The Pasty Cam
May 7 - 13, 2006
Saturday, May 13

Time to hit the beaches before crowds and bugs arrive on the shores of Superior.

Only the waves to keep you company.
Rolling in
Beach view
Water falling
Friday, May 12

An alphabet tour of the waterfalls in the Munising area, starting with 'A'...

...and ending with 'W' !
Falling water
Thursday, May 11

An uncommon visitor arrived in Hubbell recently, perched up high, looking for dinner.

Keeping an eye on the camera, too.
Who goes there?
Smell the blossoms
Wednesday, May 10

With all the rain, sunshine and warmer temperatures, the trees UP North are filling out.

Everything's looking lush and green.
Tuesday, May 9

If you're heading down Bootjack Road outside of Lake Linden, you may wonder...

What's going on past Traprock Bridge?
Scrap metal
Greening up
Monday, May 8

A walk in the U.P woods is a feast for the senses, with trees budding, ponds coming alive.

And kids enjoying the fresh air!
Sunday, May 7

In Spring of '58 fishin' was good on the Tobacco River, as reported by Bert DeVriendt.

and passed along by Brian Rendel.
Well dressed fishermen
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