The Pasty Cam
November 26 - December 2, 2000
Saturday, December 2

Quite a crowd attending Big Buck night at Bethany Baptist in Dollar Bay.  The Deer Dr. Les Ollila poses with Pastor Charles Hart and his buck.

These 2 appeared together on the Pasty Cam a couple of years ago... with a different dear.
L to R: Les Ollila-Bambi-Charles Hart
Spend a little time in the woods
Friday, December 1

Looks like Toivo drove his tractor to deer camp.  The muzzle loader season started today here in the U.P.

Note of interest: be sure to read the Cam Notes for November 26 below.  It has been an amazing conversation.
Thursday, November 30

In Memory:
Betty Jean (Piirala) Oleksy
Nathan Hauring
Earl Kangas
Antoinette Sechan
Ransom Cunday, Jr. and
the Edmund Fitzgerald Crew

Eagle Harbor sunset courtesy of Tricia Oleksy in memory of her Mom..
Another month slips away
Let's take Cliff Drive
Wednesday, November 29

Is it snow or is it fog? (snog?) Hard to tell today, where Great North American trail comes to the edge of the Cliffs.

This is not a black and white photo... just a black and white day.
Tuesday, November 28

Today the Daily Mining Gazette featured an article about Still Waters, the place where the Pasty Cam originates. 

Thanks to Dan Sullivan for an informative report, which included our three friends shown here.
Carol, Evelyn and Cody
Name this location
Monday, November 27

Recognize this spot in the Keweenaw?  Look closely through the trees to the highway.. see more detail in the big picture

Notice a little snow in the shadows, but the melting continues.
Sunday, November 26

House fire today kitty-corner from BJ's Creations in Houghton.  Close look at the big picture suggests a chimney fire. 

Above freezing in the Copper Country, overcast conditions.
Fire in Houghton
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