The Pasty Cam
August 20 - 26, 2000
At the fair
Saturday, August 26

Ever see so many yoopers in one place?  Quite a turnout to watch the bull riding today at the Houghton County Fair.

...and Sunday at 3pm it's the Demolition Derby!
 Friday, August 25

Come with us beyond the tip of the Keweenaw, to Gull Rock Light... (see today's cam notes)

Andy Ewert, return trip
Out and back after sunset
Fishing nets
Thursday, August 24

Another kind of harvest, compared to yesterday... back on Isle Royale to have a look at the Edson fishery.

A Hancock couple has an arrangement with the Park Service to run the fishery.
Wednesday, August 23

We get occasional requests for Keweenaw agriculture scenes...  Jim Lowell of Winterhaven farm obliges with a shot of Aaron Jeffery at the baler controls...

notes a section farmed by Bill Baccus.
Harvest in Traprock Valley
Follow the leader
Tuesday, August 22

The line of ducks bears a striking similarity to the line of rocks, farther out in the harbor... Copper Harbor, that is, in today's guest photo...

notes Joan Velde, looking out toward Porter Island.
Monday, August 21

The season for flowers is too short here in the Keweenaw... Just makes us appreciate it while we can...

Dan Urbanski shows us a sunflower in his wife's garden
Last burst of summer
Isle Royal rocks !
Sunday, August 20

Natural bridge rock formation on Isle Royal, introducing today's Pasty Cam tour of this unique island park.

Photos by Jon Hopper with James Hackman.
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