Mar 17-02

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2002: March: Mar 17-02
Shoebox Memory sneak-a-peak    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo courtesy of Mel Jones

Charlie Hopper, Eagle River, MI. on Sunday, March 17, 2002 - 08:12 am:

Over at Gitche Gumee, Camp Director Mel Jones showed me this photo from the Cummins side of his family. Most pictures of this vintage were quite expression-less, because of primative equipment which blurred any motion. But somehow this clever photographer captured Anson Cummins peaking over the shoulders of his sister Etta (left) and cousin Clancy Cummins. I can't help but smile at this "Shoebox Memory".

Two additional notes: Mel has assembled the Civil War letters of his great grandfather Simon B. Cummins, along with photos, in a compelling book Give God the Glory, which you can order by email from Mel. Also, this week we welcome Gitche Gumee's own domain to the Pasty Central family of sites,, informative pages about this unique camp in Eagle River.

By Sally Hocking Nelson, Twin B on Sunday, March 17, 2002 - 03:17 pm:


This last week as my sisters and I went through so many of my mom's things after her funeral, we ran into some of those glum photos from so many years ago. They all look like they're having a bad day, huh...? The one you have posted is fun.

Camp (G.G.) holds so many wonderful memories for me, especially the missionary speakers who shared God's grace and mercy in often perilous circumstances. I had some incredible grounding there. Give my best to Mel and Carol who I consider old friends and especially his sister Marcia who was once a counselor of mine and then a dear friend. I hope she is well.

I have not read the book Mel wrote/compiled but I bought a copy for my incredible husband John who loves me so much, more importantly the Lord and has been standing by me this difficult time as I temporarily say goodbye to mom...she was an occasional cook & counselor at the camp who married a board member after daddy died so suddenly and so young. How we miss their godly influence and prayers in our lives. All four of them meant so much to our growing in the Lord with their own consistent, though not perfect spiritual walk. I praise God who gave them to be mine that they weren't perfect since none of us are but pointed out the need for a Savior.

This Easter season we can look again to the cross with the gift offered to each of us....and I praise Him.

Letting go is painful, my heart will heal as the loss takes it's proper place because we shall see our Savior face to face before we even lay eyes on mom, daddy, John (brother) and dad. And it will be perfect because we will be worshipping Him in purity with this life's perspective behind us. How thankful I am I gave my life to Christ so many years ago at Gitche Gumee when I realized my family connections, good works and generally caring kind of kid notwithstanding, wasn't what God wanted from me but my realization of the need of a Savior.

Sometimes it is hard to wrap my mind and heart around how awesome He is. My mother is with Him today because someone cared enough to share His love with her.

The Camp has an enormous responsiblity to continue to share the "good news." How neat our God is to have a sense of humor to tickle our funny bones. That photo is a smile for my face as I look to the morning by God's grace and His alone.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sally (Hocking) Neslon Twin B
(the one that was such BIG surprise to mom & daddy...)

My daughter has taught her kids to SMILE for the camera...keeping still will come eventually!!

Thanks to all you Yoopers and wannabes for your fun, wise, interesting comments over the years.

By Charlie and Edie H., Eagle River, MI. on Monday, March 18, 2002 - 05:29 am:


On February's memorial page there were a number of expressions of how much your mother meant to others, including Edie and me. Whenever we speak of her, she is affectionately referenced as "Aunt Martha".

Wonder if you knew you had cousins here in Eagle River? :o)

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