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NEW JERSEY on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 03:16 pm:


By Stan, Holt MI on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 10:47 am:

Having read several comments from your readers both pro and con on the subject of living in the U.P., I have to add this observation. I, too, am a former Copper Country native, and still have strong ties with the area even though I have lived most of my life in the mitten. I suspect that my emotional ties to the U.P. ae mostly nostalgic memories of childhood, a time when people generally had fun in spite of conditions. But life is a series of trade-offs. Are the beauty and tranquility of the U.P. enough to off-set the economic hardships, or is the fast-paced exitiment of the down-state cities enough to off-set the traffic jams, crowds, and insecurity. People have to decide for themselves what is more important, knowing that in each choice are both positive and negative results. For myself, I could easily live in the Copper Country because my personal interests outweight the drawbacks; but I cannot say this is true for others (not even my wife, who is not a Yooper). Though I long for the Copper Country, I have to be content with visiting it a few days every year or two because of other considerations, such as where my children and brothers and sisters have settled. I admire the fortitude of those who have elected to stay in the U.P. and wish them well, and I do envy them the pleasures they see daily that I only see occasionally.

By Anonymous on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 10:33 pm:

Wonderful site! Makes me homesick! In reviewing past messages, I noticed the on-going discussion about retiring and relocating back to the U.P. For anyone who cares, I was born and raised in White Pine. I had the opportunity to return for a year(after being gone for nearly 9 years) while my husband was on a remote tour with the military. I, too, thought it would be the cat's meow to live in the U.P. again. But, what I discovered was that jobs are scarce, GOOD jobs are really scarce, decent medical is a zillion miles from where you are, and, after the 4th of July, there's not too much going on again until the NEXT 4th of July. As much as I love the U.P. and as deep as my roots go, I KNOW I could not live there for the rest of my life.

What a conincidence... our family was just saying how we can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for the compliments. Bringing you daily scenes from this wonderful corner of the world is truly a labor of love J

By Anonymous on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 01:50 pm:

I have a charming private log home available for rent in September 2000. Lake front, fishing boat, dock, sauna, fireplace, near Houghton. Minimum stay: 1 week. halfmoonb@aol.com

By G.L., CT on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 01:25 pm:

Thanks for the Calumet Armory pic. Does anyone remember the "dances" they had there (Friday nights?) They weren't dances . . . everyone just walked around in a counterclockwise circle . . . the guys checking out the girls and vice versa. That was around 1970. Are they still walking around in that circle does anyone know?

By Paul Roberts, Hancock, MI on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 11:02 am:

Thanks to those who responded to my request for information. If anyone else has anything they'd like to share with me please email me at icebox0605@usa.net. Thanks again!


By Lisa on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 11:24 pm:

Hi Nina,
This is Lisa again. Is Art Fountain Ray's brother?? Yes my mother knows them. Her maiden name is Cassette. If you want to email me, then everyone else won't have to read this boring stuff!

By KATHY ,LAPEER, MI on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 07:14 pm:


By Anonymous on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 08:55 am:

:Hi, Joan,
Those of us who visit the cc are looking for the past but those who live there, especially the younger, non retired, folk need to live in the present and plan for the future. When I saw the picture of the fancy tunnel bridge, whatever it's called, over M26 in LL connecting the new school with the old I was disappointed. It must deface the old school where it joins. It is so hard to meld modern design with older. However, it must have been deemed necessary for the safety of the children so it is one of those necessary things. I must inject, however, that the traffic on M26 must have really increased since I last lived there. I think perhaps it is more about convenience than safety, not having to bundle up to go to the lunch room or gym class. But convenience is important too.

I guess if they can just keep the natural beauty intact we will still love the cc. Our memories will never change. I think we'll go up over the fourth next year.


By Joan, Sterling, IL on Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 08:25 pm:

My Mother, two sisters and I are meeting in Copper Harbor in two weeks, and I can hardly wait! We haven't been there since 1994, and that's too long, as far as I'm concerned. We even have the same cabin rented to stay in. I know there will be lots of changes in the area - I've been reading your emails, and I hope we aren't disappointed. Copper Harbor, or the peninsula in general, was always a place we could go and feel that there was still more flavor of the past than evidence of the future. Hope it hasn't changed too much.

