The Pasty Cam
October 20 - 26, 2002
Saturday, October 26

That's a mighty big snowball the elementary students are rolling.  Time out to wave for Pasty Cam.

Dan Wenberg behind the lens.
Boys at work
Yes, we have snow on the ground
Friday, October 25

We revisit Smokey over at the field office in Ishpeming, to sample some snow.

In case you missed it back in July, here's Smokey's song in Real Audio.
Thursday, October 24

In Cam Notes, three perspectives of a favorite U.P. scenic view.

By: Kelly Wenberg, Dan Urbanski, and Z-Man (shown here).
Lake of the Clouds
Z-man shoots his deer
Wednesday, October 23

Good time for a walk in the woods, before hunting commences next month.

Watch your step... ground is quite wet here.
Tuesday, October 22

Little Greenwoods falls, in the backwoods of Dan Urbanski's stomping grounds.

Typical scene in the U.P. as leaves begin to leave.
Close-up by Donn de Yampert
Monday, October 21

The weekend brought up to 8 inches of snow in some areas of the U.P.  We are definitely passing Autumn's peak.

For more in-depth reporting of conditions, see the updated journal at
Sunday, October 20

What if Calumet had become Michigan's capitol? What if the mines had another 100 years of copper?  What if...

...the Keweenaw Clippers had a shot at the World Series?
Shoebox Memory from JoAnne Stephanac
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