The Pasty Cam
December 12 - 18, 2004
Saturday, December 18

A big Deere spotted in the south central U.P., with a Cat following close behind.

OK, maybe not exactly a deer and cat...
Near Crystal Falls
Another woody
Friday, December 17

A visitor captured by a shutter click on the western end of the Upper Peninsula...

...where life is never boreing.
Thursday, December 16

An encore of the rugged terrain of the Keweenaw, as seen from "Elmo's Tower".

One of many Picturesque scenes
Along the Cliffs
Wednesday, December 15

Changing weather brings hazardous driving conditions around the U.P.

And a heap of beauty to behold, too!
Tuesday, December 14

Shipping the kids outside to play in the snow, will keep the imaginations sailing.

Better put on those hats and mittens!
Ahoy mates!
Pointy waterfront
Monday, December 13

Like crystals afloat in the lake, the ice bunched up in Bootjack before the snow started falling.

More than the wind is sharp lately!
Sunday, December 12

Many visitors have traveled this path - though it has changed a bit during the past century.

Clyde Elmblad documents the transition in today's Shoebox Memory.
US-41 near L'Anse
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