The Pasty Cam
December 24 - 30, 2000
Saturday, December 30

Between Watersmeet and Crystal Falls on US-2, you pass through the sleepy snow-covered village of Iron River.

Let's stop in for breakfast.
Main Street Cafe
Deep in the woods
Friday, December 29

Keweenaw.  Beautiful.

Over 150" so far this winter.
Thursday, December 28

An encore to last Saturday's concert at Calumet Theatre by the Hart family singers.  Command performance for the Pasty Cam.

Families all headed home today.
Keweenaw karollers
Bryan and Becky Howard and wedding party
Wednesday, December 27

Life in the U.P. is filled with significant events... just like where you live.  Our little hockey player tied the knot with her favorite referee today in Calumet.

Surrounded by friends and family.
Tuesday, December 26

Tomorrow's the big day for the webmaster's daughter.  Last minute arrangements and decorations took so much time, the Pasty Cam was almost missed.

Tomorrow we hope to bring pictures and restore our "cam notes" feature.
Becky and Edie Hopper
Phoenix Church
Monday, December 25

Merry Christmas
Pasty Central

Sunday, December 24
Merry Christmas Eve
Ontonagon Historical Society dresses up the lighthouse -->
See Dan's account in Cam Notes
Scott and Judy begin history of their own.
Ontonagon Lighthouse (Dan Urbanski)
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