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January 28 - February 3, 2018


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Saturday, February 3

A pike taking a swim down Quincy St. in Hancock.

Check out Heikinpaiva 2018 activities with TV6
from the archives

All kinds of legs on the Pasty Cam today.
Heikinpaiva fun

Friday, February 2

3D snow images in the
Upper Peninsula.
Snow faces, bear faces, smiling faces.
From the Archives

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This Day


Thursday, February 1

Jacobsville sandstone cliffs in all their icy beauty.

An interesting Superior ice crystal formation.
from the archives

Checking out more sights
of winter UP North.
Sandstone cliffs

Sunset Sunset
Wednesday, January 31
In Memory
Patrick "Pat" Campioni
Cindy Dault
Paul Freshwater
Michael Frisk
Jack Hart
Phyllis Koivu
Adelard Lajimodiere
Don Lindberg
Chris Little
Reverend George Luciani
Frances Marcotte
Guy Michaelson
Barbara Newman
George Niskanen
Joyce Sample
Sandra VanderMeulen
Forever in our hearts.

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This Day


Tuesday, January 30

Lake Superior shoreline ice takes on many formations.

We take a wintery flight over Superior's accumulation.
from the archives

Seasonal activities all across the U.P.
Superior ice crevace

Monday, January 29

A glimpse of the 2013 Trenary Outhouse Classic.
Interesting archive photos in the snow UP North.
From the Archives

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This Day

Sunday, January 28

U.P. crowds gather easily in the winter.
from the archives
For a variety of reasons.

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