The Pasty Cam
December 9 - 15, 2001
Saturday, December 15

Did you see the sunset in the Copper Country this evening?  Lovely colors as mild conditions continue.

Will we even have a white Christmas?
Truly a Great Lake
No Kid Without a Christmas
Friday, December 14

The sheriff departments of Houghton and Keweenaw counties are rounding up some neat toys for area kids.

Sheriff Ron likes the snowshoes.
Thursday, December 13

Where's all that snow the weatherman promised?  It's cold but not very flaky yet.

Dan Urbanski from the frosty banks of the Union River.
Twigs in jackets of ice
Mansfield pioneer church
Wednesday, December 12

On the way to Crystal Falls, along M-95 stands one of the first churches in the area.

...come inside for a look.
Tuesday, December 11

Here's where yesterday's road leads... an historic structure which has come under pressure...

notes more ways than one.
Dam at Redridge
Road to Redridge
Monday, December 10
Over the weekend much of the fresh snow melted.  The Pasty Cam makes a return trip to a locale featured last summer: the "covered road" to Redridge.
Back in July there was a little more shade along this stretch.
From the Pasty Cam Archives
Sunday, December 9

In the early years, the well groomed lumberjack began his day with a visit to the barber.

Richard Cousins shares a shoebox memory.
Clean shaven woodsman
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