Aug 12-02

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2002: August: Aug 12-02
Return of the Monarchs    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Dan Urbanski

Dan Urbanski, Silver City, MI on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 08:27 am:

Today I tried my hand at photographing butterflies, a process that usually requires more patience than I think I possess. Sneaking up on them didn't work, so I planted myself in the middle of my wife Patty's garden and waited for the butterflies to come to me. It worked, and here is the last and best shot I got.

I'm glad to see that the Monarchs have returned in good number following a massive die off last winter in their winter location in Mexico. Fascinating too, to watch them up close and note how very long are their probosci for collecting nectar.

By T.L. Longpre, South Carolina on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 10:20 am:

Beautiful picture, Dan! I'd say your patience definitely paid off - thanks for the great pic!

By Taka on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 10:42 am:

Nice.. One of the best butterfly shots I know.

By Wanda on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 11:33 am:

I'd like a copy of this and a copy of the July 16th pic above my desk in our family room. Ah
summer in Michigan.

By H. Donn de Yampert - Houghton, MI. on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 12:01 pm:

Beautiful photograph...

By Candy, CA on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 12:51 pm:

Gorgeous shot, Dan -- what a wonderful way to start the week!

By S. MI on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 02:33 pm:

The lighting is incredible.
Well done i must say.

By Jan....Wisconsin on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 02:38 pm:

As I have said before..just when you think you
have seen the best pictures...along comes another
picture that ranks up their with the best of the
best...hard to decide which one to use as my wall

By RCW Bootjack on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 02:54 pm:

Another WOW

By Fran, Ga. on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 04:37 pm:

I think Pasty cam has some of the best photographers! Such a beautiful shot.Almost like being there looking at it. Hey R.C.W.,did you get your yard cleaned up?

By RCW Bootjack on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 06:22 pm:

Well, pretty well Fran, today was the 3rd day and they hoped to get it done today.It will never be the same however.

By ILMHitCC on Monday, August 12, 2002 - 07:33 pm:

What a cool shot! Much better choice than a grasshopper, I think. It seems like the plague of the locusts this year! You can't step in the grass without sending a swarm hopping. I've heard that it's probably due to the dry 1st half of the summer. My kids enjoyed catching them, but actually got bored with it as there are so many!

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