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November 1  - 7, 1998
Water tower in Hancock
Saturday, November 7

Quite a controversy in Hancock recently about the color of the new water tower... and who has the right to choose it.

(the old tower is just behind it in this view... from the southwest side)

 Friday, November 6

Compare this afternoon's view of the gardens at Still Waters... to the scene back in July.

( seen during the "Garden of Art")

Snow on the Still Waters garden
As seen from the PastyMobile
Thursday, November 5

Let it be known that the first "sticking" snow of the '98-'99 season fell late this morning.  There were some rumors of 2" on the ground at Central.

(...but the Pasty Cam only captured this trace near Phoenix)

 Wednesday, November 4

Lot's of Green Bay Packer fans here in the U.P...  James and Maria are a couple of yooper kids who belong to one of our pasty chefs, Lisa Parisot.

(we have a total of about 38 employees... not counting kids :o)

James and Maria
The crowds in downtown Laurium
Tuesday, November 3
Election Day
Two good U.P. citizens leave the Fire Hall in Laurium, where they did their electoral duty this afternoon.  The inset shows a close-up of the entrance.

(that's the reflection of Keweenaw Keepsakes, a gift shop across the street)

 Monday, November 2

Many viewers have written to ask, Whatever happened to Elmo's tower?  As you may know, it fell in a windstorm last month shortly after it was built on top of the Cliff ridge at the Phoenix end...

(...and here it still lays today)

Elmo's fallen tower
Snow Thermometer on US 41
Sunday, November 1

Today Still Waters Community Elders Home begins regular coverage of Snow Thermometer updates.  For '98 the photo of this 32' landmark on U.S. 41 will be changed on the snow page every time there is any significant precipitation.  Also there you will find current weather conditions in the Copper Country:

(Still Water's reports on the web began in 1995... and from this humble beginning, Pasty Central was born)

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