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December 28, 2008 - January 3, 2009

This Day
Saturday, January 3

Catching a reflection of Hancock in the Citizens Bank building.

Bonus glimpse of Houghton, too.
St. Ignatius Church
Reflecting view

Friday, January 2

The moon rises, illuminating a frozen Eagle Harbor Marina.

While ice forms on the Big Lake.
Icy Superior

This Day

This Day
Thursday, January 1
Happy New Year!
Enjoying Keweenaw's snow means getting outside.
Then heading off into the woods.
Into the snowfall
Let's go skiing


Ben's Sunset
Wednesday, December 31

Rene "Monk" Adams
Ben Durocher
William "Bill" Gregg, Jr.
William "The Senator" Hodge
Esther Intermill
William "Bill" Neber
Ernie Niederer

Always remembered.
Tuesday, December 30

The Marquette area has a number of new residents... one who's extra tall.

Another taking an ice break.
Picnic in the snow
BIG smile


On the move
Monday, December 29

Winter UP North can be tough on the animals trying to survive.

Some adapt well to the cold and snow.
Doe and fawn
Sunday, December 28

Concluding a stroll down memory lane with Part IV of the Pasty Central Story.

Remembering the smiles of Kenny and Grace.
Grace and Kenny

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