The Pasty Cam
October 29 - November 4, 2000
Saturday, November 4

Even with the leaves gone, there's a little color yet as the Tamaracks contrast with Pines along Cliff Drive. 

Site of the Cliff Mine and the former village of Clifton. 
At the Cliffs
Mystery location
Friday, November 3

Snow has not yet arrived in the Copper Country as of this afternoon.  While we can, let's take another stroll through the woods to an interesting spot.

Can you identify where we're standing?
Thursday, November 2

Moisture all the way from the Gulf of Mexico meets an arctic front moving into the Great Lakes. 

Final day of Indian Summer? Reports of heavy snow in the Dakotas. 
Low fog at the Lift Bridge
Through the fog to the right, the Isle Royale Ranger:
Click for the Big Picture
Trick or treat'ers
Wednesday, November 1

A whole bunch of clowns, cowboys, and vagabonds raided Still Waters last night, to get goodies from our pasty folks.

With her back to the camera is Esther Korpi, one of the veggie peeling team featured in the Detroit Free Press back in '98.
Tuesday, October 31
In memory
The month's tribute to friends whose lives we honor:
Edna Hayward
Rose Urbanski
Charles Bell, Jr.
Leonard Martens
Margaret Rowe
17 of crew, USS Cole
Loved, gone, never forgotten 
Peaceful cove
Bond Falls
Monday, October 30

Those birches look quite bare, but there's still plenty of ever- green back here at Bond Falls

Thanks to guest Pasty Camist Peg Riemer for transporting us there.
Sunday, October 29

Some spooky gatekeepers at this home in Mohawk.  A closer look at the big picture reveals lights for Christmas already in place...

Notes that's what's known as planning ahea
Twin greeters
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