By Paul Roberts, Hancock, MI on Monday, July 24, 2000 - 10:17 pm:

If anyone has any personal accounts or historical information on Lake Superior and the U.P. in general or knows where I can get info please email me. I'm studying the history of the upper pensuila and would appreciate any extra input.




By valerie, orange park, fl on Sunday, July 23, 2000 - 03:50 pm:

What happened to the Yooper Cookies. I can't find them now.

By sharon, dbnhts MI on Sunday, July 23, 2000 - 03:43 pm:

Hi Fric,

Got your e-mail Did you check out the map site.
And the temp. Good to hear from you in FL.
When you come up I'll order pasties and we'll reminisce.

By valerie on Sunday, July 23, 2000 - 03:19 pm:

Hello Frac in Dearborn Heights! Fancy meeting you here!
Fric from Orange Park

By Renee in IL on Saturday, July 22, 2000 - 05:27 pm:

Hi all again! I am trying to locate either maps, directories, or aerial photos of some of the towns we visited in the UP. Anyone know of a source for any of these items? If so, you can reply to me directly if you want to.
Best wishes to all and especially to the Pasty Cam for such a wonderful web site!
Renee in IL

By Paul Roberts, MI on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 08:53 pm:

Hey all! I made it! I'm finally here in yooper country and I love it! I can't wait for the snow to start falling!


By Anonymous on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 04:01 pm:

Hello son-in-law

By Gmk, WI on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 02:42 pm:

Hello Nina from IL: Ignore the anonymous man who says he knows you if you have a son named Brad. I just bet you can guess who this joker is!!! This is my first time on the Pasty network. It's cool!! Talk with you at 0800 on Saturday!

By Tricia, Ohio on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 12:52 pm:

To Patti in Tennessee,

Thank you for the compliment. Couldn't have done it without such a beautiful subject. And I'm sure my nephews Macky & Randy who are shown fishing on the dock will be thrilled to see themselves on the Pasty Cam!

By Nina - Ill on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 11:58 am:

My aunt and uncle who lived on G Street in Lake Linden were Art and Viola Fountain. They had a son Bruce.Phillip Lefave lived close by and the Fishers lived two houses away.I wish I could remember the names of the other people on the street but, that was a long time ago and my memory isn't as good as it use to be. What is your mothers last name? My maden name is Giroux. Does that help?

By Anonymous on Friday, July 21, 2000 - 11:50 am:

To the women who is retiring to the UP in 3yrs, do you have a son named Brad? If so, I think I know you. I bet you drive on Mud Lake rd when you visit.

By Patti, Tennessee on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 10:05 pm:

Compliments on submitting a beautiful picture today, Tricia.

By John, Wisconsin on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 06:16 pm:


Got any pictures of that capped-off mine shaft where a six year old girl was lost? Maybe some history behind it, too. Thanks!


By Anonymous on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 03:37 pm:

p.s. Thanks for the great site and all the work you do to keep it that way! Indicitive of the positive growth and development but keeping the spirit and scenery of the Copper Country alive?
Great job, many kudos to you all.

By Anonymous on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 03:32 pm:

Re message about lakefront development etc. Happy to hear the growth. I haven't been up there in several years. What is driving this development? Can't be Tech and logging as one previous message. Happy to hear of the growth,but I agree, manage the change wisely.
Truly God's Country, a real treasure. Enjoy it, but treasure it also.

By Stan on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 08:59 am:

Just in case you are not aware, the link from the Golden Pasty award "Tony's Waterfalls" has a glitch. When I clic on it, I get "MPATI", an airborne television system of some kind.

Thanks for the heads-up, Stan. We disabled the link for now - does anyone know where Tony's Waterfall site moved?

By Ellen, Florida on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 12:17 am:

Hi to all you pasty lovers out there! Do any of you know who I could contact to rent a cottage on the water for 2 weeks next year in July? I sure would appreciate any help you can give me. I'm not interested in the expensive resorts near Copper Harbor, something closer to Hancock. Thank you! I'm still loving the great photos every day, and the email messages posted. You do a great job, PastyCam!

By william martin from calumet on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 08:59 pm:

i miss calumet so much. i have been around the world twice in the navy and upper michigan is still the best place to visit. but now i live in hawaii and its alright..........

By Lisa, Michigan on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 01:02 pm:

You're welcome! What year did you graduate from LLHHS? You might know some of my relatives!

