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December 26, 1999 - January 1 2000
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Happy New Year!

This little yooper faces the ride ahead with excitement and determination.

...and thus we all face the path which leads into a new millennium.

Joy to you and yours from all the folks here at Pasty Central!

Joy of youth
Friday, December 31

Our final month-end memorial for 1999 is dedicated to:

Richard Vigneau
Gladys Walman
Eugene Line
Edward Line
Jennie Line

Tall pines, fluffy snow, bright lights at the D&N building in Hancock

Thursday, December 30

In a rare self portrait, the Pasty Cam captures herself and the guy who clicks her shutter the most.  Last time we saw such a sight was Oct'98

Today's big picture expands the view of this snow-swept U.P. back road.

Smile for the Pasty Cam
Winter at Gitche Gumee
Wednesday, December 29

Suddenly it's above freezing today in the Copper Country.  Here's a spot where we stood back in July and observed a colorful rainbow...

...a shot which received lots of votes for the Pasty Cam 2000 Calendar
(but 12 others had more).

Tuesday, December 28

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.... (as Mr. Rogers would say)... and a good time to do some sledding, both motorized and otherwise.

Pasty Cam will be on the lookout for some tobogganers

Copper Country home
Winter twilight
Monday, December 27

Ahh... a little fresh snow today in the Keweenaw... our favorite shortcut into town seems especially lovely: 
Cliff Drive at sunset.

Today the snowmobilers are happy :o)

Sunday, December 26

A good day to fulfill a Cam request for the church at Suomi.  Very soon it will no longer be known as Suomi, but rather "Finlandia".

What winter scene would you like to see on the Pasty Cam?

Suomi church building
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