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November 7 - 13, 1999
Saturday, November 13

This guy's wife probably sent him out for some bread and milk over at Fraki's.  Hustling along Depot street in Laurium.

Looks like he forgot his helmet.

Street hockey in Laurium
Along the Portage Canal
Friday, November 12

Down at the end of this street is "Chutes and Ladders"... Of note in this picture are the leaves still thriving along the water's edge.

As you can see from the gray hills up there toward Freda, most other trees are bare.

Thursday, November 11

Yesterday's blustery blast only lasted a day.  Clear but cold out here in the woods near Chassel... and the grass is still green.

Have you seen the Chassell page hosted by the Einerlei?

Camp hideaway near Chassell
Gales of November
Wednesday, November 10

With a sudden gust some parts of the U.P. seemed to pass from summer to winter in a moment.  A reminder of this November evening in 1975 when changing conditions cost 29 lives.

On the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, November 9

7:42am... On the roof where the Pasty Cam lives... no wind, balmy 60° temps... sunrise over Crestview.

If we could fly toward the sun, over that hill, across the peninsula, we would look down on Bete Gris and the Mendota Lighthouse.

November dawn in the Keweenaw
Silverdome, Packers vs. Lions
Monday, November 8

Don't be surprised if the Pasty SportsGuy shows up on Monday night football this fall.  Isn't that Green Bay down on the field?
Mikey Loves Pasties
Last month at Tiger Stadium

 Sunday, November 7

Quiet morning in the quiet little village of Dollar Bay, home of Bethany Baptist.  For the big picture, let's drive out by the lake... 

...and take a good look while it's still liquid.

Bethany in Dollar Bay
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