The Pasty Cam
August 18 - 24, 2002
Saturday, August 24

A week ago this guy had the momentous task of ring bearer at his sister's wedding...


Today more pictures as promised.

Sugar 'n spice
Face of mischief
6 legged deer
Friday, August 23

The new model year for fawns features a unique "double posterior" design.

Built like a ladder truck.
Thursday, August 22

A gravitatious anomoly experienced by the summer Techies at the Youth Program.

Chronicled by Taka Aoki.
Attitude adjustment
Playin' tag
Wednesday, August 21

So Olie says to Lena, "Company's comin' to dinner, let's use the good plates."

Jon Jacobson shows us a few from L'Anse.
Tuesday, August 20

News Flash!!
Mysterious crop circles have appeared all across the U.P. - -

Somebody's out there !!.
Spooky phenomenon
Enjoying the cruise
Monday, August 19

Jon Hopper peeks at the lovely bride around the corner of the deck on the Keweenaw Star.

It was quite a weekend.
Sunday, August 18

We interrupt this Shoebox Memory to cover last night's wind damage across the U.P..

Our historic feature returns next week.
Tree down near Dreamland
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