper midwest this week)

Flags viewed from motel window
Refueling the birds and the boats
Monday, November 9
Presque Isle - Marquette
Shot from one spot, just 180° apart.  The Cam is traveling a little this week.
(...with a brief stop in Marquette)
Sunday, November 8
Seneca Lake
Rarely has the Pasty Cam seen Seneca Lake as calm as it was this morning on the way to church - hardly a ripple.  Of course, their will be no ripples at all (and rigid enough for snowmobiles) before too long.

(...and where do you suppose this lake is located?)

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