Jun 30-21

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2021: June: Jun 30-21
Superior Sunset    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Fred Koski
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Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 12:10 pm:

It seems like the months go by faster and faster. As we come to the end of June, we keep with our tradition of recalling those that have gone on before us…

Ron Bessner
Richard (Dick) Mintken
Sharon Murphy
Carl Liimatainen
Ann Salsini
Howard Wareham
Servicemen and women and
Frontline workers who have given their all

All of us here at Pasty Central extend our deepest sympathy to those that have lost someone near and dear to them. As always, please feel free to share the names of those you’d like remembered.

Special thanks to Fred from Fred Koski Photography, for the Lake Superior sunset in memory of those gone too soon.

Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we love. Where there is deep grief, there has been great love. - Author Unknown
Uncle Chuck (Unclechuck) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 05:38 pm:

Remembering our cousin, Jerry P. St Andre who
passed 6/6/21. Son of Al & Judy (Vuolle) St Andre
and husband & father to, Mary Beth & Jeremy.
R.I.P. cousin, we all miss you and we know you're
in great hands with God & the family!!

By Uncle Chuck (Unclechuck) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 05:47 pm:

** Jerry was brother to Judy Lee (Brian) Holmes as
well. (In my typing/pecking, I overlooked this) My
apologies Judy Lee & Brian. :)

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 06:27 pm:

Condolences to all.

By Thomas Baird (Thomas) on Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 07:28 am:

In memory of Matty (my k-9 boxer). Run and play until we meet

By Donna (Donna) on Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 09:42 am:

Keri LeClaire of L'Anse. Taken in a car accident
far too early. Fly high girl...it's your turn~

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 01:23 pm:

Remembering my cousin C.D. Jones who lost his
battle with covid on June 8, 2021. He was my age.
Also remembering his dad D.W. Jones who passed away
at age 88 on June 6,2012. The family reunions
are getting bigger in Heaven.

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Friday, July 2, 2021 - 09:50 am:

The date June 6 2012 should be 2021.

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