The Pasty Cam
December 17 - 23, 2000
Saturday, December 23

The snow just keeps on coming.  County trucks are everywhere at all hours.

Thankfully dropping sand and not salt.
Going snow blind in Keweenaw
Watt's this?
Friday, December 22

It's certainly not the nightly electric light show at Epcot... It's the historic Calumet Theatre.

Let the big picture transport you to the wind-swept world of Sixth Street..
Thursday, December 21

A backwoods schooner on a sea of white.  The snowcats are out and about maintaining the snomobile superhighway of the Keweenaw.

...your trail permit dollars at work.
Serious snow shovel
Wednesday, December 20

During the peak snowfall, we could not see out the front here at Still Waters in Calumet.

The big picture shows the view from inside the window being cleared.
Tuesday, December 19

There actually was a break in the snow today, but if you blinked, you missed it.  Here's an example of domestic copper-era architecture in Laurium.

Speaking of Laurium, did you catch the discussion on last week's Pasty Cam regarding the Laurium plane crash 50+ years ago?

Sometimes it's informative to go back
to a Cam shot after it has had a few
days of responses
Photo by Daryl Laitila
Monday, December 18

Occasionally we have requests to bring pictures of bears at the dump.  This is one Bear who would rather stay inside.

He even has his own web page over at the Einerlei.
Sunday, December 17

The view across the Portage canal at night is a wonderland of lights on Mount Ripley.

...when you can see it through the falling snow.
Ripley ski hill
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