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Photo by Bryan and Becky Howard

Charlie at Pasty Central on Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 11:49 pm:

One of the wedding gifts this week (for Bryan and Becky) was a Fuji digital camera.... which returned this scene from their honeymoon. Actually, Iron River was not their destination - just a stop along the way to Ski Brule.

Wonder if any of our regular Cam Watchers had their honeymoon in the U.P. ?

By BWD,Michigan on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 01:50 am:

My sister and her husband honeymooned out at Rice Lake for nearly a month back in 77.

By Jim - Plymouth, MI. on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 08:22 am:

My wife and I honeymooned at King Kole Kabins in Munising, on Munising bay back in 86. Why travel anywhere else when you can get it all here in the U.P. of our own state. Sandy beaches, spectacular views, awesome scenery and romantic sunsets.
You've got an excellent site Charlie, that's making me real home sick. Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

By Paul Roberts, Hancock, MI on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 08:46 am:

I'm not married but I love the sights and sounds of the UP. Who knows? Maybe I'll honeymoon here myself one day.

By KL,Texas on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 01:06 pm:

My husband and I flew into Madison after our Oct. '99 wedding and meandered our way through Wisconsin to the UP. It was our first time that far north and we both fell head over heels. The foliage was so spectacular that we almost felt overwhelmed by the beauty. I "found" Houghton listed in "The 100 Best Small Towns in America" and convinced my husband that we had to go and check it out. I'm glad we did as we'll be back. Keep up the fantastic work on the web site in 2001!

By Chris and Tom Kelly, Illinois on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 02:09 pm:

Hi, Charlie, et al,

Happy New Year. 150 inches versus our 40. Not bad.

My parents honeymooned in July, 1940 in Crystal Falls. My husband and I vacation up in the UP regularly. most recently in September of 2000.

Happy new actual millennium.

Chris and Tom Kelly in Lombard, IL

By GlendaPiirala Szkrybalo on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 03:19 pm:

My Husband & I honeymooned in the Up in 1988. We had a 2nd wedding reception in at my grandma & grandpa's house in Ontonagon for all my family that couldn't make it down. then we spent a week at Red Sands resort in Lac Labelle.

By Paul, Michigan on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 06:55 pm:

Almost 50 years ago we honeymooned in Eagle Harbor

By Dan U, Silver City on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 09:05 pm:

Patty and I honeymooned at Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
and at Smith Fisheries. Just a couple Yoopers that
can't get enough of the UP!

By Peter Chiomenti, Maryland on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 11:12 pm:

Does Mackinac Island count? It is the best a couple of students from a small down state college could do in 1976. Of course we prefer copper country now.


By Alice Neilson, Ventura, CA on Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 11:55 pm:

In 1962 we married in Dearborn and wandered up to the UP by way of Mackinac Island, St. Ignace and the Soo. Although we missed the Keweenaw on that trip, we did have others later on, as the folks eventually retired in Houghton.

By Bonnie Foss, WI on Monday, January 1, 2001 - 09:47 am:

My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Eagle River in August 1959. Both sides of my family: Cocking and Chynoweth, were from the Copper Country. The UP still 'calls' frequently and I enjoy reading about others who share that feeling.

Hi to the Cousins!

By Chris, Grand Rapids, MI on Monday, January 1, 2001 - 01:03 pm:

My parents honeymooned in the UP in August,1941. They travelled in a Model A with a hole in the floor that water splashed through when they went over puddles! Many family vacations have been spent up there. Health keeps them from travelling now but they still talk of going back for another visit someday! We keep the tradition up with a yearly visit.
Happy New Year Pasty Cam!!

By Lucy, TX on Tuesday, January 2, 2001 - 02:00 am:

We married in January of '81 and honeymooned for a week at a resort on the lake near Ontonagon, but can't think of the name. It was so cozy-had a fireplace and they kept firewood stocked on our doorstep. Even though it was snowy and cold, it was beautiful!

By Judy & Barry Endsley, TX on Wednesday, January 3, 2001 - 12:09 pm:

We honeymooned at Keweenaw Mountain Resort in August of 1983. I'm a local girl, he's a Texan and this was his first glimpse of the Copper Country - needless to say he was hooked. We now have a summer home near Calumet - we'll see you in June! Charlie we visit your site every day - it's just fabulous! Everybody wants to know where our computer wallpaper comes from. Really helps out with the "missing-the-UP-blues". We'd sure appreciate a shot of Centennial Heights.

By Cori, Minnesota for Seminary, but still a Yooper! on Wednesday, January 3, 2001 - 05:45 pm:

My parents honeymooned at the Porcupine Mountains. Also, two of my friends at seminary (Jen and Kurt) got married last July, and I recommended that they honeymoon there as well. They did and took some beautiful pictures.

By Joanne M. Wood on Sunday, June 24, 2001 - 09:17 am:

We are pleased that people have pleasant memories of King Kole Kabins. The proprietor, Mrs. Helen Toebe has passed away and the cabins have been removed from the property. Please remove the cabin posting from your website. Thank you. Joanne (Toebe) Wood

By Michele and Jeff, Canton OH on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 05:44 pm:

My husband and I honeymooned in the Keweenaw during the end of Sept. 2001! While most people go down to some southern beach, we like the uncrowded beaches of the U.P. We'll take the Keweenaw anyday. I had been to Michigan several times as a kid to visit my Grandparents in Manistee County (lower peninsula), and my husband had been in that same area camping as a kid. Neither of us had ever been all the way to the top, and the drive all the "U.P." was definitely worth it. Can we move there???

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