The Pasty Cam
December 16 - 22, 2001
Saturday, December 22

Are we seeing the last of this year's shipping season?  With spring-like conditions....

...we could see freighters well into January.
Bless the sailors
Mighty Mac
Friday, December 21

Almost live view from the Straits this afternoon, on a trip from Alpena to the Copper Country.

Keweenaw's not the only region lacking snow.
Thursday, December 20

Snow's back... at least a little.  Scott Laurie spots a snow bird headed south on US-41.

Not unlike a few of our PastyNET members.
Keweenaw bird walk
Dan Urbanski and friends
Wednesday, December 19

Probably the last time this winter you'll see a shot from the U.P. with no snow...

...white stuff falling even as we speak.
Tuesday, December 18

Somebody in a cozy home in Dollar Bay is looking for Santa just a little too soon...

...only one more week to wait, poochie.
at da Tech
Monday, December 17

Over the weekend another round of grads at MTU were awarded their place among the ranks of the alumni.

Peg Riemer captured commencement for the Cam.
Sunday, December 16

A few months ago we visited the steps of Apostolic Lutheran, Calumet in 1920... here's an update six years later.

Paul Taylor digs up some shoebox memories.
Sunday School revisited
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