By Anna, Florida on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 04:59 pm:

Hi, Lisa,
Thanks for the spell check. Glad I spelled it correctly. Shows what an education in the Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools will do.

By Lisa, Lower Michigan on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 04:43 pm:

Hey, I wish the anonymous people would leave a first name so I could reply to them individually! To the person with the relatives on G Street: email me! And to the "reminisce" person: you spelled it right!
As for the debate going on here: My mother left Lake Linden for Detroit in the 1930s and never wanted to return. I, however, did not grow up there but would love to live there. When I was a kid we visited every summer. I continue to visit as often as I can persuade my husband. (I'm 45.) After several trips throughout the Keweenaw we have decided to retire to Hancock. (Well, I've decided, and my husband's a good sport!) We do plan to head south in an RV for a couple of months each winter. But all summer long I miss the UP, even though I still live in Michigan. We have a place on Lake Huron, but it's not Lake Superior! Nothing I've found can beat the Keweenaw or even come close.

By Cheese-y-Head John on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 03:01 pm:

Actually, nuthin' better to do on a Fourth of July than to watch the parades from town to town, eatin' pasties while watching them. Father-in-law knows the backroads and shortcuts, so when the parade ends in one town, we're in the next town before the same parade starts there. Can't beat it, eh?

By Anonymous on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 09:16 am:

I agree that Lake Linden Fourth of Julys cant be beat. I havent been there since I graduated from high school but understand it is the place to meet old friends and reminisce (boy I sure didnt spell that right but there is no spell check here so it stands as written)

Two things I really miss are the northern lights. We used to see them from the skating rink on cold winter nights and on the dark Rice Lake road in the summer. I also miss the look (abd look is underlined) of fresh, sparkling white snow. That would be before the mills blew out their stacks and it became black snow. However the snow stayed fresh on the country road and a wet snow clinging to the trees was a breathtaking sight. I still love looking at it but now prefer pictures or television from the comfort of my home. Unfortunately you never see the northern lights on t.v. Thanks for the beautiful picture. I have installed it as wallpaper.

The letter writer referred to moving back to the USA. Where are you living now?

By Renee in IL on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 03:38 am:

Thanks Dan for the July 16th aurora picture. As I stated in an earlier post the aurora was not visible down here but thanks to your picture I got to enjoy it anyway! Keep up the wonderful work!
Best wishes to all,
Renee from IL

By Carole K. Sterling Hts. MI. on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 08:51 pm:

Regarding your July 17th picture of the bird houses and lawn ornaments in Eagle Harbor. George Hite had this same picture, along with the Wonder Dog, on May 16th.

Because I am a big fan of Abby, I downloaded this picture for my files.

By Anonymous on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 10:10 am:


By Anonymous on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 12:44 pm:

I believe revitalization is coming....and quickly....as evidenced by the new homes cropping up on the lakes...anyone taken a drive lately, and not just from the airport? New subdivision in Copper Harbor, new Lakeshore Drive extension...How about Bootjack! Wow! Five Mile Point Road, and Eagle River homes. Ski hill at Mt. Bohemia...

Let's manage the change wisely...Dont' let it become "overdone"....

By L. Hart, Santa Catalina Island, CA on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 11:00 am:

After that Northern Lights photo, (and so many others!), all I can say to Dan Urbanski is,"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" for your ever-watchful eye on our beautiful Northern country!

By Anonymous on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 10:34 am:

To; Anonymous's note dated Sunday July 16 @ 8:16AM
I agree, There was a basic reason we left the UP(Keweenaw), to better ourselves and to make a decent living and to give our children something more than we had.
Some things to consider about the state of Michigan, if you plan to move back(especially if your retired):
A hefty state income tax of 4.4 % +( with a measly $2100 exemption.
A slim exemption for any private pensions(a lousy $10K if filing jointly)
If you were a State employee(ie; school teacher, etc)your public pension is totally exempt( good example of the power of the teachers union in the state)The rest of us get squat.
SS is exempt however( of course all states do that)
No standard deduction
They will give you a $1200 exemption on your property tax if you are low income or 64 years old.
They will "give" you a precription drug credit in excess of 5% of your income(that would mean on a $30k income anything over $2000 worth of precriptions).
A hefty 6% sales tax( including a 4% sales tax on utilities)what a deal!!
A large tax on all real and personal property, including intangables(isn't that great)
A pickup inhertance tax(ie; portion of Federal inheritance tax
For all of this what do you get, the roads plowed and some snow mobile trails (what a deal).
The reason the homes are run down( as another anonymous person stated when leaving the airport) is that it is a depressed area, it has been since my time up there (1940'&50's).
It was a great place to grow up and I had wonderful times there as a kid, but so does ever other person from ever other place.
Your absolutly right, you can go there in the summer enjoy it and leave.

