The Pasty Cam
November 5 - 11, 2000
Saturday, November 11

Sunny but cold today in the northwoods... Dan Urbanski invites us inside one of the cabins at Victoria, which we saw from the outside last February.

Concluding another interesting week from the U.P.
Step in where it's warm
Say 'Pasteeee'
Friday, November 10
Follow-up to yesterday's Cam
"Attached shots taken as the freighter went under the bridge. We were on our way out of town and caught these... becoming the 'south side of the Canal' Pasty Cam."
Dale Larson Family

Cam Notes continues yesterdays discussion

Thursday, November 9

A freighter takes refuge in the Portage Canal, just in case the gales of November come early. Friday marks the 25th year since the Lake claimed the Edmond Fitzgerald.

Read about its final voyage
Oglebay Norton Marine
Choppy November Lake
Wednesday, November 8

On a cloudy morning after, let's just sit on this rocky Lake Superior beach a while, as they recount the votes in Florida.


Maybe it will clear up later on.

Tuesday, November 7

Wind and overcast skies didn't dampen the turnout of Keweenaw County voters, choosing a new President and whether to endorse a ski hill at Mount Bohemia....

Read more about Proposal B at
Keweenaw Issues
Vote early and often
Voters at Allouez Township Hall
Bumbletown West
Fishin' at Au Train
Monday, November 6

Guest Pasty Cam photo by Matt Behrens tells of a summer which just doesn't want to quit. With weather in the U.P. like we saw this weekend, golfing and fishing may last 'til December

Global warming or wishful thinking?
Sunday, November 5

On Friday we had a mystery photo taken just a few hundred feet from here (see 11/3). The old dredge in Torch Lake can be seen over the roof of the ruins.

Between Hubell and Dollar Bay. 
Mining era building
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