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December 19 - 25, 1999
Saturday, December 25
Merry Christmas
Frequent Keweenaw visitors Brian and Patty Jaeger send Christmas greetings with daughter Andrea and wiener-wonderdog Hershey.  Ride along through the beautiful snow covered woods of the Copper Country in today's big picture.

Isn't life in the U.P. just like living in a picture postcard?

All the staff and residents here at Pasty Central wish holiday happiness from our house to yours.

P.S. Thanks to Frank Nash for some poetry 
of the season over in today's Past-E-Mail

Andrea and Hershey
Click here for a close-up
Friday, December 24

Full moon this week was the brightest in 133 years.  Pasty Cam regular Daryl Laitila captured this break in the clouds above her east Hancock neighborhood.

Daryl's house is the home of the bridge cam

Thursday, December 23

A rare "that-was-then this-is-now" moment standing today in the same spot as last June's family picnic scene.  The marina at Eagle Harbor.

The family has subsequently gone home.

By the way, if you have a Pasty Cam 2000 calendar
coming, they're on the way, but may not arrive by Christmas. sorry :o(  We'll have to get an earlier start next year :o)
Millennium Calendar

That was then - June 2This is now - Dec 23
In the Porkies
Wednesday, December 22

The winterberries in the Porcupine Mountains caught the eye of guest Pasty Camist Dan Urbanski after this weeks' snowfall.

Dan is a previous "Golden Pasty Award" recipient.

Tuesday, December 21

Snow continued on into the evening and early morning hours today.  This slippery scene was spotted by the Pasty Cam along Sheldon Ave

Buckle Up.

Downtown Houghton overnight
Break in the storm
Monday, December 20

Schools were dismissed early today because of blowing snow.  Even in the middle of nature's fury, the beauty of the Keweenaw peeks through.

We are approaching the shortest day of the year... good time to hibernate.

Sunday, December 19

Spending the weekend in Ontonagon (see yesterday's Cam), we're just in time for Sunday School at St. Paul's.

A little warmer today in the U.P., may lose what snow we have.

Hurry or we'll be late
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