The Pasty Cam
December 5 - 11, 2004
Cool ride
Saturday, December 11

More fresh snow, leaving a sugar coating in the Keweenaw overnight...

A sweet sight for winter enthusiasts.
Friday, December 10

Another old piece of farm machinery quietly spending the U.P. winter months at rest.

Outstanding in its field.
'til Spring
Thursday, December 9
Photos by Michele Anderson
Hunter's Point purchase receives final recommendation from Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. 
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Standing tall
Wednesday, December 8

Mining is an integral part of Keweenaw's history, as these stacks can testify.

If only they could relate their story verbally!
Tuesday, December 7

Farm critters find different uses for the fodder provided them during Michigan winter months.

Bed and breakfast.
Munch, crunch...
Partly cloudy
Monday, December 6

Strange weather in the U.P. over the weekend.  Warm rain on Saturday, single digits Sunday...

...what will the work-week bring?
Sunday, December 5

Did the car have a breakdown, or just customary to pose in the middle of the road in 1937?

A Shoebox Memory from Keith Meyers.
Snow sitting
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