Nov 02-00

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2000: November: Nov 02-00
Foggy Morning at the Portage Lift Bridge    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Jonathan Hopper
Through the mist - Isle Royale Ranger    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Jonathan Hopper

Paul Roberts, Hancock on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 10:08 pm:

What an awesome sight! I was able to see a bridge go through the canal for the first time. Well, I saw the boat after it went through. It was really difficult to see anything in that fog. But it was better then nothing. Working third shift I don't get to see stuff like this much and I just happened to be off and out and about when the boat horn sounded. So I can't complain. Keep up the good work guys!

By Charlie at Pasty Central on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 10:16 pm:

Seemed almost balmy today here in the Copper Country. But news reports of 2 - 4 FEET of snow in the Dakotas tell us it won't last much longer.

Jonathan happened by the lift bridge just as it raised to let the Isle Royale Ranger pass for one of its last trips this fall. First he snapped the bridge towers directly into the sun above the haze... then as the boat slipped out of the fog, turned and clicked the Pasty Cam back toward the southwest.

...always amazed at the quiet beauty surrounding us in the Keweenaw.

By Jon at Pasty Central on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 10:24 pm:

Hey Paul,


I've lived here over half my life and never seen a bridge go through the canal. ;^)

By Dan U on Friday, November 3, 2000 - 07:58 am:

Wonderful photo. Fog makes for great photos, hey

Was there another boat Thursday afternoon? I was
stuck in traffic in Hancock all the way back to
the Citgo. Never saw a thing. Three weeks ago I
saw another ship go through. Didn't catch its
name, just something that said "Reserve" on it. An
ore boat, perhaps.

By kkoski-MI on Friday, November 3, 2000 - 09:08 am:

Very cool pictures, as always!

The Detroit weather guys are forcasting rain in Marquette, turning to snow tonite......

By susan - va on Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 07:54 am:

I remember working out on Isle Royale and the fog would be so thick that we would be on the dock making noise with pots and pans and the tractor horn so the BBB could find the dock. Hard to believe, but it would be not more than 50 feet away before we could see it. I also spent a summer working on the boat, so I always enjoy seeing pictures of it.

By MaryAnn Waterford,MI on Thursday, November 9, 2000 - 10:20 pm:

Thanks for the great pictures. I get so homesick for this beautiful part of the world!

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