The Pasty Cam
July 16 - 22, 2000
Saturday, July 22

Excitement in Calumet this afternoon, with the All School Reunion parade!  Today's extra Pasty Cam bonus: more parade and reunion festivities.

Thanks to Lawrence Fadner for the Armory picture (last night's dinner).

The gang's all here
Sea of yellow
Friday, July 21

Jill Schultz-Stoker inspects the lush growth of yellow sweet clover in the reclaimed South Tailings pond at the Copper Range White Pine Mine.

Jill is the environmental
coordinator at Copper Range

Thursday, July 20

Tricia Oleksy visiting from Ohio captures a typical day on the shore at LacLaBelle.  Can you feel the summer breeze and hear a loon in the distance?

Our thanks to all the folks who are emailing their vacation photos to the Pasty Cam.

The docs at the Lac
Click here to get up close
Wednesday, July 19

Today we received a request for a shot of haymaking -- and down the cam pipeline comes this just-less-than-full moon scene from Dan Urbanski.

Those aren't cows grazing... they're deer.
What do YOU want too see on the PastyCam?

Tuesday, July 18

William Kendall helps his Granddad David Moyle guide the boat down the Portage Canal...

...William is the son of Kim and Gordon Kendall (who took this shot).

P.S. Guest Pasty Cam photos are always welcome! Email us if you have a glimpse of the U.P. to share.

Future Captain
Cottage industry
Monday, July 17

Passing through Eagle Harbor, guest Pasty Camist Patti Vickers discovers a plethora of bird accomodations...

...and a host of other creative lawn ornaments.

Sunday, July 16

A gorgeous full moon this morning did not overcome the brilliance of the Northern Lights. Dan Urbanski provides the Pasty Cam with a sample of this awesome phenomena.

See animation from a previous year.

Aurora Borealis
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