Profile of Thomas Baird (Thomas)

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  • Occupation:  Supermarket Associate

  • City:  Traverse City

  • State/Province:  Michigan

  • Country:  U.S.A.

  • Personal Quote:  
    "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life..." {John 14:6}
    "Adopted people have not 1, but 2 family trees."

  • Sex (M/F):  M

  • Hair Color:  Brown

  • Eye Color:  Blue

  • Pets:  2 boxer dogs, Dottie + Chip

  • Music Preferences:  Christmas Carols, oldies rock, jazz, contemporary

  • Favorite TV show:  The Andy Griffith Show, Sue Thomas F.B. Eye, Route 66, Wind at My Back, Lassie, Little House on the Prairie, I Love Lucy, The Waltons, Walker Texas Ranger

  • Hobbies:  Driving on old (former) state and federal highways, and provincial highways in Canada; Michigan History; writing (history, fiction, and poetry); old road maps + old road atlases (anyone have a 1969 Rand McNally Pocket Road Atlas I can buy?)

  • Sports:  MSU Spartan Football; 10-pin and Canadian 5-pin bowling

  • Favourite Foreign Country:  Dominion of Canada

  • Favourite Air Force:  Royal Canadian Air Force

  • Favorite Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces:  U.S. Coast Guard

  • Favorite Southern State:  Tennessee