The Pasty Cam
March 4 - 10, 2001
Saturday, March 10

The new greeter at Houghton's Dairy Queen smiles for the Pasty Cam.  May I take your order? 

Event Calendar Note:  Today is the big "Ride-in" at Delaware, just as on this Saturday three years ago.
Chilly Willy
Twilight on the farm
Friday, March 9

Back in January Pasty Cam viewers witnessed a sun pillar in the winter sky.  Dan Urbanski spotted another this week near Ewen. 

Selected as
Wallpaper of the Week.
Thursday, March 8

It's not Escanaba in da moonlight... rather the shore of Great Sand Bay as we approach a full Keweenaw moon... 

...technically arriving tomorrow night.
Late night Pasty Cam
Early last century
Wednesday, March 7

It's been awhile since we had a mystery shot.  Let's tromp through the snow and see if you can identify this stone building. 

Made well before the WPA came along.
Tuesday, March 6

A month after the Winter Carnival at MTU, many of the scupltures are still standing... and so they were in 1958. 

Nancy Nelson shares a couple of Tech shots from her photo album.
Gateway to Fantasyland 1958
Mountains of diamonds
Monday, March 5

After an overcast day of snow showers, skies begin to clear above Superior.  Steve Brimm opens a window on the scene. 

Along the shore between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor.
Sunday, March 4

Regional finals for high school hockey concluded this weekend.  Calumet will represent the Copper Country downstate in quest of the championship. 

Scenes from MTU's MacInnes Student Ice Arena.
Copper Kings:  Before - and - After
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