Sep 29-01

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2001: September: Sep 29-01
Autumn green, Still Waters garden    ...scroll down to share comments
photo by Jonathan Hopper

Charlie at Pasty Central on Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 11:46 pm:

Toward the end of this glorious day in the Copper Country, we stopped in Mohawk for supper at Slim's. We overheard a couple of different conversations remarking about how late the leaves are changing this year. Compare the current shot above (which Jonathan snapped in the Still Waters Garden) with this one a year ago today by Steve Brimm:

...or this one from 1998 on the same day:

Ken from da UP on Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 12:17 am:

Beautimous colored leaves, Charlie. Here in Cornell they're mostly green, too, but there are a few trees that are very nicely colored. Some have gone to orange and brown already without getting red. I played my tenor banjo at Crystal Falls tonight with the North Poles and Accordiannies and The 'Cordean Man for the Polish Revenge. Lots of red shirts to be seen there. St. Urho's Day in the spring, Polish Revenge in the fall. Lots of nice people out there. We all sang God Bless America. God bless America again, please.

By L. Hart, Santa Catalina Island, CA on Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 06:38 pm:

I like to think that it's saving some of its wild autumnal Mardi Gras for my later visit in October!

By Adella Colorado on Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 09:29 pm:

What a breathtaking photo of the wishing well!!
I accidentally stumbled onto this web site and I really enjoy the scenic photos. Thanx :)

By ca on Friday, October 19, 2001 - 05:25 pm:


By Nita Rowley, Californi on Saturday, October 20, 2001 - 03:14 pm:

pc2002 choice

By Melinda, MI on Sunday, October 21, 2001 - 08:35 pm:


By marianne shuty negaunee mi on Saturday, November 3, 2001 - 08:11 am:

say hi to my mom gee klobuchar for me marianne really enjoy your site nice pics

By Charlie at Still Waters on Saturday, November 3, 2001 - 11:43 am:

Hi Marianne,

Gee is still going strong, as one of the longest workers in Still Waters' history (and one of the hardest workers in the whole U.P., I'm sure).


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