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July 23-29, 2000
Saturday, July 29

A special hello to Houghton and Ontonagon alumni, here this weekend for their reunions... leave a message on our Class Reunion pages.

Thanks for the photo from Jon Jacobson 

You and me and a Great Lake
The Landini Crew in Eagle River
Friday, July 28

Why the crowd by the monument? It's Maude Landini of Laurium, with a zillion of her relatives...
Click for bonus big picture
...while in town for their own reunion.

Thursday, July 27
Dan Urbansky writes:
"The joys of living on the edge of the wilderness... I was working on a few photographs last night, and this character came looking into my patio door. Perhaps he wanted me to send some email for him? More likely he wanted my chips. Earlier he sat on my neighbor's porch and wouldn't let him into his house"
Curious U.P. visitor
Photo by Paula (Abramson) Shipman
Wednesday, July 26

Jason Shipman will be shipping out next month to Kosovo as a Sgt. in the US Army.  Just so happens his family lives on US 41 in Tennessee...

...and here's where 41 begins, just north of Copper Harbor

Tuesday, July 25

A lot quieter today at the Armory compared to last week's All School Reunion.  We welcome your photos to share in our online scrapbook
(see Sunday below)

...and see a special report in Keweenaw Today

Calumet Armory - Welcome Alumni
Photo by Gina Barkell
Monday, July 24

Char and Jamie from Wyoming get cozy with a cannon at Fort Wilkins... They're here on a visit to Jamie's grandparents Greg and Gracia Bracco.

Such a great time of year to visit the Keweenaw! (no bugs :o)

Sunday, July 23

During the All School Reunion this weekend, the Copper Coast Bicycle Tour came through Calumet.  Here's Mike Fife (right) from Denver and his brother Brian from Chicago, (sons of Dolly Fife, formerly of Laurium) with two of our pasty experts, Evelyn Alatalo and Lea Slattery.

Some fancy artwork on those bike shirts...

Peddling for pasties
Speaking of the All School Reunion...

Last week on the Pasty Cam we brought you scenes from the parade and banquet in Calumet.  Do you know of anyone who got some other great shots of the festivities?  Have them email us any digital or scanned photos of people, places, signs buildings, pets, scenery, WHATEVER for our "U.P. Summer 2000" scrapbook which we will be publishing on these pasty pages in August.  Also, check out our High School Reunion Discussion Forum for notes from former classmates.

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