The Pasty Cam
August 22 - 28, 1999
Saturday, August 28

Along Sand Dune Drive the Pasty Cam gets to peek at a photo-shoot by Car and Driver Magazine.  Nothing like a Superior sunset to sell Chevys.

Spotted just south of Devil's Washtub

Doubles as a jet-ski
Moon over Great Sand Bay
Friday, August 27

Full moon overnight and a balmy 68° in the Keweenaw without a breeze.  The sound of crickets and gentle lapping of waves at Great Sand Bay.

... just a few hours before sunrise

Thursday, August 26

This is not a painting... it is actually a photo of a new church in South Range.  Why the snow?  Read about it in today's Past-E-Mail.

...and view the current scene on today's 
big picture

Pasty Day at Still Waters
Wednesday, August 25

You say po-TAY'-toe I say po-TAH'-toe... we all say "I Love PASS'-tees!"  In this month's Eye of the Pasty Cam the folks at Still Waters Assisted Living, Calumet, demonstrate their peeling prowess.

What a great groop of yoopers, eh?

Tuesday, August 24

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge provides a backdrop for this  portrait of a cameraman and his Mom (the headband lady)

Edie with Jonathan Hopper, the most prolific Pasty Cam contributor to date, having taken over 14,000 photos... hundreds of his shots appear on these pages. 

Flowers at the Lodge
Shelter #4 McCargoe Cove
Monday, August 23

Still in Keweenaw county but well off the peninsula.  On Isle Royale the view from shelter #4 at McCargoe Cove

A mix of rain and sunshine today along Superior's shores.

 Sunday, August 22

Across from the Portage Canal is a protected area which you are welcome to explore (w/o motor vehicles)

The big picture takes in a much wider view

Wildlife Sanctuary
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