I found there are some wonderful places in this country to live, especially when retired( where the states really relieve your tax burden).

By Anonymous on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 08:16 am:

Come on, guys. Our reasons for leaving were mostly because there was no opportunity there or just because growing up we assumed we d leave after high school graduation. We did and most of us had (have) good lives. We tried moving back in the seventies but couldnt make a decent living so we went back to the city where we could. We re now retired and living in Florida. Best of all worlds. We have Florida winters and can go up north in the summer. Have siblings who moved back to the cc after retiring and they love it. To each his own. Lake Linden will always have a special place in my heart but I no longer have the desire to live there. Been there. Done that.

By steve ristola on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 03:45 am:

To anonymous:...I left the U.P. for the twin cities in 5/85......biggest mistake i ever made.....for it gets harder to move back.....

By Renee in IL on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 01:34 am:

Just curious.....anyone see the big aurora that happened on this Saturday (7/15) night? If so, was it a good show? It was a big one and I was hoping to see it down here in IL but nothing so far. :-(
Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Best wishes,
Renee in IL

By Anonymous on Saturday, July 15, 2000 - 08:55 pm:

Moving back to the UP could be what some of us need as we get older. Am all for starting an organization to try and make things better there. How do we get started?

By Sara,Phx,AZ on Saturday, July 15, 2000 - 03:09 pm:

I too would like to return. I think many of us have the same dream of starting our own business there. Last time I was home, coming into Calumet from the airport was disheartening. The homes were in desparate need of maintenance. Made me realize the economical situation. But, think of the tourism. Many of the snowmobilers are younger "yuppies" from the city, have the money to spend! Why not provide the avenue or outlet?
I dream of moving there to raise my children, without the fear of gangs, drugs, nuts with guns, murders,etc. that we see every day here in the city. We live in a relatively quiet part of Phx, but the crime still makes its way in. My kids are petrified at school when they have their "Lockdown " drills, practicing for an armed person on campus.
These are the things that I do not even remember being exposed to growing up there. Granted it was 16 yrs ago, but I don't hear that so much has changed.
If the chance arose (convince my husband), I would move back in a heartbeat.

By Hoping to Return on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 11:21 am:

I would, one day, like to return....with the insight I have gained by living away to start a new business (I see potential all around when I return for visits)...and the insight to preserve and protect the beauty that is unique.

I think that should be the mission of those of us who had to leave in the 70's to find employment and use our educations...when we return (and a lot of us do)...work to protect the beauty and simplicity of the surroundings, while still helping the area to "mature" and "grow" with profitable businesses and employment for all the residents.

Anyone want to start an organization...kick around ideas? How to keep the integrity of the area, and at the same time...manage and guide "growth"? There are some who have remained there that do that very well....but all of us "alumni" need to do our part...With all us "retirees" returning...change is inevitable.

Now let's get back to some happy thoughts? Sauna anyone?

By Anonymous on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 10:04 am:

to Anonymous:
I disagree. The U.P. is a great place to live. The saying is true "There's no place like home." I know quite a few who have moved back to the Copper Country from the city, and have taken only minutes to love living here. Sure, the shopping is to be missed, but there is work here if someone really wants to look. There are computer jobs, engineering companies etc. It depends on how much you want to live here. You may have to make less money, but in exchange, get to live in the beautiful U.P, where the lakes are clear, and the traffic jams are few etc.

By Anonymous on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 08:18 am:

To: Anonymous
Folks who moved back to the UP would not tell you if it was a mistake.

