The Pasty Cam
January 7 - 13, 2001
Saturday, January 13

The wind off the Lake carves its signature on the drifts, and Steve Brimm's shutter blinks it into the Pasty Cam archives.

Turned out to be a warm week in the Keweenaw.
Winter written in snow
Time to shovel the roof
Friday, January 12

The full moon and clear skies in recent days created a glowing nocturnal wonderland here in the Keweenaw. 

Pasty Cam by natural light in the middle of the night.  EXTRA: Wallpaper of the week.
Thursday, January 11

The Still Waters crew is at it again... carrying on the tradition... stripping the spuds for your next batch of home-made pasties. 

Join us for a little reminiscing  in today's Cam Notes.
Pasty Day in Calumet
Superior Moonset
Wednesday, January 10

The last couple of mornings we have been treated to lovely moonsets in broad daylight. 

Dan Urbanski grabbed one for you to see.
Tuesday, January 9

A couple of wild and crazy Yooper guys demonstrate the fine art of roof sleding. 

Josh Stone clicks the Pasty Cam while Paul Roberts takes the plunge.
Look out below
Naked Birches near Copper Harbor
Monday, January 8

In a follow-up to yesterday's Cam shot, Steve Brimm catches a glimpse of the open waters of icy Lake Superior. 

Side Note:  Steve's "Rainbow over Copper Harbor" was picked as the cover of the 
Pasty Cam 2001 Calendar..
Sunday, January 7

Dan Urbanski spots a lone wolf strolling out on the ice. 

In spite of what you see here, the Lake is mostly open, ships spotted frequently in both directions.
Traveling alone
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