Pasty Making Day
Calumet, Michigan 
August, 1999

We welcome our newest member to the Pasty Central staff.  Martha Serenbetz took over responsibilities at the front desk last month.  Her voice is the one which greets callers to Pasty Central.  This month Martha gives a fresh view of one of our favorite pastimes at Still Waters Assisted Living Community:  Making Pasties by Daryl Laitila

Ray and Dolly
"New to Pasty Central? Anyone who thinks older people are put on a shelf and forgotten, should come to Still Waters and see the beehive of activity which takes place on Pasty Day.
Annie in a headlock The gang's all here
Our residents are peeling  potatoes, carrots, and rutabagas. Everyone seems to be talking at once. It is a social and happy time. Many recall making pasties with their Mothers and Grandmothers for the men in their family to take as a meal down in the copper mines of the Keweenaw.
Irene and her potato
The aroma of baking pasties is heavenly. It fills the air with yummy smells of golden, flaky crust, and baking meats and veggies. It is hard to wait for dinner on pasty baking day!
 I work at the front desk and take countless telephone orders for pasties every day. First time customers usually order 3 or 4, they enjoy them so much, that next time they order 12 or more! Local folks come in to buy them too. I get to hear all the praises and enjoy all the Mmmmmmmms!
Intense concentration
Youngsters help out
Our internet site is active all the time with people looking in to enjoy our Pasty Cam, daily pictures of our beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula, and to order lots of good homemade pasties.
Everyone is welcome to come and visit Still Waters and stroll our acres of outstanding gardens, now in full bloom. Being new here myself, I can assure you everyone is friendly and kind. So come on over, buy a pasty, visit with us, and enjoy a walk among the flowers."

The Best to You,

Martha S.
Pasty Central

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