The Pasty Cam
December 3 - 9, 2000
Saturday, December 9

Somebody lose an anchor?  The Pasty Cam found this one on the beach in L'Anse, along with some fresh snow.

...of which we've had quite a bit this week.
Waterfront in L'Anse
Hancock fire department
Friday, December 8

That snake in the road is the hose which put the fire out in the pet shop in downtown Hancock today, next door to the bike shop.  Firefighters from Houghton and Calumet assisted.

The pets had recently all been moved to a new location.
Thursday, December 7

Here's a bit of Thursday trivia: where do you find the northern most Yacht Club Parking Lot in Michigan?

Hint: It's not Traverse City.
No dingies or row boats allowed
Icy cave on the shore
Wednesday, December 6

Halfway through a frigid week in the U.P. Dan Urbanski risks the elements to bring news from the front... the cold front.  Have a sip of nature's slurpy in today's big picture.

By the way... Have you cast your votes yet for the Pasty Cam 2001 Calendar ?
Tuesday, December 5

With windchills of 30 below, the Pasty Cam spots this scene in a break through the blinding snow. The Houghton County road crew on the job.

It's no picnic.
Men at work
Northwoods retreat
Monday, December 4

A windy snow blowing through the Keweenaw, where we've seen the addition of many nice homes like this in recent years.

A meeting tonight at the Calumet Theatre dealt with the issue of public access to the land in our area.
Sunday, December 3

Bet you didn't know cotton candy grows on trees. John Dee captured a lovely phenomenon this weekend for Cam watchers everywhere. 

Caused not by snow, but by fog.
Fuzzy bush
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