By Anonymous on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 08:10 am:

To Anomymous,
Things always look better from the other side of the fence and we only tend to remember the good things from our past.
As to the Keweenaw, ya it was a great place to grow up,(everywhere is when your a kid, life is mostly fun then).It won't be the same as you remember it( there is an old saying you can never go back, which is very true)
Your right, there is not much in the Keweenaw for jobs, you can work at Tech, logging, or clerk in a store, or(you could create your own business and barly eek out a living),there are sparse medical services(very important when you get older), really long and usually bad winters(Oct-May), the summers are usually good ,but the flies are real bad.
I suggest you look around where you are and find the great things that exist there. There are many wonderful places to live in this country. We all have yearnings to go back to our youth days, most of us are able to resist this unatainable desire.

By Anonymous on Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 02:08 pm:

really wish I could move back to Calumet. Been gone for 20 years. Of all of those that moved back (and I know there,s a lot) has anyone regretted it? I know there,s not much work, or should I say much pay compared to the city and then there is the snow that I don,t ever remember bothering me. Of course I was younger. Comments??????

By J.D. Swed on Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 01:20 pm:

My thoughts about the 4th of July also revert to Dollar Bay where my Dad grew up. Mom was from Hancock. The Forth parade and then all of the games that followed, like the three legged race, egg toss, etc were a blast as a kid. Is this still going on? I lived in Dollar Bay while going to Teck spending Sunday dinners at my grandmothers with Uncle Morrie and Aunt Mary Swed. I miss the UP very, very much. I live in Alaska now which is very similar to the UP but with mountains. Please take good care of your very special back yard! I'll be back.

By Karolina/Pining Yooper in TroLLLand on Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 10:59 am:

P.S. That "Swampers Inn" idea is copyright-ed as of the minute you read this!(:->)

By Karolina/Pining Yooper in TroLLLand on Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 10:51 am:

RE:7-12-00. THIS IS A BEE-IN-THE-BONNET MESSAGE: What a great quieting view! Having never been there I can only WONDER if the CliffViewBar could use cleaning,varnishing,painting, & new potties, be called "SWAMPERS INN"? Put in an expresso bar, too, (DON'T LOL, IT'S GREAT STUFF!) w/goodies; pasties from Stillwater, "Cincinnati Chili", cudighi sandwiches; Fee-based Sauna'in the back' by appointment, and who knows? Too bad I'm not as wealthy as dreams are free.///*!*\\

By Messner girls on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 07:14 pm:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carol Messner!!!

Carol, if life begins at forty, may yours be the best!

From your sisters in Colorado!

By L.s.F.l on Sunday, July 9, 2000 - 06:27 pm:

Lol, I thought a "pasty" was just a funny name my grandparents used!!

By Lisa on Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 04:01 pm:

Happy Birthday to me!!
There's no place like the Keweenaw for the 4th. All of my childhood 4ths were spent in Lake Linden at my grandpa's house on G Street, and they were a blast. Then I got to celebrate my birthday in Lake Linden just two days later. It's just not the same down here! Can't wait to retire to the U.P. (Anyone remember any of the Cassettes of Lake Linden??)

By Anonymous on Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 10:19 am:

To 4-4-2000
Say, if you know the story of the brown skunk at the Gay bar, why don't you share it !Sounds interesting. Another tidbit ---- there are brown skunks but are very uncommon ---- my husband saw one so know it to be a fact. (He was cleaning out our storage room when he seen it, so no "joy-juice" was involved !

By Anonymous on Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 03:02 am:

Hi, me again. The Iron River won't enlarge. Thanks

Thanks for noticing the oversight. It's fixed now if you want to
try again.

By Becky Anderson on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 08:44 pm:

Oh my gosh...I can't believe I found you!! Do you remember a little blonde-headded brat who used to follow you everywhere during your dating years? Her name at the time was becky Hocking.Many years and 4 kids later, she is Becky Anderson and she just checked out your web-site! WOW!! How are you all doing, eh? Please e-mail me. After looking at some of the photos, I feel homesick for snow (yeah, right, in 95 degree weather!! and a tan!!)We are in Ft. Myers for going on 14 years. Mom and Dad (George) live with us now. I am marking your website so will keep in touch.

By Calvin Pietila on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 07:17 pm:

Just a short note so see if any of my relatives visit this board. I am planning on visiting the copper country for the Pietila family reunion the end of July. I can't hardly believe it , but I understand there is over 500 of us.. WOW..probably should wear name tags. Looking forward to touring the copper country again. Any Pietila's out there ???

By Connie Messner Pizzitola-Colorado on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 01:09 pm:

The Courtney Burton is near the portage canal today. You can see the ship on the internet, get the description of her and also win a trip on her at this link: http://www.oakland.edu/boatnerd/pictures/rburdick/fleet/burton.htm

good luck!!!

