The Pasty Cam
January 2 - 8,  2000
Saturday, January 8

This little Red Wing will have a birthday next month, which was originally believed to be the birthday of the Pasty Cam....

Until recently when archeologists discovered "Pasty Cam: The Lost Archives" ...stay tuned :o)

Snow at Eagle Harbor
Friday, January 7

After yesterday's excursion to Japan, we return to the Harbor and find snow in the forecast.

By the way, we have more Pasty Cam 2000 calendars on hand, in case you've not received one yet.

Thursday, January 6

On blustery days like today in the Copper Country, its good to remember there are places where the sun is still shining.

Read about this unusual photo in today's Pasty Mail

Ishpeming discovered, half a world away
Snail mail
Wednesday, January 5

Did you know you can request Priority Mail delivery of pasties? (The regular method is Airborne Express).  Our pasty order form has been updated in several ways.

A little fresh snow today in the Copper Country.

Tuesday, January 4

Photo journalist Dan Urbanski braved frostbite and blowing spray to get this shot of waves breaking higher than the Lake Shore Cabin rooftops.

In the distance, the Porkies Ski Area.

Almost Live From Silver City
Vacation fun
Monday, January 3

School may still be out, but these kids can't stay away... 'cause that's where they find the best sliding hills.

...and we finally found a toboggan, fulfilling a recent Pasty Cam request.

Sunday, January 2

Along the lakeshore drive up to Copper Harbor, Jack Frost has been building his icy mansions.  Carefully come closer with the big picture...

...we wouldn't want anybody to get wet.

Rugged shoreline
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