The Pasty Cam
October 1 - 7, 2000
Saturday, October 7

A week which began sunny and warm, concludes with the first flurries of the season.  Dan Urbanski takes us to Lake of the Clouds for a glimpse of snow.

Our condolences on the passing of Dan's mother yesterday.
Lake of the Clouds
Covered drive, US 41
Friday, October 6
The past 7 days have definitely been the "peak week" for Fall color here in the western U.P.  A favorite tour in the region, known throughout the country, is the covered road between Delaware and Copper Harbor.
Our thanks to Alex Protzel for a sample of the beauty.
Thursday, October 5

A sizeable section of the Internet was down today, in case you received a "NOT FOUND" message at  A good evening to take a walk...

...and browse some heavenly sights.
A roar a borey Alice
Hello bouys and gulls
Wednesday, October 4

Clear and cold in the Keweenaw.  A feathered friend checks out the Pasty Cam, with the colors of Mount Ripley in the background...

notes Still Waters' residents boarded the Isle Royale Queen for their annual treat from Captain Don Kilpela.
Tuesday, October 3

After an overcast yesterday, blue skies are back in the Copper Country.  Daryl Laitila provides a virtual tour of the area...

Notes today's extra edition.
Make hay, er.. corn while the sun shines
Return to Summit Peak
Monday, October 2

Last Spring we stood at this very spot with Dan Urbanski, enjoying the view and swatting the black flies...

...and today we're back with Dan for another cliffhanger... see cam notes!
Sunday, October 1

Taking only pictures, leaving only footprints, the Pasty Cam ventures into the Keweenaw woods to discover a relic from another time.  In today's Cam Notes Big Picture we explore this clearing, wade through the tall grass, and hear the rustle of the leaves...

...well, you will have to use your imagination :o)

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