By B.A.,Calumet,MI on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 12:43 pm:

Way to go, Lake Linden! The grande finale
of the fireworks was spectacular!

By Melody Richards, New Jersey on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 08:09 am:

I wish I had been at the Fourth of July Parade in South Range. Was there polka at the Eagles' Club?I could not get back home this year to the Copper country , where everything is special. I heard that there was a good exhibit at the Copper Range Historical Society Museum in South Range.
My mom has written a booklet on Copper Country food lore that happens to have a recipe for pavatitsa, the walnut pastry that was written and wondered about on this forum so much in June. E-mail inquiries to lrichards@ccisd.k12.mi.us or call (906) 482-1647
Pavatitsa is an extra special, aromatic treat that you can make anytime of year but is especially popular at Christmastime in the Copper country.

By Zion, Ill on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 10:11 pm:

does anyone know the story behind the brown skunk in the case at the GAY BAR?? NO I only had a few!!!!!!! Wish I was there now.

By Anonymous on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 06:03 pm:

Just got back home from the parade in GAY, MICHIGAN and as usual it was very nice and the hall was open for anyone who cared to look over their 'wares" and have a cup of coffee and a bit to eat. Anyone who says that going down to GAY is sorta "teched", is my opinion ! I was raised in GAY never in my born days was there anything wrong with it except for these special few whose minds are a bit "teched" from this modern day thinking.
(I think you know what I mean.) LONG LIVE GAY, MICHIGAN !

By JB, Michigan on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 04:39 pm:

How have the Northern Lights been this year? It is the peak year in the 11 year cycle. How often can they be seen? Thanks! -JB

By Ellen C. on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 01:07 am:

Hi, my grandmother lived in Gay, Mich. when I was a child many years ago......I remember the smelt running in the Tobacco River, the parade, and how I loved her double glider swing in the yard. She had a food cellar separate from the house, she put salt in her coffee when she brewed it, and had a big Raggedy Ann doll on her bed......what lovely memories in Gay, Mich. Your PastyCam photos have been especially beautiful lately. I truly enjoy them.......check them every day for my Yooper fix! Happy Fort' Hey!.........Ellen

By Steve Ristola,MN on Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 12:14 am:

hello all..No trip to god's country this weekend....however..I would like to wish Grier Korby of Allouez a happy birthday this july 5th...hope to see you on labor day weekend......

By Darren Gawlik on Monday, July 3, 2000 - 10:33 pm:

I wish I was in the Copper Country on this Fourth of July with my family having a cook out down at the camp while the lake rolls in the background. Even if it rains a little it would make it much better then being in Los Angeles this holiday. I miss my family (The Rowes) up in the U.P. so much and I hope everyone is doing well. The next time I get up there to see everyone it will be with my beautiful wife Hilary and our new baby due August 25th.

By Connie Messner Pizzitola on Monday, July 3, 2000 - 01:07 pm:

Parades in Dollar Bay and South Range stick on my mind. We would spend the 4th every year first in Dollar Bay and then in traffic all the way to South Range (we became the parade going from DB to SR) and then watching the very same parade all over again in South Range. My husband (not a yooper) thought we were insane spending the day that way!! What does he know?????? I would do it If I were there!! Youse should consider yourselves lucky - there are no parades here in Denver and the fire department has been out in full force enforcing the ban on fireworks in Colorado. They were driving through the neighborhoods all weekend long trying to catch folks with fireworks.

By Anonymous on Monday, July 3, 2000 - 08:16 am:

Oh, how I wish I were in Lake Linden for the Fourth of July Celebrations. What wonderful times those were.
Former LL Resident

By Anonymous on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 06:50 pm:

To Former Gay Resident:
The rummage sales have started in Gay The next one will be on July 4th from 12 to 3. And then
the next sale will be on July 15th and every other
Sat. See you there!!!

By Anonymous on Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 02:33 pm:

I usually don't make it past the Gay Bar when I get to Gay.

By Anonymous on Saturday, July 1, 2000 - 06:13 pm:

Hi----- I heard that the yearly rummage sales will be going on in Gay, Michigan again this summer every second week. Has any one heard of this to be true or not. Anxious to know !
Former Gay resident.

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