Dec 20-01

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Snow bird headed south    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Scott Laurie

Scott Laurie, near the tip on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 10:50 pm:

Was out in Keweenaw to my spot in the Oak tree* trying to get a winter pic. However their was alot of haze and Mt. Houghton was not very visible. Not a total waste, on the way out, 1/2 mile from the end of US 41 saw this beauty strutting. Wanted a frontal shot but it kept going into the woods. The winter pic will be coming as soon as more snow and a clear day comes.

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* The Oak tree last summer

Rose - Channahon, IL on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 02:52 pm:

Is that a Ruffed Grouse? That's what it looks like to me. We have been lucky to see them as well as the Sharp Tailed Grouse up on Brockway Mountain. This September we were thrilled to see a Great Gray Owl on the road to the Clark Mine outside of Copper Harbor. That is probably a once in a lifetime sighting.

By Scott Laurie, Mohawk on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 06:43 pm:

A ruffed grouse indeed Rose. We have seen the Great Owls and also Eagles and Hawks during our journey's on the Mandan Road. "Merry Christmas to all".

By mkw -mi on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 06:30 am:

The Great Gray & Snowy Owls migrate. We see them every spring & fall as they pass through to & from northern regions of Canada.Beautiful birds of prey. There was probably another Grouse near by when you see them with plumage fully spread like that.

By Ernie WA on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 10:31 am:

Yep, North end of a South bound bird

By jan, MI on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 11:05 am:

Laurie --I thought the Mandan Road ran West to East. On the way to Mecca maybe?


By Dennis, Janesville WI on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 11:16 pm:

Hello there, We are scheduled to come up to Mohawk next week to go snowmobiling, and are wondering the snow conditions.....Are you gonna have some? If anyone out there knows, Please let me know.

By Charlie at Pasty Central on Sunday, December 23, 2001 - 06:27 am:

Dennis -

The real authority, when it comes to the forecasting of snow, is John Dee over at Snow Central. This past week John predicted that rain could make for poor trail conditions throughout the region leadingup to Christmas. Sure enough - this morning I see only green grass down the hillside here in Eagle River. Better bring your water skis.

But, on a brighter note, John predicts by the day after Christmas we should see some snow on the ground as Arctic air moves in. This is the mildest December we have ever seen here in the Keweenaw.

By David Ferndale, MI. on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 02:32 pm:

Yep that's what it is a "Ruffed Grouse"Bonasa Umbellus Gray Phase.Also known as a Partridge.

By Dan in Fenton, MI on Wednesday, January 9, 2002 - 12:48 pm:

A type of partridge.

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