May 23-01

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Along the creek    ...scroll down to share comments
photo by Steve Brimm

Charlie Hopper, in the U.P. on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 11:26 pm:

As rains this week has caused vegetation to accelerate, Steve Brimm captures a Keweenaw sight in the backwoods, like so many in this paradise. (OUCH!.. except for blackflies)

In addition to his work at, Steve has an array of outdoor shots at Nature Photos Online. We are glad he checks in along with the other Pasty Cam regulars, too.

By Jeff, MN on Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 01:31 am:

Beautiful shot, Steve! A couple of late Mays ago I took a roll of film reminiscent of this pic whilst navigating upstream along the Silver River(between Eagle and Copper Harbor) past patches of marsh marigold(among others early bloomers).
I'll have to scan you one of the better shots of that trek sometime, Charlie.

By Tim in Oscoda on Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 09:37 am:

Only one word...AWESOME!

By Nancy Nelson on Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 06:08 pm:

Gorgeous picture, Steve. Where is it????

By Charlie at P.C. on Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 09:39 pm:

Nancy -

Steve is out of the area at the present time, so we'll have to wait to find out where it's at. In fact, we may have to delay this weeks "WOW" because I can't reach him to get the larger resolution wallpaper :o(

By Tom Seavoy, Washington on Friday, May 25, 2001 - 12:37 pm:

Didn't we used to call them Cowslips?

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