June 26-02

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Boiling sky near the Breakers    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Judy Steffel
Red rainbow    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Judy Steffel

Judy Steffel, Houghton, MI on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 02:22 am:

After the storm Tuesday night this strange red "rainbow" appeared to the east and interesting spherical clouds to the west. Shot from Houghton Canal Road, about a mile short of the Breakers...

By Mac on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 04:13 am:

STUNNING shots Judy.

By Rich in Peoria, IL on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 05:37 am:

Beautiful pics! Same exact thing happened last night here in Peoria too. Very violent T-storms came blowing through and when they were over there was a red looking rainbow and the puffy clouds like pic above. Just to the south of the rainbow was spider lightning going across the sky.
I am never disapointed here as the pics are always great. - Rich

By Mary on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 09:55 am:

Thanks, Judy, for capturing the power and beauty for us all to view!! Awesome!

By lisa rauvala, kearsarge mi on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:08 am:

great pics!!! i took a few of the storm myself!! in kearsarge the sky was red, with a rainbow and it was great!! i was out on my porch with my digital camera the entire time.

Lisa's red rainbow

Christina on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:47 am:

I live on in Lake Linden, on Torch Lake, and there were two red rainbows (each end)in the northeast and south, and I thought "bet there will be pictures of those on Pasty.com tomorrow." Sure enough, you photographers were out! Great vivid lightning, especially to the east!

By John Dee, Lake Linden, MI on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:52 am:

The clouds are called Cumulus Mammatus. Caused by turbulence in the atmosphere. Many times associated with severe thunderstorms and sometimes tornados.

The skies might tend to be more red than usual this summer and early fall, due to the particulates being put into the atmosphere by all the forest fires out west. Fires happen every year out west, but this season has gotten off to an early and strong start.


By Becky, Lansing on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 11:05 am:

I have to ask, where are the "breakers"?

By John, MI on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 11:24 am:

The "breakers" are at the upper entrance of the Portage Canal. There is a light house there also. They keep the rough waters from the mouth of the canal. Here is a link for a pic of the lighthouse.

By Judy in Houghton on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 11:35 am:

What a nice surprise for my birthday, to click into Pasty Cam and find my own photos featured! My husband is pleased as punch, too, since he gave me the camera!

I was raised in St. Louis, right in "Tornado Alley", so those Cumulus Mammatus (Cumuli Mammatus? Cumulus Mammati?) clouds were giving me the heebie-jeebies, tapping into distant memories.

I'd *never* seen a red rainbow before! What an amazing place this is!

By Amber, Grand Ledge Michigan on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 11:50 am:

Wow!!!!!! Looks like a HEAVENLY sky--Makes me think of all the friends and loved ones who have passed on...Seeing the amazing pictures shows GOD is truley at work, Truely a glipmse into Heaven!

By Bart on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 12:02 pm:

Happy Natal Anniversary! The colors of Nature are reflective of your personality: warm, earthy, and flowing. With love, your appeciative brother-in-law.

By Linda in Genesee County on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 12:09 pm:

Happy Birthday Judy!! Your pictures are stunning & I am happy to find out I share a birthday with such a fine photographer. The cloud picture will become my wallpaper.

I enjoy my "mini vacation" to the Keweenaw every day when I visit your website. It got my vote for the Free Press' best Michigan Website.

By Lin Randall, Alaska on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 01:46 pm:

What great pictures Judy, and a beautiful place! I'm really anxious to visit you in your new home.

By guess who : on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 02:41 pm:

neat pictures judy. i liked the lighthouse pic. so lyn remember 7-3-02 and please be on time eh. gardners trail 2pm. thanks

By Me on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 03:15 pm:

Guess Who,
You certainly are a strange individual. Did you forget my phone number or do you prefer to communicate on the Pasty Cam? I will be on time, need not worry! See ya soon, eh.

By Candy, CA, too far away on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 05:28 pm:

Ok, you two, if this gets any more interesting, you'll have to let the rest of us Pasty cammers in on the secret! Judy, your shot certainly put the candle on your cake, and smiles on a lot of faces. We don't get those great storms in California (at least the Sacramento area), so getting to enjoy one vicariously is great! Keep those shutters clicking for those of us who can't see our favorite Copper Country sites in person.

By Becky, Lansing on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 05:47 pm:

thanks, John, for the info. I'll be there soon and will definitely make a stop

By Charlie at Pasty Central on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 08:31 pm:

In the middle of the night I was up for a few minutes, found Judy's pictures in my email, posted her note, and went back to bed (see the timestamp on the first entry above). What a treat to look again at the Pasty Cam tonight and see all the messages. Happy birthday, Judy, and thanks for being a loyal PastyNET member and, now, an official Pasty Camist. And thanks to meteorologist John Dee for the weather insights. Of the 150+ domains we host here at Pasty Central, Keweenaw's www.johndee.com is one of the most popular.

Last night's storm reminded me of a lightning shot in the archives by my son Jonathan several years ago. Back in those days it was just the two of us producing this daily feature. Now we are blessed with an army of photo contributors, with sights from all over the U.P. This stormy picture of Cat Harbor holds a hidden surprise (if you watch it for about 10 seconds)


By Judy in Houghton on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:25 pm:

Charlie, the lightning picture is amazing! I'd ask "how did you do that?" but the explanation would undoubtedly go right over my head. Thanks for including it.

By Marc, offshore GoM on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 04:13 am:

Happy Birthday Judy and Happy first Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Sierra Skye. I hope you both are enjoying nature's beauty on your special day! Wish I was home in the Copper Country to enjoy it with you, Princess:(

Hope the Berry Farm animals and ice cream were fun!!

By bd on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 12:10 pm:

speaking of the keweenaw berry farm,they have lots of goodies there in the bakery.we make a point to stop there and load up with bakery when we go up to the c.country.tarts,rolls,breads,pasties,jams.lots of things.

By Alice, Ventura, CA on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 01:04 pm:

Happy Birthday, Judy. This day was my dad's birthday also. Always special because of it.

And Candy in Sacramento is right, we never get the really great storms in CA. I have lived all over the state and they aren't like those in Michigan! I always look forward to a good thunder and lightning storm when I visit!

Also interesting reason for the red sky. Thanks for the info. I learn so much on this site.

By Malin Foster on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 01:10 pm:

Hey Judy!
Great pix and a belated Happy Birthday. Must have been some storm. You guys all must be in some part of the country where there are real colors.
Ours in the Salt Lake Valley are airbrushed liberally with ozone, NOX, CO2 -- all that stuff.

By Kevin & Deanna on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 02:03 pm:

It is spectacular to see the sky looking like this. Here we were wondering why the skies
have had such a reddish tint to them the last few days. While we were in Minnesota we were seeing
the same kind of appearances in the sky and were wondering what the cause was. Thanks, John, for sending me to this web page to see the pics, and see what the theoretical cause is behind the beautiful colors that have been in the sky.

By michelle/fl on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 10:18 am:

There are also two orbs in the red rainbow picture, what do you think?

By Frank, St. Charles IL on Thursday, March 11, 2004 - 04:28 pm:

michelle/fl, I think that's rain on the lens. Nuttin' more.

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